Joanne Larby- Fairy First Birthday


Oh what an amazing night this was ladies....

Myself and my plus one, the beautiful Miss Karen Mooney arrived on Grafton Street at 7:20pm. We were greeted with a wonderful site of dresses, heels, hairdos and faux fur (not all) coats. The street was being taken over the glamorous. What else could it be only the Q for the fantastic Birthday Party about to kick off in Lillie's Bordello.

I had never been to this venue before but I had heard some of the rich and famous have often partied the night away here so I felt like a child on Christmas Eve under the twinkling lights of Grafton Street.

Myself and Karen had a ball at the party

Our wait was not too long but all us ladies stuck it out and chatted about what Joanne could be wearing, what her cake would be like and what way we'd pose in pictures of the night.

It felt like hundreds of stylish women and some men were coming to this event. We entered Lillie's and were greeted by the birthday girl herself in a stunning full length gown which suited her tan perfectly. Joanne was glowing, so happy and excited to meet everyone, so welcoming and you could see by her she had put loads of effort into this night and was so excited to share it with all of us.

I had met Joanne only three weeks previous to this as I went to her house for a one to one makeup lesson. We had a fantastic time and there is a full blog post available on this.

Myself and Karen were treated to a brimming goodie bag which we were both excited to have a peek into. Of course the next thing I was to spot was the magnificent cake which had been created for Joanne by The Little Co. 

There was also a fantastic sweet stand provided by Candylane (  on the night. It was so old school it was perfect, you took your little paper bag and helped yourself to sweets and bars which I have not seen in years like Wham bars, love those!!!

This snap is from Joanne's Instagram, I was too busy eating :)

Off to the bar we went and the place was brimming with the beautiful fairy followers all eager to be a part of such a wonderful celebration.  As a new makeup blogger, I was really hoping to meet some other bloggers at the party, however myself and Karen were lucky enough to get a little table at the back of the venue so we chatted the night away to each other.

It wasn't long before the flashing of a huge camera drew my attention away from Karen and I spotted Joanne posing with some fans. Straight to the nearest mirror to fix myself up and I was off for a pose. Anyone who knows me will know, when there's a camera around its cheesey smiles all the way with me, I'll never say no to a pic!!

The photographer on the night was the wonderful Jerry McCarthy ( who's work you can see below. Jerry was kind enough to take a couple of shots of me first while Joanne chatted to some friends and then we got to pose together for a pic.

Jerry is a fantastic photographer but I don't know what I was at with my head

 At this stage, there had been a problem with the microphone so Joanne's band couldn't play and although she said she was stressing she looks immaculate in each and every pic I have seen of her. I thanked Joanne for posing with me as I knew you, my readers would love to see her and lets face it, as a huge fan of hers I deffo wanted to be in a picture with her :)

Later on in the night and a couple of vodkas down for us, it was time for the speeches. Joanne had waited so long for a microphone to arrive some people had left but I am so glad to have been there for her kind words or thanks and wisdom. Hearing someone speak so passionately about their business is a fantastic thing to witness, Joanne thanked her family, friends, and all her followers for all their love and support as she embarked on this journey. I have to admit I was completely on the verge of tears when Joanne spoke about the Make a Wish foundation. She told us all of the Princess for a Day Campaign she has worked on and you could clearly see how much it had touched her, the whole room felt a new wave of pride and admiration for this young woman. Joanne was extremely honest in her speech, reminding us all that at time being a blogger can be quite a lonely place and that giving up her job and embarking on becoming an entrepreneur can have it's struggles as well as achievements.

I feel as a new blogger who has had the privilege of working with Joanne myself, I can speak honestly when I say she is so kind hearted and such a hard worker she deserves all the wonderful success she both has and will gain in the future. Joanne is determined and grounded and this will stand to her in years to come. She's a beautiful person both on the inside and out. She offers you help and you know she's genuine. She knows the world of makeup and has given me some vital advice on what I should use but also on how to get the most of of my blog and for that I'll always be grateful. She already has a huge fan base but I hope it continues to grow and she shares with us all her advice and tips on how to get the best out of yourself.

I had a wonderful night at the party and want to wish a huge Happy 1st Birthday and Congratulations to Joanne Larby.

Stay beautiful,

Emma x

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