Cleanse Off Mitt


Ladies.... Join the campaign #campaginbinthewipes

Face wipes are a NO NO for me come the New Year!!!

This is possibly the most excited I have been about a skin product all my life!! So this morning I wake up and check my twitter as any blogger does... I stumble across the Cleanse Off Mitt! They had recently added me on FB so I was intrigued to see what this new product was. Firstly let me get the link out there...


Twitter: @CleanseOffMitt

This is a brand new Irish company who have created a new face mitt which is so gentle on your skin they do not remove the natural protective layer from your skin which face wipes can do. They are suitable for all skin types- oily, dry, mature, young and for both male and females. They are particularly good for sensitive skin!

They are launching both online and in chemists and salons throughout the country from Jan 2014. For our overseas lovers, they have secured an online retailer in the UK.

They are hoping to take the market by storm and I think we should all rally round and help boost them up! Check them out on Facebook, they have launched a new like and share comp so it's easy peasy to get winning!!

I am hoping to receive my mitt soon and will do a whole review on it, I have no doubt it's going to be amazing!! I am so bad sometimes... although I have a full face range I do tend to use my face wipes on their own and then I wonder why my skin feels tight and sore afterwards.

I have real high hopes for this Irish, affordable product so get liking and when they are launched grab one before they are all sold out!!! :)

Stay beautiful,

Emma x

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