The Disney Princess Tag!


The Disney Princess Tag

This is one very exciting post, it took me so long because I am such a Disney fan it took me ages to make my mind up while sitting watching Disney DVD's :)

Which Princess do you like the least?
I think for me, it has to be snow white, I totally understand she’s one of the first and maybe the whole comedy element hadn’t come into Disney movies but wow she is so annoying!

Which Princess do you adore most?
Since I’ve been small, super small I have loved Ariel. She is just amazing, I always loved her curiosity for life, her love for Eric and the fact she had such a beautiful voice.

Which Princess do you relate to most?
I think at this stage of my life I’m gonna go with Merida. Sometimes being the oldest just isn’t as fun as it is for the younger siblings. Similar to Merida my only other siblings are twins so sometimes you’re out there being the ‘good one’ I think if I had a horse and could do what I want every year on my birthday I’d climb to the top of a waterfall for sure oh and of course change my mother into a bear hahaha!!

Which sidekick do you wish you had?
It has to be Olaf, to have a snowman obsessed with summer and who loves warm hugs, come on is there really anyone better? Flounder is cute, the Abu is funny but Olaf he wins hands down!!

Which best friend(s) would you like to hang out with?
Timon & Pumbaa… awh the craic that would be had to hang out with those two sure you’d end up nearly eaten or everyone’s best mate it’d be brilliant!

Which Prince would love you? Technically he became a prince so it totally counts but I love Aladdin, he was just so lucky to have the genie in his film that everything was funny and he really loved Jasmine so I was always liked him.

Which parents would raise you? This is quite hard because as we all know DIsney love to either kill one of your parents, give you none or only give you one so if I had to choose who I'd be brought up by then I'd choose Tiana's parents. I know she lost her dad but the influence she had in her life was amazing. Her mum is a pillar of strength so I loved that.

Which castle do you want to live in? I think for the sheer magic of talking objects and all the snow I'd love to live in the Beasts castle, even with the scary wing to have talking furniture would be deadly!

Which dress do you wish to own? Oh lordy..I think it's unfortunate that not all the films had the same production as each other but I really did love the classic cinderella ball gown. I think her transformation was spectacular as a child so yeah I choose her.

Which voice do you wish you had? Ariel's voice of course...I remember when I was small and the scene where she has to give her voice to Ursula comes on I would try my best to sing as long a note as she did...I don't think even to this day I can hold my note as long as she did. I thought it was the cruelest thing ever when Ursula takes it away from her. 

Which two Princesses would be best friends? Because of their desire for freedom and to break ranks I actually think that Merida and Rapunzel would make great friends. I think that Merida becoming a ruler and Rapunzel getting her freedom from the tower they could have a world of adventures!

Which two Princesses do you think would hate one another? I think Pocahontas and Snow White would absolutely hate each other! Could you imagine the singing gobshite that is Snow White going on and on about her prince and Pocahontas wanting to discover the world and be at one with nature. I guess they're only common interest would be that the animals love them both :) 

Which two sidekicks would make a good duo? I think for comedy of giving out then Archimedes (Sword in the stone) and Zazu (The Lion King) would be hilarious together. All the conspiracies on the world they could solve flying around getting angry. 

Which two Princes would be best buds? I think for the bore factor prince Philip (Sleeping Beauty) and Prince Charming (Cinderella) would be besties as they could sit in the corner and not talk about anything other than princey things. I didn't find either character remotely interesting in their movies so for new age BFF's I think the two outlaws of Aladdin and Eugene (Tangled) would make brilliant buddies.

Which scene makes you cry? Soooo many it's painful I mean really Disney just know how to mess a girl up...for this I am going to pick two. One that devastated me as a child was of course when Mufasa died in the Lion King, I think that destroyed many young children who couldn't handle Simba lying there crying. As an adult however, the opening scenes of UP when Ellie dies was awful. I did not see it coming at all and I remember the first time bawling (in front of the kids at work) 

What scene makes you cheer? Ooh this is a good one... I deffo cheer at the end of The Princess and the Frog when they get to turn back human. I also love when Flynn cuts off Rapunzel's hair to save her from the mother one and you have to have to cheer when the Genie jets off on his holidays at the end of Aladdin. There's so many good moments :) 

Which movie has your favourite soundtrack? I think for pure sing along value for me it has to be The Lion King, after seeing the show in real life also it brought it altogether and one of the greatest musicals ever.

Which scene makes you cringe the most? Ok people will think I have a really bad opinion of Snow White but I the start of the movie you see her singing into the feckin well and it's repeating only certain parts of her song...It annoys the life out of me! 

Which story do you wish was your life? Well all Disney movies teach you the lesson that life is not always simple and not everything always happens the way you want it or the way you think it will go. I think I would like my life to be like Belle's story. She had a simple life with her dad and ends up with her prince, the house of her dreams with a library and she also gains a whole house of staff who are human again and love her. I think her life before seemed boring but content so she gained an awful lot more to her life and didn't have to lose another parent. 

Which movie do you love the most? God the massive question... I watch Disney movies almost daily, I watch new ones, old ones, classics and pixars but let's be honest, the one I always talk about is The Little Mermaid so I have to stand by my girl Ariel and say that's my favourite. In truth I love almost all of them.

I currently own over 70 Disney DVD's I started collecting them when I was 17 I love everything about Disney and always have it in my life in one way or another.

Thanks a million for reading this x

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