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In case you are new to the blog... Welcome! Here is a post on my 1st makeup lesson with Joanne, I have been reading through it lately for some tips and tricks so wanted to share it with you ladies xx

Oh wow ladies my session with Joanne was amazing!! I was super excited to go and meet Joanne, ever since I had started thinking about blogging she was one of my fave people to follow.

I arrived on a miserable Saturday afternoon to her beautiful home in Dublin and she made me feel so welcome. We worked in the dining room and I began laying out all my makeup. Needless to say, trying to impress I brought all of my products I'd love to use every day but don't get round to it.

Joanne gave me a pen and paper and we started at the very beginning... Skincare! Ladies its so important that you find the right skincare for you. Apologies if I have mentioned this to you all before but using the wrong skincare can actually make your makeup look terrible on your skin no matter how well you can apply it or how much you have spent on it.

As posted recently in my foundation post, I have combination skin. I have a slightly oily t-zone and normal enough cheeks. I am currently using a complete anti-blemish range and although this is quite expensive (I invested in duty free) I am yet to see the results I was promised. Spots are a nightmare and for me at 26, I hate them. Joanne explained to me the different areas in which you can get blemishes; on the chin is hormonal, on the cheeks stress and the forehead is diet. I have mainly normal spots on my chin and I have found the clinique range is not helping them at all. From speaking with Joanne she explained that if you treat your skin overall for a problem you only have a in a certain area, your skin will over compensate and that's probably the reason I am finding my skin oilier than usual.  I am going to try a new range after Christmas as I don't want to waste the products I have invested in.  Joanne suggested for me the Clarins range for combination skin and the hydro quench moisturiser.  It's on the Christmas list :)

Primer next: I currently use the smash box light primer and although this is a beautiful primer again I have gone too extreme with a product using a primer for real oily skin when then it not how my whole face is so Joanne explained this may be the reason I find my makeup can slip off my face sometimes. I have purchased the travel size Beauty Balm from Urban Decay and I much rather this product on my skin. Joanne advised me to only use the smash box on my nose and chin, the areas I tend to get oil but then to use the beauty balm on the other areas. A primer is used like a filler, if there are pores or lines in the skin which need to be filled, that is the job of the primer, it creates the blank canvas for your foundation to then sit evenly on your skin and create a flawless finish. Primer is very important if you want an even makeup look. Primer should be applied very thinly and only on the areas which need it, chin nose and t-zone. Most people don't have huge pores on their cheeks so if you feel you don't need it, don't use it. For my skin Joanne advised trying the Porefessional from Benefit once my other products are used up.

We moved onto foundation next... I explained to Joanne the type of coverage I like and also that products I usually use. I like a full coverage foundation for a night out, I don't like my makeup to move and I like to look like I am wearing makeup. For the daytime however I was looking for a medium to full coverage foundation which will not increase the oil build up I find has started to happen lately. Joanne chose the YSL Touché éclat foundation in BD50 for me. This is the second time I was told about this foundation so I took it at as sign it's time to invest. This foundation is a hd foundation and sits beautifully on my skin. It costs €38 but you only need to use two pumps of this foundation to cover your whole face. I use the real techniques expert face brush to apply this foundation and it spreads so easily.  You need to use a buffing motion to apply this foundation, this means you use circular motions to get an even finish.

Concealer: I have discovered my under eye area has been a little dark lately. Thanks to Joanne's expertise she was able to tell me, not getting enough sleep can darken the circles you may already have, poor diet and also genetics can be the cause of dark circles. A matte concealer under the eyes will only make the eyes seem puffy so only use a liquid concealer on that area. A matte yellow toned concealer can be good to use on blemishes, I personally use MAC studio fix conceal in nc20 for my blemishes on my chin. Joanne suggested the Estée Lauder double wear concealer in the light shade for me. This retails at €25 but again you only use a small amount of the product each time. It comes with its own applicator wand so you draw a triangle under your eye with the concealer, and then dab  with the wand a flat brush or your ring finger to spread the concealer evenly and to set it.

Powder: powder is something us ladies go a little mad with at times to say the least. Again like your primer unless you need to control shine, Joanne informed me you do not need to cover your face in  powder. Again personal to my own skin I should only use powder on my nose and chin. Joanne suggested I could use Rimmel stay matte powder which retails around €7 so of course this will be the first investment for me :)  On a night out you shouldn't need to reapply your foundation but like me you might need a slight touch up of powder to keep your face shine free.

Contour: This was the main task I wanted Joanne's help with. Contouring is excellent once you can do it right, framing your face and highlighting your best bits is a trick every girl wants to learn for herself. When you apply a contour powder to your face you naturally highlight your face but when you go back in with added highlighter, you create a beautiful structure to your face. We have all seen the Kim K contour videos and although this look is fantastic it does not suit every woman out there. Most of us will not need to contour our nose as not many of us have wide noses. Use a clean brush when you apply your contour in small light movements. Keep  to the line that you are creating and blend it outward only a little so as not to have too much dark on your cheeks. Highlighting on top of the cheekbone attracts light to your best features. For the festive season, you can always add a little sparkle to your cheeks. On the day of our lesson we used the Urban Decay Naked Palette Sin colour. I am hoping to buy the new Urban Decay Illuminating block for my festive looks. I love glitter at Christmas time.

Eyes: I have agreed with Joanne to return for another lesson on the correct application of eye makeup but in the run down of my makeup bag we discussed the best primer for me would be Urban Decay Potion Primer, the original one. As I already own the two UD Naked palettes I am good to go on the eye shadow front and with the latest addition to my collection being the fab Fuschia palette, after my next lesson I shall be able to create beautiful dramatic smokey eye looks. For eye liners, I really like the Catrice liquid eye liner and also Joanne suggested the MAC Smoulder pencil. Mascara is an investment Joanne said you do not always have to break the bank for. She loves Revlon grow luscious and if you can get treated for Christmas her all time fave is YSL Faux cils. I was asking Joanne about her fave lashes for a night out as I always tended to buy Penneys full lashes. Joanne advised me to try the Ardell Wispies which are around €7 or the Girls Aloud Nicola lashes. I am always weary to wear the penney's glue on my eyes and the best product by far is DUO glue. This product also comes in black which can make it easier when you are wearing liner. 

Going through my make up kit with Joanne was a fantastic way of learning what suits me and what I could also try. Joanne is extremely conscious not to have you feeling like you need to go out and buy new things. All of what I currently own are good products which I can work with until they run out. I don't want anyone reading this blog to decide what they have isn't good enough. If I listened to every MUA I visited, I would be clearing my make up kit each time and starting again. There are ranges of products, you may invest in some and they can be perfect or you may try others and decide never to buy them again.... this is the fun of make up.

Unfortunately ladies I didn't take any pics on the day of my visit to Joanne. As part of my lesson, Joanne applied primers, foundation, concealer, powder, contour, blusher and highlight. The order in which Joanne works from is;


When I left her house and got back into the car I had left my side window open and the seat was soaking wet. I forgot all about taking the picture to I apologise for that. Luckily my ipad was saved!!

If you have the time to travel to Dublin, book in with Joanne, The Make Up Fairy for a fantastic lesson. I gave Joanne a couple of weeks notice more so for my timetable but also to save money to be able to go out and purchase some of the new ideas she gave me to try.

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