So Sue Me- Meeting an Idol


When I started this blog I never really knew what it meant to be a successful blogger...

My initial thinking was each time I visited a new MUA I would be repeating my story as to how it went at home, to my friends, in work and everyone loved the information, I was just getting tired of being on repeat.

It wasn't until my friend suggested blogging about all that I'm learning, I was opened up to the world of beauty bloggers. Wow! They are everywhere!! People from all over the world, review products, make YouTube tutorial videos and literally dedicate their lives to sharing what they love with everyone else.

Closer to home I came across Suzanne Jackson, a young Dublin woman who runs the So Sue Me Blog. Her website is fantastic!  She has outfits of the day, events she has attended, celeb news, fashion, beauty reviews, you could literally spend the day checking out the site. She is so current and on trend, if you follow her style and beauty tips, you will never go wrong! I also started watching her tutorials and I just thought to myself, this girl is normal... there's no ego coming across, no high end this and expensive that, but a young women sharing her love of all things wonderful with us.

When you go onto the site, you feel like you're one of Sue's friends. Her writing style is perfect, just like having a chat with your mates about what you wore today, what you've recently bought and also simple breakdowns to create beautiful make-up looks. Before starting my own blog, I followed Sue on her website, Facebook , twitter @SoSueMe_ie and Instagram @sosueme_ie to see all the effort and content she puts into her blog. It's very clear that Suzanne works extremely hard and this is not only her passion but her job and her life so she was a real inspiration to me to get started.

As some of my followers will know I am originally from Waterford and only recently made the move to the 'Big Smoke' Dublin. This has given me so much more to write about, huge access to MUA's and also brands which are not available in Waterford such as Inglot. (I have a post on another masterclass coming up) This has also opened my eyes to the world of Bloggers, having attended my first Bloggers Meet Up only a week ago. My love of make up has grown loads since moving here and is a world away from my day job as a Drug Prevention and Education Youth Officer. Following Suzanne's blog has really helped keep me focussed on what the purpose of my blog is and also inspired my shopping lists weekly :)

Once I heard Suzanne had a book coming out, I was super excited!! I actually missed her book signing in Dublin as I had been at home that weekend and was so gutted. I then saw on her Facebook, she was coming to Waterford on Saturday the 7th of December. There was absolutely no way I was missing this. I had put the book on my Christmas list and I think I managed to go to Easons twice with my boyfriend and not buy it but that went out the window when I knew I had the opportunity to meet her in person.

So I arrived to the Book Centre in Waterford before 2pm on Saturday, glammed up to the hilt because I really wanted a picture with Suzanne. This girl is beautiful. She is truly stunning, amazing long dark hair, beautiful figure and a glowing smile. I could see as people approached her, she genuinely welcomed them, made conversation with each and every person and posed for as many pictures as the readers wanted. While waiting to meet Suzanne, my picture was taken for a local magazine 'My Waterford' and will be featured in the January issue. I was buzzing from this, I am such a poser, completely open to having my picture taken whenever there is a camera around and I have makeup on haha!

Standing there, I was thinking 'what should I ask her?' My head was full of questions but like any person meeting an idol, I got completely tongue tied when I approached Suzanne. She welcomed me to the table and told me I was looking very stylish... nearly had a heart attack at that because as my sisters will tell you, style is not my thing. If my little sister dresses me, I look amazing but left to my own devices you wouldn't know what I could be wearing. However, today I had chosen my own outfit so a compliment like that just made me loose all train of thought. I think from there I proceeded to tell Suzanne, I was hungover and couldn't wait to go home for a nap... I mean really!! Of all the things to say :(

Suzanne was very funny and asked about where I had been out and hoped I enjoyed my night. I managed to remember to tell her I was a blogger, that I was writing almost 3 months and she was a huge inspiration. I did manage to tell her that due to hearing her praise of Tara O Farrell MUA I was now booked into her masterclass in January. Of course now I wish I had told her how wonderful I thought her blog really was but hopefully she'll read this and see how big a fan I really am than that babbling mess in front of her Saturday afternoon.

I posed for a pic with Suzanne and the lovely Vicky from the Book Centre kindly took the snaps for us. Suzanne wrote a lovely message on my book as you can see here and I left smiling having met a blogging idol. I also loved her disco pants and thinking now may be a time to invest in some myself. :)

The book is fantastic. Even if you are not a blogger or never have any intention of blogging this book is for you. If you love fashion, beauty, make up or to be fair anything girly... Get this book! For me it had brilliant tips on makeup and also blogging. I mean the words of wisdom Suzanne has invested into this book on blogging will definitely help shape where my blog will go to in the coming months. So watch this space masteringyourmakeup is going places ladies!!

 It was also so interesting for me to read Suzanne's story and especially her chapter on Haters. Ladies it's no shock that this world can be cruel and jealousy can cause huge damage to others. The most important lesson I took from Suzanne's book is, this is your life, if you have a dream, only you can follow it fully. There will always be people who be begrudge you success or make fun of what you do, but let that be their problem and not yours. If you can live you life in a way that makes you happy while not hurting anyone else, then you are never wrong. Thank you so much to Suzanne for being so open and honest in her book. She's really such an idol.

For all the followers of my Matersing Your Make Up Blog, I wish you all the success in the world and never give up on a dream you have, all us girls deserve our own fairytale, be your own princess!!

Stay beautiful,

Emma x

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