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Joanne Larby, where does a girl start... She is amazing!! I mean really, I just can't get enough of her, a true icon and positive role model for young women everywhere. She is hard working, determined and yet still completely grounded and supportive to any new bloggers such as myself. I have been lucky enough to have had a one to one lesson with Joanne, attended his Fairy 1st Birthday party and now attended her first masterclass with Inglot.

A brief introduction to Joanne's career; She attended a 1 year Art Portfolio course and then when on to a full one year Makeup Course in Senior College Dun Laoghaire. Joanne had worked in MAC in 4th year in secondary school. She then went on to work for brands such as MAC, Shishedo and Smashbox to name but a few and then she returned to education to become a teacher. She worked in a Montessori for children with special needs and in 2012, she decided to work full time at 'The Make Up Fairy' and has seen her career boom. Joanne is a brand ambassador, blogger and plus size model to name but a few of her amazing talents.

Anyone who follows this blog will know I am a total Inglot addict, amazing products for such value it's hard not love them! I will be attending more Inglot Masterclasses in the coming weeks so there'll be more lesson posts just like these on the way.

So back to the masterclass, I must apologise that it has taken so long to write this, I had been at the Beauty Show with my girl Karen in the morning, and of course purchased some new Inglot goodies on the day so I thought I had left my notebook in the store and it only showed up today when I started moving house.

So onto the looks, the first look was a smokey brown look created on Jessica, one of the pro stores MUA's. Jessica is stunning, I follow her on Instagram and this girl is just amazing looking, so like Mila Kunis but prettier in my opinion and her talent for makeup is something I could strive years to achieve!

Ok so the face routine is pretty similar for most MUA's I have visited, if you see a slightly different techniques in my posts these are literally just to give you options and to find a way you feel suits you best. As I said before in earlier posts, when I have to work on someone else I work very differently to touching someone elses face so some things may seem quite 'out there' for you but give them a lash and see how you get on...

Primer (I purchased this on the day ;) ) This is €22 and this is a silicone based primer, it refines pores and fine lines and creates a flat base for your makeup. Primer helps your makeup to stay on. Most people may need to touch up their makeup during the day but primer will help with the longevity of your makeup and you only need to use a pea sized amount and a duo fibre brush. You can of course use your fingers to apply this to yourself. For me I would only use primer on my t-zone where I tend to get oily.

Foundation is next... Joanne used YSM on Jessica, this foundation it good for oily skin and is very similar to MAC Studio Fix according to Joanne. Because this can be a built up to a heavier look it is perfect for a night time look.

Concealer always goes on after your makeup and it used to cover blemishes and also for the under eye area to brighten up the eye area. Inglot under eye concealer finishes to a powder finish which is great for under the eyes. Using a flat brush, apply this just in the dark area of the eye. Joanne feels you do not need to do the triangle shape on the face with concealer as you will highlight separately. You can also use this concealer as an eye primer. The colour used on Jessica was Under Eye Concealer 92. Loose powder is then applied to the T-zone to control oil.

Contour Joanne used her her fave contour powder no.64 on Jessica. She applied this with an angle brush. To contour, applied the powder lightly from the tragus in the air down to the edge of the cheek. Firstly you can apply a dark line and then blend in a circle motions.The key with a good contour look is to keep blending until you don't have any harsh lines left.

*Joanne did suggest that you stick with the same consistency with products so if you are using cream contour then use cream highlight also*

Blusher Joanne used No.32 for this look, you apply blush to the apple of the cheeks and blend outwards. Inglot blushers are very pigmented so only a little is needed. Use a round fluffy brush for this. Blush is very important on a night look to bring colour to the face especially if you are contouring also.

Highlighter As many of you will know I am in love with the Body Sparkles no.2 and so is Joanne. You can use the body sparkles on your shin and collar bone for nights out to give you a fab glow. I have never tried this before but once that summer sun is back and the legs are out this is a must. Taking the angled brush 3P, apply the body sparkles only onto the top of the cheek bone, patted on and blend.

