DeiseBloggers Event No.2 in Aid of Pieta House Waterford


Hi Everyone,

Sunday the 7th of August was an incredible day it really was! I was flat out in work all last week, I wasn't even home to be honest I was away on a residential in work in Maynooth all week. But enough about the boring, being a grown up stuff, I flew home Saturday night back to Waterford to be a guest at the 2nd #DeiseBloggers event which was held again in the beautiful Karbar in Waterford City.

As a lot of you will know, I was part of the organising team for the 1st event back in November but due to the timing of this one I knew I was going to be super busy in work, which is no lie as when working with young people outside of the school setting, my job is at it's busiest in the summer.

First up I want to say that the 'dream team' of Rachael, Lisa and Jodi pulled off an amazing day altogether. I feel that this event was even more special this time as it became a fundraiser for a cause so close to many of our hearts, it was a fundraiser for the brand new Pieta House which is opening in Waterford. It was completely by chance that the founder of Pieta House was a guest speaker at my work during the week and although we all know in Ireland it's a wonderful cause, so hear from the founder was just amazing and something I will never forget.

The girls had given us loads of information prior to the day about the line up of demo's and talks and also little hints of who was sponsoring the event. We will come to the goodies later because once again there is a mountain of them and it's just crazy!!

As you can see above they are just some of the pictures from the demo's we had on the day. During the Sunday I was tweeting and snapping to my hearts content so there was loads of info on my social media accounts on the day. I'd say if you followed any one of the Deisebloggers you feeds were bombarded with all the goings on from the Kazbar on John Street. We had inputs from Celia from Nia Skincare, we had MUlligans pharmacy giving out blogger ambassador cards we had Tomitago Skincare, NC Makeup and Danielle Makeup showing us demos and we had Lyndsey Kelly showing us hair on her fab model Diane Everett. We also had a pop up shop from Delaney's who were selling off their NYX goodies to I had to pick up another nude lippy, like I could possibly need another. 

Nothing like a snapchat pose to make ya feel good with Rachael and my homie Ellen x

We were of course laden down with the amount of goodies we went home with on the day and that's always an amazing treat. I have been posting and reviewing some of these already so you can check them all out over on the other blog posts. I'm going to keep the pics small because the volume of stuff from our sponsors was just crazy! A huge thank you to them and to the girls for all their hard work sourcing them :)

I think for me possibly the best present to get on the day and a massive one at that was to win the 'best dressed' award which was a €100 voucher for Penneys. I don't think there's an Irish girl alive who wouldn't love a Penneys voucher and I have tried not to spend it on crazy things but picked up some fab bits and pieces one of which I am wearing to a party this weekend so I'll be sure to snap it. It's not something I would always wear so I can't wait now.

I was blown away!

The highlight for everyone on the day I imagine is the same as mine. After the event was over, each blogger got to take a balloon and we headed outside the Kazbar. The balloons were in aid of Pieta House which is now open in Waterford City. It's an outstanding support to have in our city which has seen it's fair share (and more) of tragedy in the last few years. Unfortunately I don't know of a person my age who hasn't been affected by mental health or suicide in their lives be it directly, within the family or within their social group. The event raised over €400 between a group of just over 20 bloggers so each blogger gave what she could to the event and that's the thing I am most proud of having attended the event and donating myself. I think a massive congrats needs to be given to Rachael, Lisa and Jodi again as it will be welcomes with open arms in the new centre. It's so good to help a local service like this.

A great shot from the  launch

This blog post really is just a snapshot of the day which was over a month ago now, I have been so busy with work and being away that it seems like a distant memory and yet I am barely getting through all of my goodies still. Be sure to check out the #deisebloggers on Instagram/Twitter & Facebook to see what other bloggers have written about the wonderful day.

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