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Today on the blog I am taking a look at two new products I have been trialling the last few weeks. I got a lovely package in the door from No.7 which is housed in Boots here in Ireland of their new and improved Match Made Lipstick collection and New Stay Perfect Gel Eye Liner. I have included some of the press release info as well as my own thoughts on the newbies.

Let's take a look at some of the press info on the new products:  No7 has reformulated the match-made lipstick collection to make it the best EVER. Six of the season’s hottest new shades have also been added to the collection, giving women even more choice. Not only that; the NEW No7 Stay Perfect Gel Eye Liner has arrived, giving you the ultimate answer to smudge free eyeliner!

Whether it’s staying power or hydration you’re after, your favourite No7 lipsticks have just gotten so much better. Following feedback from women wanting an even more ‘life-proof’ lipsticks, the No7 Stay Perfect range is now longer lasting than ever before- without compromising on comfort. It now proudly owns the title of No7’s most comfortable long wear lipstick ever, so there’s no need to worry about that top up pre meeting!

Hydration lovers will also be pleased to hear that the Moisture Drench range is now even MORE moisturising - with the updated formula leaving lips feeling completely hydrated for up to nine hours.

The perfect finish to any make-up look is the iconic winged eye liner. It has stood the test of time and is still one of the most popular eyeliner looks on the catwalk and red carpet. For the seasoned professionals, No7 has launched a smudge free eyeliner, which is waterproof and can last up to 24 hours.

The No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick each retail at €14.00 and are now available in:

o    Spiced Latte

o    Berry Blush

o    Nutmeg Spice

o    Deep Plum

The No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick (€14.00) is now available in

o   Dark Berry

o   Cinnamon Spice

The shades of the lipsticks I were sent were Cinnamon Spice in the Stay Perfect range and then Berry Blush and Spiced Latte in the Moisture Drench Lipstick. I brought Spiced Latte to NYC with me and wore it every evening we were out. I can 100% say that after walking around in the sun all day and barely able to add vaseline to my lips without it melting off this lipstick was the perfect companion. The shade is also beautifully natural and exactly the type of shade I love.

Since being home from America I have also used both the other shades of lipstick I was sent. I really like both the shades and it's great as a blogger to receive shades that you can actually wear and try out without needing a fancy dress party or a night out. The shades are natural and I think people appreciate that as not everyone likes a bold lip. With the Autumn here and Winter on the way I can't wait to get back into my dark lip phase for nights out I love a bold lip.

Pics taken from press release

Next up I want to mention the liner and the first thing to mention is a negative I'm afraid. The little applicator brush...not for me I'm afraid. It's €11 and it just didn't suit me. It's not really the brushes fault I'm going to take the hit on this one but it's just not for me I couldn't get the right grip on it to create a wing but for a lash line cover it's not bad at all. I am just an angled brush kinda gal, I like to be able to place the brush without the total fear the liner is going to go everywhere. As with most makeup lovers, the only liner in my drawers is the Inglot no.77 gel liner and I always have a bottle of duraline handy to stop it getting so dry and hard. The NO7 Stay Perfect Gel Eyeliner is lovely! It's really easy to apply to the brush and the application is really easy without being wet like a liquid liner. The liner retails at €12 so it's even a few euros cheaper than the Inglot alternative so I would deffo try it out if you're in the market for a new gel liner. 

No7 are always great for giving money off vouchers in Boots so maybe wait until you get the next €4 off voucher and then it will only cost you €8 which to me is a total bargain for a product that good.

Have you tried any of the new No7 product? Let me know!

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