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Hello Everyone,

This post was meant to be up last night but me in my infinite wisdom thought I'd update J's laptop with windows 10, it took forever and because I haven't been feeling well I thought today would be better.

So what's Amia? Well I have decided to call it a little piece of heaven in Dalkey and here's why..

"In Amia Beauty our mission is to provide the highest quality treatments in a professional environment. In Amia Beuty we are passionate about our treatments and that they are carried out in the highest quality possible. All our therapists are qualified to the highest standards in the beauty industry."

Amia Beauty opened it's doors in January 2015 so Happy 1st Birthday to the beautiful salon and congrats to Amy and her team.

When you move to a new area it can be hard to find a salon you feel comfortable lets face it we treat our beauty and hair guru's just like our life coaches so it's important the place and the people are lovely so you can put yourself at ease getting whatever treatment you're getting done.

I first went to Amia beauty for a spray tan for my birthday trip away with the girls. On snapchat a few months ago I saw the boss lady herself Marissa Carter arrive to Amia for a spray tan so of course I thought to myself if it's good enough for Mrs CB it's gotta be good for me. I was not disappointed, I arrived to a lovely warm salon on a miserable Thursday evening and the boss lady Amy herself sprayed me. The tan turned out beautiful and I didn't have to touch it up at all over the weekend. Cocoa Brown is a lovely spray tan but if it's a very dark tan that you want you might want to try something else.

Anyway...The decor in the salon is lovely as you can see from my pics. The nail stations are beautiful there's a makeup station, mani station and pedi station, there's a full display of dermalogica and cocoa brown products.

There is a separate tanning room which has fantastic Marilyn Monroe wallpaper and then the treatment room I was in for my facial last Saturday was so warm and cosy it's definitely somewhere you can relax and fall asleep while being worked on, I tried really hard not to fall asleep and  thankfully my bloody cough stopped me from dozing off.

Brands which are used in Amia are:
Vita Liberata & Cocoa Brown (Tanning)
Artdeco (Makeup)
CND (Nails)
Waxperts (Waxing)
DMK Danne Montague King & Dermalogica (Skincare)

So after getting my spray tan done and having the chats with Amy as you do when you're tanning, she very kindly asked me back to have a Dermalogica facial for my birthday. I was thrilled with the offer so I decided to take her up on it last Saturday as my skin was very much in need of a good facial.

If you are not someone who has had a facial before I really recommend it, sometimes although we might be trying really hard with our skincare and cleansing twice a day and even adding a mask here and there after a good facial your skin can seem like brand news, that's exactly what's happened for me.

Treats after the facial

I was greeted by Orlagh when I arrived for my appointment at 9:30am on Saturday. I took some pictures of the room, got myself wrapped up in the bed and Orlagh got to work. I was having a full Dermalogica facial but before Orlagh would start putting products on my face, she carried out a skin map of my face. This is really key to getting the most out of your facial. A skin map allows the therapist to see what your face needs and allows her to use the perfect products. My skin mapping showed a small problem with blemishes but dehydration being the main concern, I completely agreed with Orlagh as it's the bane of my life at the moment. My makeup just won't sit on my forehead properly so anything that can help I am lapping up.

Yep.. no tan, two different masques and a very relaxed Emma
I spent the next hour being pampered by Orlagh, my favourite part of any facial is the neck shoulder and head massage you get while on the table. I wasn't a big massage person initially but now I just love it, I feel myself completely relaxing and after a facial I just want to go home and  nap and look at my glowing skin. And that's just how my skin felt...I was glowing and to be fair I still am! I have been so careful since Saturday I  have actually hated putting makeup on my lovely skin and that's really saying something.

So if you haven't used Dermalogica before, it is an expensive brand but it is also very effective. My Skin Mapping showed the products ideally suited for my current skin situation is;

  • Precleanse
  • Clearing Skin Wash
  • Daily Microfoliant
  • Multi-Active Toner
  • Overnight Clearing Gel
  • Skin Hydrating Booster
  • Active Moist
  • Total Eye Care
  • Sebum Clearing Masque
  • Skin Hydrating Masque
Now I know what you're thinking that's a whole lot of product but that would be the ideal situation to target each and every aspect of my face. Now as I said before Dermalogica is an expensive brand as far as cost goes compared to your supermarket brands but the bottle volumes are very big and you only ever use a little product at a time. I already own some of these products so that's great for me because I am a absolute nightmare, I go somewhere, I like what I get done in the treatment and then I want it ALL.....every time guaranteed!! 

At the moment I always use the precleanse, it's an oil that you put onto dry skin and it removes your makeup before your cleanser. I also use the daily microfoliant every day as my exfoliator which helps keep my skin smooth. I have a small bottle of the skin hydrating booster, it's a sample bottle but I use it on my very dehydrated areas. 

The product I will absolutely be buying is the Skin Hydrating Masque. Orlagh suggested that I use this 2-3 times a week. I have been recommended this product before by the lovely Elaine who beautifies my nails and had it on my Christmas wishlist but as always I get distracted by pretty shiny makeup things so I forgot all about it. Note to self... do not let the skincare suggestions go! Without good skincare ladies and gents our makeup will never look well. The Skin Hydrating Masque is €42 but with using it only 2-3 times a week I should get months out of it. I'm gonna purchase that real soon and I'm guessing my next purchase after that will be the multi-active toner. This is really refreshing on the face and again at €35 for a large bottle you will get months out of it.

Thanks to Amy & Orlagh for the amazing treatment and also the samples and skin mapping. I really like that with Dermalogica if you get a facial, most salons will then have samples so you can actually try out the products yourself at home before you go and drop the money on them. Samples are the way of the world people :) With skincare of course it's important to remember that it can take up to a month for you to see results so take your time and don't write things off too quickly.

Here you can see all of Amia's contact details, address and opening hours

Amia beauty is definitely a spot I will be visiting again, from it's friendly staff to beautiful setting and great range of brands I am thrilled to have found somewhere as great as this within walking distance of my appointment. I really wish Amy and her team at Amia the best of luck with their growing business and I look forward to visiting again soon to pick up some Dermalogica products.

Don't forget to follow all of Amia's social media sites:
Twitter: +Amia Beauty 

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