Shiseido Synchro Skin Foundation.... My New Holy Grail Foundation!!


Hello Everyone....

This is it! This is my holy grail foundation....I swear I'm not even joking this has to be the best foundation I have tried in so long. It has been a blast out of the blue for me but wow I am amazed at how well the Shiseido Synchro Skin foundation is suiting my skin.

"Shiseido Synchro Skin is a revolutionary new foundation that synchronizes with each individual skin type to uncover its ultimate beauty potential

When considering the next big shift in makeup technology, Shiseido imagined a foundation that would appear differently on every face, adapt to each skin tone and recognize skin conditions — makeup that was able to synchronize with the skin’s individual qualities, beautifying it instead of covering it up.

The result — the ultimate alliance between makeup and skin. A foundation that draws out the skin’s natural vitality to reveal its true splendor.
Regardless of skin type and color, Shiseido’s new Synchro Skin helps people achieve the complexion of their dreams, and imparts the confidence needed to face the world.

To use : Shake well.
This highly liquid foundation was especially designed by Dick PAGE, Artistic Director of Shiseido Makeup, to be ‘fluid’ on contact with skin, allowing you to use much less, but it covers much more evenly.  It also gives it the ability to be ‘buildable’ and flawless: Build your desired coverage with additional layers.

Synchronization with skin condition
Adapting to people’s individual skin type and condition, Shiseido’s Advanced Sensing Technology brings out and maintains your healthiest-looking skin, with an immaculate finish.
Micro-Fit Polymer repels oil (sebum) and water (sweat) and that Sebum Absorbing Powder absorbs them, so the smooth, ‘just-applied’ finish lasts for hours.
Time Match Powder reflects the optimal amount of light for the amount of oil (sebum). With less oil (sebum), it increases clarity, for a spectacular reflection that creates more luster. With more oil (sebum), it becomes semi-transparent, and reflections are diffused.

  • Synchronization with skin tone
  • Enhancing each skin tone to achieve its most beautiful, healthy look.
  • New technology creates light that plays up skin’s beauty, without covering it up.
  • Transparent Correcting Polymer lets natural skin tones show through while correcting unevenness like pores and roughness, for a natural, healthy look in light.
  • Transparent Color Pigment EX produces clear, brilliant colors without dullness the moment it is applied on skin.
  • Airy Cushion Formula
  • The revolutionary structure helps give an extraordinarily light, smooth texture, as though forming a thin, even veil over the skin.
  • When the foundation fixes to the skin, it forms a thinner veil than conventional liquid foundation. It fits evenly over the skin, for a finish that feels feather-light and smooth.
  • Formulated with skincare ingredients selected for their abilities to maintain skin’s healthy looking, optimal state.
Shiseido Synchro Skin is available summer 2016
Available in 10 shades (30ml size) the recommended retail is €48 
Available in Harvey Nichols, Arnotts, Shaws & good pharmacies nationwide"

Just a pic to show how dark the foundation is so that's why I need tan on

I received this foundation in the post just over two weeks ago, a package I wasn't expecting but delighted to get. I had recently attended a Shiseido event in their Dublin HQ are we were told all about the foundation by Brand Ambassador Danielle Mahon and it looked beautiful on the model.

I was so skeptical that this would be a foundation that needs no powder, anyone who has followed the blog for a while will know my skin drives me mental the way it gets so oily, I have been trying to many foundations over the last two years and while some are stunning on most people, they seem to just disappear on me, they are overtaken by the oil that my t-zone produces and that's not a good look on anyone let's face it.

The shade I was given is Neutral 4 which is a really tanned colour, when I say this don't be alarmed just with my super pale skin I needed a good layer of tan on before I could use it without getting a harsh line alone my jaw. 

I first used it on a Saturday at about 11am and powdered it slightly before heading to town. I was in town for a few hours, I went out for a walk and then sat and watched a movie in the evening. That might not sound like a lot but it would have been at least 11pm before I went to take off my makeup and even at that stage of the evening I didn't have to powder my face. I actually hadn't touched up my face all day, I usually always carry powder with me on a day out but I decided to really test out this foundation and was so happy to see that I didn't need it all day.

Sunday I was even braver, I went without powder, I mean come on... I don't think I have ever purposely done that to really test out a foundation but I was heading to Croke Park to watch the All Ireland Semi-Final with my dad so I thought..'why not' Well what do you was perfect! I kid you not, we were in town for the match, came back, had dinner and then hit the road to Waterford. Again it was after 10pm before I went to take the foundation off and it was perfect.

I have been loving this foundation so much that I will happily invest the €48 and purchase a lighter shade to wear with a lighter tan, its such a beautiful foundation I really don't know what else to say but people you need to go and buy it if you have any doubt about having your oil come through during the day, I would take my word on it this time, to test something with no powder and still be happy with the results speaks volumes for me.

If you have tried the Synchro Skin Foundation then I would love to hear from you how it was on your face. Everyone I have spoken to so far has absolutely loved the foundation. I will of course be taking it to New York with me so I will post many more pictures of the foundation on my face. The only shot I currently have is of me and my dad and I'm pretty sure he's blog shy :) 

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