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Hey Ladies!

So..... I have possibly been one of the luckiest girls or so it has felt recently!!

Not only have I had the chance to finally meet some MUA's I have followed for ages but I am also getting to try some of their very own products!

Introducing Niamh Martin from Nima Brush. This is her very own company and I recently met Niamh at a bloggers meet in Dublin. This bloggers meet was arranged and hosted by Hannah from Love Life And Makeup and it was such a fantastic day. I got to meet some bloggers I have followed on twitter, facebook and instagram and then boom they're in front of your face and you can really get to know them!
I just want to give you the heads up, this post will be full of information as I really want you to get the full view of the Nima Brush brand. I had heard so much about Niamh Martin as a makeup artist and her brush range that I was so happy to get in touch with her and then get to meet her at the Bloggers Meet. Niamh currently teaches in Clane in Kildare and we had been in touch about me possibly doing the course but as you all know now I am attending Waverley Academy but I would hope that we can link in for a course some time in the future I'd love to learn from Niamh, her work is lovely.

Niamh doing her thing at the Bloggers Meet

For those of you that have never heard of the Nima Brush range, here is a bio from the website 

"NIMA Brush is a new Irish cosmetic brush company specialising in Professional Make Up tools.  NIMA Brush was established by long time Irish makeup artist, Niamh Martin, after over a decade working as a professional in the Irish and UK market. The aim was to provide fun, professional grade tools at low cost.

Niamh has acted as a supplier for fantastic cosmetic brush brands such as ‘Royal and Langnickel’ and American brush company, ‘Bdellium Tools’. Now after years of supplying colleges and professionals it came to the stage where she wanted something to call her own and with the support and back up of a fantastic family, NIMA BRUSH was born!
NIMA Brush specialise in brushes which are manufactured using the most natural fibres and strongest brush ferrules. This will ensure your brush not only lasts for you, but is of the highest professional grade.​

“Working in the industry as long as I have I understand how incredibly important your tools are, and if I were to be without, I certainly would not be able to create the standard of work the professional industry requires” - Niamh Martin, Professional Makeup Artist.

We believe that cosmetic tools are as important as the make up products they apply, so by giving the every day woman a unique insight into the how's, why's and where's of professional makeup application, we aim to help educate on the exact use of brushes and take away some of that confusion associated with makeup tools.

We currently supply some of Ireland’s best known Make Up Colleges as well as numerous Professional Artists. Our goal is to supply specialised brush sets to professionals and non-professionals alike at a reasonable cost and a price to suit all budgets.

We hope that you’ll love our bright, fun and fashionable colours as much as we do, and your NIMA experience will be an educational one also.

Happy Make-Upping!  NIMA xxx"

That's the story behind the  brushes and firstly I would just like to say that Niamh's passion for her products are completely genuine, she really wants people to have great products for a reasonable cost that will last you and help you create amazing makeup looks.

Here is a snap of what I received from Niamh

I was sent four brushes and the infamous Nima Mitt. I couldn't get over the quality of the brushes. They are so full, jammed with hairs and so soft to touch. The handles are a good size for working with and little plastic lids are a great way to keep your brushes safe when storing them. The little pink gift bag holding the mitt inside and the fact the mitt is also pink just killed me as we all know I am an absolute sucker for pink!!! I also liked how the handles were white on the brushes, I know it's the small things but to be fair they really do make a difference. I liked how when I brought my Nima Brushes to college, everyone commented on them because they stood out, they were pretty, they were different. 

Now onto the Mitt itself. For those of you that don't know what this is, again here is some info from the Nima Brush site.

"What exactly is a Nima Mitt I hear you ask? Don't act like you're not even a little bit curious! The Nima Mitt is an Irish, eco-friendly makeup removal mitt brought to us by Nima Brush.

So what makes it so eco-friendly exactly? Well I've got one word for you - microfibres. I know, I know - too many times are we bombarded with fancy science-words claiming to do anything and everything, but this is different. It's simply very, very, tiny fibres (smaller than a human hair) are closely woven and when wet with just regular tap water they can be swept over the skin to remove makeup, oil, grime - all that nasty stuff without causing any irritation to the skin.

And that's all there is to it! Honestly, that's all. No cleansers, no soap or anything. Pure and simple. Think about it, all the chemicals in makeup removers, be it micellar solutions or foam cleansers, are going to leave some form of residue on your skin. These oils and chemicals are going to start messing with your skin's natural ph balance. But water, just normal tap water, is very close to your skin's natural ph - so while the Nima Mitt will remove every last trace of makeup, it's not going to upset your skin; this makes the Nima Mitt suitable for any skin type even those who suffer with breakouts or sensitivity.

We, at NIMA BRUSH, recommend warm-ish water, as we find it softens the skin and helps the makeup come off (hot water has a tendency to make some skins flush and dry out quicker if too hot.) There's really nothing to it!

Want even more proof? In the pictures below, the left image is the Nima Mitt after removing a normal day's makeup (foundation, concealer, blush, eyeliner and mascara) and the right image is the other side of the mitt having given one final sweep to pick up any product missed - which as you can see, was not much.