Brows Jessica’s brows are fab and she told us on the day that she never goes at them which is unreal for girls these days. Joanne used the no.329 brown shadow on Jessica. She explained to us the importance of matching the colour you apply to someone’s brows to the root hair colour of the brow, this looks most natural. Taking a small angled brush, start underneath to create a perfect line and then follow the natural shape of the brow. You can also elongate the brow matching it from the outer corner of the nose, place your brush along there and you’ll see where the brow should end. A great tip from Joanne to remember is your brows are sisters and not twins!

Joanne also told us about her fave tool to maintain her perfect brows, here’s a link to her brow tutorial video on YouTube:

Eyes: Eye shadow

Using the flat fluffy brush ass no.30 all over the brow bone (this is a yellow toned champagne colour)
Next is your transition colour, for this Joanne used a mushroom colour no.360 and a tapered blending brush the 6SS just in the crease. For a good application of this, ask your client to close their eyes and tilt their head back and add the colour just into the socket following the brow shape.

*As you work, keep a clean big powder brush beside you to dust away any fall off, if your look contains a lot of pigment then do the eyes first*

Next colour to be added was a chocolate brown no.329 using the same 6SS brush and in the same place along the socket.

For the under eye, apply the no.329 colour with the 8ohp brush in quite a thick line. Using the no.360 shade blend this in along the bottom lash line also with the same brush.

Next it is onto the pigment and for this look Joanne used the pigment no.69 (golden/bronze) and a flat brush. Tap the pigment onto your hand first and then onto the centre of the lid. Using a tapping motion only.

*Clean up again with quick sweeps of a clean brush.*

Liner Joanne then used black liquid liner for this beautiful look on Jessica. Liquid liner is for the very confident folk, I have to admit I spend more time perfecting my gel liner than I do trying to work with the liquid liner I always seem to make too many mistakes. If using the liquid liner, dot it onto the eye at inner corner and then fill outwards, decide where you want your flick to be and then fill in that little gap triangle at the outer edge.

Lashes were next and for this look Joanne used the 16S full lashes on Jessica. I have these lashes and they really are my ultimate favourite. You can use your tweezers of your fingers whichever works best for me, for me personally I use my fingers on myself but I will need to learn the other way when working on clients. Duo glue as I always say is the best lash glue, it is latex glue and is a medical adhesive so you know it is not going to damage your own lashes.

Measure the lashes to the eye shape first, cut them then of necessary. Stick the lashes to the centre of the eye first and then stick in both corners. Ideally the lashes should have a thin band as they won’t lift as easy when you are wearing them.  Also a great tip is to leave the glue get tacky before you stick the lashes on, this only takes about 40 seconds. Once the glue has dried you can check to make sure the clients eyes are not stuck together at any part and go in with a cotton bud is needed to clean around the lashes.
Now is the time to check the shadows if they need any topping up or if you need to add more liquid liner.

Mascara with a spiked lash, just a small amount of mascara is needed to coat the natural lash to the falsies and girls never forget to add mascara to your bottom lashes.

Lips  no.415 is a matte peachy pink lipstick and there is no liner needed for this look.  Because the eye look in this is so strong, Joanne chose a softer lip. She then applied a lip gloss over this in a dusty rose colour.

Here is the beautiful Jessica with her finished look...

Joanne then moved onto her second look of the day which she created on Fiona. I have to say all the girls who work in Inglot are just amazing, they are super talented and all so helpful and friendly. Fiona helped me out with my shopping after the class. I also love how this look worked on Fiona having brown hair and blue eyes myself it is definitely something I want to try.

Again the face application is much of the same starting with;

Inglot Primer

YSM Foundation in color 49, Joanne applied two layers of this foundation to give a fuller coverage.

*A tip for choosing a foundation, most Irish people already have pink tones to their skin so do not choose a pink toned foundation, a yellow toned is much better on the majority of Irish skin.*

Under Eye Concealer was then applied in colour 96. If you have blemishes or redder parts of the skin, such as down the side of the nose you can tap on some concealer onto these areas for extra coverage.

