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Morning All (although it's almost the afternoon now)

Now that we are really in the thick of this winter, I have found that my skin has felt beaten and battered lately.
Before really getting into makeup, I didn't really look after my skin, I am still not great when it comes to my skin but I am trying. I get really good at drinking water and eating as clean as possible and then I go mad one weekend and my face can tell straight away.

I get hormonal breakouts around my chin and sometimes I hate how my skin looks without makeup so I start lashing on the warpaint but I wish I didn't have to feel the need to wear makeup all the time. I do mix up my skincare routine and although that is something you should do every once and while, mine is usually due to laziness and then a really bad time with my skin. I can get quite upset over it and anyone that suffers with their skin will know how I feel. So I thought for this post I would tell you all about what I am currently using and what I like about it.

Starting with an eye makeup remover, I don't think you can go passed Nivea Double Effect Duo Makeup Remover. You can get this on special offer most of the time in either Tesco or Boots so keep an eye out. It lasts absolutely ages and when you do have it, you'll never want another one. It can remove even Inglot 77 gel liner which can be impossible to take off so that’s the no.1 reason it gets my vote. You just shake it up, lash it on some cotton pad or Q tip and take off your eye makeup.

Next I like to use either my luxury product, Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse. This is an oil you work onto your face, then add a little water to, work it around your face again and rinse off with water. It will take almost all your makeup off before you even get to your cleanser. On days when I don't have heavy eye makeup, I might leave out the eye makeup remover from Nivea as the Dermalogica will remove almost all the other makeup products. This is such a handy step in removing makeup and there’s a lovely scent off the product too.

Cleaners: I have a couple I use at the mo. Generally I use my Dermalogica UltraCalming Cleanser morning and night but at least once a week I will use the Neostrata Foaming Glycolic Wash. The Dermalogica cleanser is very gentle on my skin and when I do have my breakouts and slight dryness around my nose and cheeks, this won’t stress the skin anymore. The Neostrata wash I use at least once a week to really give my face a clean. Neostrata can be a little severe on skin but it is clearly marked on the wash that if you have sensitive skin not to use it every day. I like the really clean feeling I get from this wash.

After cleansing my skin and one other step to be mentioned later, I apply my day or night moisturisers. There is another step of a toner which most people use and this wouldn't be as important to me, I find with a really good cleanse, sometimes my skin can feel a little tight if I then go on to use a toner but we did receive a gorgeous Yonka toner spray in a Chic Treat Club box so I might spray that on or my Urban Decay Vitamin B6 Spray after cleansing. My daytime moisturiser is Dermalogica Active Moist this is a lightweight product with a really fresh scent. Again, when I recently went for my facial in Laura’s Beauty Rooms in Wexford which you can read all about HERE I was told which products would suit my skin best. I like the active moist as after a couple of minutes it’s soaked into the skin and I can start with my makeup. I also was given this brilliant little kit from Dermalogica with little moisture concentrates in it while I was at Laura’s Beauty Rooms so if my skin needs a little boost any morning I can add a few drops of this into my Active Moist.

 My night moisturiser at the moment is the Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream. I received this at a Trilogy event in Arnotts a few months back and the smell is just wonderful. I don't see much change in my skin in the mornings from this so I might look at a new night cream once this runs out but I think the scent as you hop into bed is lovely.

Spot treatments: Although I do have a range of spot fighting treatments, my biggest love has to be the DreamDots for Spots. I have at least 6 boxes of these at the moment ready to go whenever I need them. I find with some of my breakouts, I would need to use the dreamdots at least two nights in a row so when I don’t use my dots I have two overnight products I like to use on my breakouts. These are the Boots Tea Tree & WitchHazel Night Spot Gel and then the Dermalogica Overnight Treatment. I don't use these all the times as I said but they're handy to have when I feel my skin is getting really bad.
Eye products: I have two eye gel products in my stash at the minute. I won't lie I am not overly good at using them, nor am I sure if they are the right products for me so please if anyone reading this can think of a really good eye product for me to try then please do let me know.

Scrubs & Masks: The once weekly scrub I use is usually the St Ives Apricot scrub for blemish prone skin. I love this product so much and raging that I recently left it at home in Waterford so I will be purchasing it this weekend. I use this at least once a week and I just love how clean my skin feels after using it. I love a good scrub and I feel it really helps with how my makeup sits on my skin especially around my nose. A new addition to my facial products is the amazing GlamGlow Clearing Mud Facial which Santa brought me for Christmas. I used this for the 1st time last night and I loved it. I felt really clean after it, I washed it off using my trusty Cleanse Off Mitt and my skin did feel like it was glowing afterwards. A great purchase for any lady who loves a ‘pamper night’ facial. Another luxury scrub I have to use once a week as a treat is my Glo Therapeutics Pumpkin Enzyme Scrub. The smell off this product is just delicious and the results on my skin after the 10 mins is also lovely. I was sent this product from the wonderful Skin Logics which stock a full range of Glo Minerals and Glo Therapeutics products.

A daily and gently scrub that I use after my cleanser is my Daily Microfoliant from Dermalogica (yes I am slightly addicted to this brand at the mo) I only use this product in the morning and not on the same day as I will use my other scrub. It’s nice and gently on the skin, a light scrub that just keeps on top of any dead skin which may be building up. Again I find when I use this on a regular basis, my makeup sits on my skin much better and it can help with not letting the oil build up on my skin contributing to more breakouts. No face post would be complete without mentioned my lovely bubblegum lip scrub by Lush Cosmetics. I try to use this as often as possible, especially at the weekends when I know I am going to be wearing lipstick, it tastes sweet takes a max of 30 seconds to use and would be a really nice treat for someone to get.

This has been a huge blog post and I apologise for all the info but people were asking about my skincare routine at the minute. As some of you will have seen, I recently won a range of La Roche Posay products from Viva Adonis Blog and I really look forward to trying them out. 

I am not a brand junkie by any means when it comes to my skin care. I have used lots of ranges over time and in 2014 I purchased the full range of Dermalogica suited to my skin paying over €200 for it all and I don't actually know if my skin is all that different. One thing in the last year which has become extremely clear to me is diet is so so important to have healthy and good skin. Drink water. It can help so much, many of the people I see with flawless skin drink loads of water each day and that’s something I am making a conscious effort to do in 2015. I am also trying my hardest to eat healthier, all that junk food I love so much has to stop. I used to be so bad I would deffo drink at least a can of coke a day and not think anything of it. Turning 28 to me is a big deal and as I said in yesterday’s post I really want to make this my year of a healthy me. I am attending an event this Sunday with Emma Sneddon all on the Juice Plus products. I am really excited to hear all about the benefits of these fruit and veg capsules and shakes for the benefit of my skin. I know it’s going to mean a real lifestyle change for me but I think I'm finally ready. All the lotions and potions in the world can't beat a clean body inside to be reflected on the outside.

If you have any tips on achieving good skin be it food or products then please do let me know, I am in no way a food, health or skin expert so I look forward to any advice you have!

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  1. I got GlamGlow for Christmas too :-) I'm using the clearing mud for breakouts as I find as a whole mask it dries my already dry skin out more though. Fab picks though in your current skincare x

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