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Hey Ladies,

Here is the press release for the new Cleanse Off Mitt. This contains all the info you will need before the launch in Jan 2014. There have been a number of great reviews from Bloggers all over Ireland so far, I can't wait to get mine!!

We are a new Skincare company with an exciting new product due to launch this coming January 2014 in Pharmacies and Salons across Ireland, with much interest from the UK market  already. We have in the past week been approached by consumer and trade magazines, had potential customers enquire via social media regarding the whereabouts for online sales, companies ask about possible distributorship etc, confirmed Pharmacy distributors , confirmed an online UK retailer, all in the space of a few days! Twitter and Facebook are hopping with interest! The one conclusion we can certainly draw is that there is colossal interest in our product, so let me tell you a little bit about it.

Very simply we have a mitt designed to remove all traces of makeup with JUST the mitt itself, i.e. NO cleanser is needed! Just add water to the mitt and remove all makeup/ pollution etc. from the face. Easy peasy! Quick and affordable!  Reusable!

It's designed to target those with a fast lifestyle, which indeed we all tend to lead. Ideal replacement for those with a dependency on wipes, harsh products, scrubs, soaps etc as they often sensitise the skin, dehydrate it while alter the natural acid mantle/ protective layer of our skin. We believe that people forget their skin is an organ and should be respected accordingly.

We are skincare nerds here at Cleanse off Mitt headquarters, education is our passion, we appreciate that the ideal solution would still be to use a recommended cleanser for the correct skin type, unfortunately that is not always the reality.
A. People tend to misdiagnose their own skin confusing dehydration with dryness for example and also tend to use products that can strip the skin thus leaving it more vulnerable and more susceptible than before.
B. People tend to just use wipes, soap or shower gel on a daily basis which are often more alkaline than the skin which is acidic, i.e. causing a breeding ground for bacteria whilst disrupting the natural PH balance of the skin, which means its ‘defenses’ are down. At Cleanse Off Mitt that saddens us as ultimately the skin is the largest organ but also the barrier that protects us from the elements! And boy do we experience the elements in Ireland and the UK!

However if a client is lucky enough to love his/her cleanser then we say keep using it. Is this being hypocritical? No. How does Cleanse off Mitt fit in then? Very simply; use it as a precleanser.
Waste not want not! So ultimately Cleanse Off Mitt is used first to take the 'days grime away' while their cleanser is then used on fresh skin to actually treat the skin. Simple! Tis a win win as people will discover they’ll get longer from their cleanser so as the Cleanse Off Mitt has the "dirty job" so to speak!

So either way: be it with or without the cleanser, Cleanse Off mitt is a must have for every bathroom.

It's reusable, hygienic, lightweight, chemical free, hypoallergenic .... The list goes on and on!

How to use:
·         Place your hand into mitt and saturate with water. No cleanser needed. Use as you would a facecloth.

After use:
·         Wash in warm water with a dollop of antibacterial regular hand soap until makeup remnant’s  are washed away
·         Hang with the inbuilt hook to dry until the next use.
·         Weekly you can turn it inside out and pop it in the washing machine in a wash under 60 temperature.
·         Lifespan tends to be approximately 3 months

From our endless sampling, 18month trialing on friends families and foes alike, market research, reviews etc. here are the top USP we have compiled. Chances are you will be wanting Cleanse off Mitt for 1 or 2 of these Unique Selling points…at least!

ü  No cleanser needed Just add water to the Cleanse off Mitt
ü  How does it work; The microfibers are so individually tiny, they are as small as the width of an individual strand of hair on the head, they hook under the bonds of the makeup and remove/scoop the makeup gently off the face.
ü  Removes all makeup, including mascara. Don’t believe me, try me!
ü  If you love your cleanser use this as a precleanser
ü  Save financially on Cleansers as Cleanser will then last longer.
ü  The lightweight nature and shape of the mitt allows you to remove makeup from smaller nooks and crannies ensuring a thorough cleanse.
ü  Chemical free.
ü  Non irritant. No trauma
ü  No taught/tight/redness after use as can be associated with certain products.
ü  Ideal for sensitive reactive skin including Acne, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Eczema etc.
ü  Ideal for Travel, no need to worry about liquid cleanser restrictions on flights.
ü  Ideal for gym goers, quick and easy removal of makeup before/after a session.
ü  Ideal for late nights, too tired to remove makeup with a full cleansing routine.
ü  Ideal for individuals too lazy to take their makeup off!
ü  People on the go/Mums
ü  Ideal for men as they too are exposed to the elements daily regardless of makeup or not.
ü  Ideal for Face wipe users/ baby wipe users as they strip the natural protective layer of the skin.
ü  Reusable, price per unit for the consumer will work out cheaper than the cheapest of face wipes on offer
ü  Our mitt has a life span of 3months-6months depending on the amount of use.
ü  Does not support bacteria if washed with antibacterial soap.

ü  Affordable, quick, easy to use.

Stay beautiful,

Emma x

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