For this look, Joanne used a peach blush no.92, this was applied with the 15BJF brush.
You can use certain products for multiple purposes so for this look, Joanne used an eye shadow no.3 as a highlighter. This shadow is not as shimmery as the body sparkles so it can be added to the bridge of the nose and the cupids bow.

Brows for Fiona, Joanne used the brown eye shadow no.329 and applied this with an angled brush following the same techniques as before.  You can carve out the under part of the brow again with concealer, use a small flat brush for this and your concealer in no.96 just along the brow bone and blend down.

The first colour to be applied was no.426 and electric blue colour with a shimmer in it applied with the 29PO flat brush. Pat the colour onto the lid and where the socket ends, do not go the whole way into the inner corner as you will highlight here. You can use this technique for all colours by having a base block colour.

Taking a clean 6SS brush blend out the colour just to get rid of any harsh lines but not bringing the colour any higher than where it is.

Taking the next colour no.321 another dark blue colour apply this into the crease in a ‘C’ shape on the outer corner with the eye closed.

With an 8OHP brush and no.321 again line the bottom lash line in a thin neat line. Although you left a gap on the top lash line in the inner corner, apply the colour to all of the bottom lash line.

Now taking the 7FSS brush (angled) blend the crease. Because this brush has an angle to it, it will keep the colour into the crease and not spread it out the side of the eye. Highlight on the brow done does not suit this look

Using the colour no.395 champagne and a clean pencil brush, apply this highlight into the inner corner of the eye and then blend it out into the blue.

Using a small tapered blending brush the 10S and colour no.65 (black with a silver fleck) apply into the crease again in a ‘C’ shape, this will create a small defined line. Go back in with the angled blender brush and blend out.

*A good tip to remember is every time you add a colour you need to blend it out*
Now is when you can clean up any fall off with the 4SS brush and your concealer from earlier.

Liner  Joanne used liquid liner again for this look, using a smaller tip for a smaller line, keeping it close to the lash line and a neat flick at the end, no wing needed.

Lashes 30N lashes were used on Fiona and these lashes are again amazing! These lashes are dramatic and wispy. With lashes like these be sure to fit them onto your client so that the longer end is always on the outer edge. Apply as before on Jessica.

Mascara Place two coats on the bottom lashes to make them as dramatic as possible. Leave the mascara wand sitting in the natural lashes to add curl to the natural lash to the falsies. With falsies which as wispy as these, you don’t want to drag your mascara wand through them fully because they will lose their shape.

Lip Liner Joanne used no.852 liner on Fiona, this is a nude colour with a peach undertone, this product is almost like a crayon, it can be used all over the lip. Line the outer line of the lip and then feather the colour inwards.

Lipstick no.51 cream stick was then applied to the lips and you could follow with a clear gloss to brighten the lips. The focus of this looks is most definitely the eyes.

Here’s the fantastic finished look on the beautiful Fiona:

I had a fantastic time with Joanne, Jessica and Fiona in the Pro store for the Masterclass. As I said at the start of this post, Joanne is an absolute idol of mine and Inglot is by far one of my favourite makeup companies so to combine the two was just a dream come true! After the looks were complete I headed downstairs in the pro store to pick up a few new bits and pieces, I bought myself the angled blush brush, the champagne shadow colour, a brown gel liner for both my eyes and brows and the face primer.

Also of course had to have a little pose with the main woman herself!!

Really hope you enjoyed this post here are all the follow details you need:

Joanne Larby, The Make Up Fairy

Facebook:https: //
Twitter: @MakeUpFairyPro
Instagram: makeupfairypro

Inglot Ireland

Twitter: @inglotireland
Instagram: inglotireland

Jessica's page

Instagram: JESSIIKAX

Fiona's page

Instagram: FIONABURKE10

If you have any questions about the looks, the products or any beauty queries please contact me on

Emma x

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  1. Inglot just sounds like an amazing place. If I Lived in Dublin I'd probably visit every day :p And such a lovely blending job.

  2. This is such a great review! I love Joanne's blog and youtube videos, I'm so jealous of you getting to meet her and learn from her. I already own loads from Inglot but everytime I go in there I just want sooo much more!

    Too Many Freckles