When all that business is over with - give your mitt a wash with a bar of soap (not liquid soap, it just doesn't work quite as well, any bar soap will do) and leave it to dry wherever suits. Don't leave it sitting damp, whatever you do and for the love of all things holy, do not put it in the washing machine! The mechanical process of the machine plus the chemical detergents used can break up and damage your mitt. Treated well these little babies will last you ages and ages.

Also, while this will take of eye makeup - just take care. The skin around your eyes is very delicate - while a few sweeps of the Nima Mitt will lift off the majority of eye makeup, if you’re a fan of layering mascara and eyeliner, a little bit of gentle eye makeup remover is recommended to loosen the mascara & eyeliner slightly, mostly because you don't want to be rubbing and pulling at the eye area too much, then use the mitt to sweep it all away!" (!nima-mitt/c12uv

I have used my mitt pretty much every day since I got it and it really makes my cleansing routine so much easier, I just do as intrusted with taking off my makeup and keeping the mitt itself clean. Niamh said at the bloggers meet we should easily get a few months out of the mitt so for now it's just the business! Now onto my brushes....

The first brush I was to mention is the Large Duo Fibre Brush. 

Price of this brush is €18*. This is created using a blend of natural and synthetic hair. This brush can be used with both liquid or powder.

I really like a good Duo Fibre Brush. As I said earlier I brought all my brushes to Waverley on Thursday when we were creating our bridal looks and I used my brush here for buffing the face after applying the foundation with a flat brush. I was really happy with the brush, there was no fall off (which can happen with a new brush) and it blended the foundation brilliantly. As I was trialing this brush on my classmate Elaine, I kept asking her how the brushes felt and she said she really liked how this brush felt, it was very soft on her skin and she agreed the foundation looked much better once we had buffed it out using this brush. I then used the brush on my own face over the weekend and I agree with Elaine, I used a liquid foundation which is buildable and the brush worked wonderfully on my face. This is a must have for anyone who loves a flawless face. 

The next brush is the Synthetic Crease Blender.

Price of this brush is €12*. This synthetic brush can be used all over the eye lid or in the socket line of the eye to create a smokey, blended look. 

I used this brush to add depth to my bridal look, applying a darker brown to the outer corner of the eye. As this was my first time using the brush, I did find it quite stiff and not as fluffy as I expected so I think used it more for the crease than the outer corner and it worked much better for me. As a makeup lover but still a student, I am still getting used to using certain tools on areas of the face. Elaine agreed that she felt the brush was still very soft on her face even though the brush wasn't as fluffy as we thought. Just to be clear, the brush is not 'stiff' as in hard bristles, it's actually that there are so many hairs on the brush that it can be used in the crease so easily to really blend out colour or apply colour to the lid. At the weekend then,  I used the brush on my lid and it applied my pigment really nice and I was really happy with the results.

The third brush I received was the Flat Head Kabuki.

Price of this brush is €18*. Use this brush to buff liquid or powder foundation into the skin.

This brush is probably my favourite. I am always looking for a full coverage look on myself (hate that I have spots and all the bad bits at 27) so I like to use a full coverage foundation and be sure that my foundation looks flawless. This brush is perfect for that. a flat head Kabuki like this is strong and really works products into your face. As opposed to 'painting' with a flat brush, you are working product into the skin in a buffing motion so I find you get a lovely finish to our skin and you know you are covered. 

The fourth brush I tried was the Angled Kabuki Brush.

Price of this brush is part of a 3 piece Kabuki set which retails currently at €40 for the trio. This brush I have been using for either my powder contour or my powder blusher. I used it for the blush on Elaine on Thursday night and as my contour brush at the weekend. As a blusher brush it is fantastic, again the brush is so full and so soft I actually cannot stop mentioning that as the quality really is different to anything I've tried so far! Having a good angled brush in your kit really is essential even if you only ever use it on yourself. It makes contouring much easier when you don't use a flat brush, an angle helps you direct the products much easier.

All prices here have a little star beside them as I have priced them from the website but Niamh did left us in on some great news at the Bloggers Meet. So always looking to ensure she is supplying the best products around, Niamh will be launching new lines of brushes this summer and they will be available individually and not just part of sets. I really like this idea as it can be annoying having to buy a full set when there may be only one or two brushes you need for you kit. She will also introduce new colours, new holders and new brushes so I am very excited for this, I will of course keep you all posted on this!!

After the Bloggers meet I really wanted to try more of the Nima Brush range so I went home and treated myself to the eye kit which retails at €30

Large shader (sable) - use for lid / highlighter / sweep of colour
Crease Smudge(pony) - sweep through socket line/lid
Pencil (synthetic) - smudge shadow under eye/finer detail
Angled brow (synthetic) - eyebrow / liner detail

Angled liner (synthetic) - Eyeliner detail

This set is fantastic and I think so far my fave brush is the brow brush, just applies my brow powders so well. I really hope you have found this post interesting and you will support another amazing Irish brand, Nima brush.

You can check out the full products on:
Twitter: @nimabrush 

Emma x

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