Tried & Tested- Some Yeah! Some Meh!


Hello Lovelies,

This is the post I've been building to write as I have so many products I want to talk about lately. It's also refreshing that not everything is always wonderful or adored and 'you just have to have it'. I have compiled this post based on purchased products and also sent products but my opinion will also be that of honesty (terrible thing when you have to say that every time you write) 

Urban Veda Body Wash & Moisturiser: I got an email weeks back telling me that Mulligans pharmacy in Waterford was set to launch the new Urban Veda range in store. I was very kindly sent the Purifying Body Wash & Body Lotion which I couldn't wait to try as I had heard they were very beneficial to skin prone to spots. I hate this fact about my body but its a fact none the less, my chest breaks out all the time! I think because I overheat so much when I sleep and then adding products like perfume and tan, my chest breaks out in red little spots on a weekly basis. When I heard that the Purifying Body Wash & Body Lotion was "Enriched with antibacterial neem oil to battle breakouts and astringent quassia bark to reduce blemishes, this bath and shower gel has a gentle formula which won’t strip your skin of moisture. This botanical blend will leave your skin feeling soft, clean and cared for." (press release) I was over the moon. I am just reaching the end of both of these products and I have loved them on my skin. I haven't been tanning as much as the winter months are here with a bang but they have made a difference to my skin. I am going to invest in the body wash again so I can keep my chest as clear as possible for when I want to wear tan so this gets a total yeah from me!

Urban Decay troubleMaker Mascara: I'm afraid ladies, this is a meh for me and I am so disappointed. It's a complete personal thing but for me, I don't like daytime mascara, I don't believe in it. I always want long lashes, I want them as full and as thick as I can get them all the time. I wear falsies when I go out, I wouldn't be able to go out without fake lashes on so it makes no sense to me to wear a mascara that yes coats and separates the lashes but doesn't give me the fullness I want. Anyone who has been reading the blog will know of the love I have for Urban Decay, I'm currently dying to use mt Heat palette that I bought in Debenhams in Waterford. I was lucky, I had €10's worth of points on my beauty card so it only cost me €37! Unfortunately I wouldn't be recommending the trouble maker mascara to the full lash lovers, the Perversion mascara from UD is still my fave, it's blackness, thickness, fullness and realness is what I love so the newbie is out for me. 

The Body Shop Pumpkin Vanilla Body Butter: Back to the positive now and I was positively blown away by the scent of the Pumpkin Vanilla body butter from The Body Shop. These babies are costly, they're just over €20 I think for a tub. If you're like me, you'll smother yourself in it but it can go a long way with a good rub in. Every Christmas I will get myself a tub from TBS as I just think it screams 'Pamper Yourself'!! This scent is limited edition so if you want to try it get in this month and give it a go. Sometimes scents can be overpowering, they can almost take over from your perfume but this is soft and gentle, it's an off white colour and I find it goes on really well on my skin even when I have tan on. In the winter months its really important that we keep our skin moisturised and protected from the cold weather. 

NYX Professional Makeup Full Coverage Concealer: Concealer is a gift from the makeup gods. We use it for sports, under the eye, carving out our brows and all that good stuff. Some concealers are light and fluid. Some are like war paint. Recently I was sent a more war paint like concealer in the form of NYX Professional Makeup Full Coverage Concealer. According to the press release, this beauty 'hides the villains of dark circles and blemishes with a vengeance. Available in a range of shades to suit a range of skin tones and an advanced formula that provides long-lasting full coverage. Available in 12 different shades to suit every skin tone. RRP €8.00' I have been using my concealer for carving out my brows only. To me, this is not the kind of concealer I would use under my eyes. I only like to use a light fluid concealer under my eyes are, to drag a brush under the eye area freaks me out. As this is one of the claims to this concealer, I am going to say this is a meh kinda product but to be fair for carving the brows, its excellent. it moves along the top & bottom of the brow with ease on a small brush. With a good bit of work with the dabbing method, it will go into the skin but again just be careful. I feel when a concealer is of any thick consistency it should be called a camouflage cream and not really a concealer. That way...I don't get confused!! 

It's not always that I write a little compilation piece like this but things have been so busy lately for me that I feel this is the only way i can get my opinion on certain things out there. It may not be ideal but please feel free to get in touch with me if you need anymore information on any of the products I have talked about in this post! Normal service shall be resumed soon!

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