My Top 30 at 30 part 2!


 Hello Lovelies,

So yes you read right at the title, I am going to bring you my top 30 products I love now that I am turning 30! For anyone that doesn’t know me personally, I am birthday obsessed, I love my birthday! I love other people’s birthday’s too but of course my own is the greatest ever. I think it’s such a nice thing to celebrate the day you became you and next Monday the 16th of January I will be me 30 years. I’m excited for this year my 30th year, I will be in full wedding planning mode, it’s the year of me so I’m hoping the blog will grow in 2017 just like I plan to as a person.

Anyway… rather than bombard you for 30 products in one post I am going to divide this into 3 so 10 products per post. These products will be a mixture of blogger mail I have received and fallen for (honestly of course) others will be gifts I have gotten and others will be products I have purchased myself and loved. I’m excited to bring these posts because I really do have a lot of products I really like. Just to note, the products won’t be in a preferential order that would be way too difficult and there will be a mix between makeup, hair and skin. Hope you like it!

1. Nima Brush ‘Build it Up’ set: 1. Nima Brush ‘Build it Up’ set: I’m not even sure where to start with Nima. This brush brand has grown and grown so much since I started using it, right after my first ever blogger meet up. I watched Niamh demo her brushes back in 2014 and she had such passion about developing really good quality tools for professionals and for retail. Being a make up artist herself, she always understood why quality was important, how cost will impact what a person will buy but ultimately, what tools people needed to create beautiful makeup looks. I was always drawn to nima but once Niamh launched the Artistic collection, that was it for me I was hooked. Between the two beauty shows each year, masterclasses that Niamh would be a guest at and her online offers, I began to build up my own Nima collection. Buying two to three brushes each time I’d see her meant my collection grew nice and steady and then the repeat buys started to happen. I have written and snapped so many times about Nima again if you search the name on the blog it’s everywhere. It was no surprise then when Niamh launched the ‘build it up’ set I had to have it. Niamh was showcasing the set at a Matte to Metallic workshop with an introductory price, I was all over that! 

What’s extremely special is of course the names, each brush in the Artisitc collection having meaning to Niamh and seeing as I’m such a sentimental sack, this just makes these brushes even more appealing. There is absolutely no denying the quality of these brushes and this set is specific to eyes. It’s so handy for travelling, the brushes are also placed in a way that you can follow how to use them and I really enjoy creating looks just using this set. Everyone needs some Nima in their life so if you don’t have some…get them! You can find them on this set will cost you €65 that’s only €5.20 a brush…bargain!!

2. Lush Bath Bombs: Ah lads, the lush bath bombs, possibly the only reason you will see me having one if not two baths a week. I usually have one for the ould tan scrub. I find that a good hot bath and loads of scrubbing really helps to get off that stubborn tan so you can apply a fresh layer the next day but these bath bombs are stunning. My only dislike is that not all of them create many bubbles, you get this beautiful coloured bath but sometimes ya just want bubbles so you need to make sure to buy a bubble bar (I’ve learned that the hard way) anyway I stock up on these at the sales, the after Christmas sale is a particular fave of mine and then throughout the year when in town I’ll treat myself to a couple more so I always have something in my stash. I don’t even use the full thing sometimes. If I know I’m having a few baths, I’ll just halve them and get two baths out of them so again making them even better value. The can range in price but I think the most expensive I’ve bought is around €5. Lush is a massive fave of mine so pamper treats and if you’re lucky enough to be on the same street as a Lush store you’ll always smell it before you see it, it’s amazing like that!

3. Paese Sun of Egipt Powder: Paese is a brand that’s on the up in Ireland throughout 2016. I have been a fan for a while and although there’s loads of products I have loved (again search Paese on the blog) one of my faves during 2016 was the Sun of Egipt powder. Highlighting is the key for most girls when doing night out makeup. I currently own two of the Inglot sparkle dusts and they are very finely milled but this powder is just that big finer again, not so much a glitter as a pigmented powder and it’s amazing. It’s a stunning golden shade, I use it everywhere! I actually really liked using this during the summer dusted down my shin when I was heading out for lunch or out and about with shorts or dresses during our brief hot weather. It was lovely and as always value is key so for the amount you need to use to literally highlight your entire face, this pot could potentially last you years. This really is a little goes a long way kinda product and my fave from Paese in 2016.

4. Lancome Energie De Vie Sleep Mask: So this one is a little different as I have only just finished a sample pot in the last few months but I have to tell you, this is a little pot of goodness when you are going asleep. I was invited to the launch on the Energie De Vie range from Lancome in 2016 and tried their moisturiser. It's really light almost a liquid and was robbed, not by a beauty burglar but by himself. Loved the texture of it so much so now it's gone to a better face.  I did really want the sleeping mask so when I got a sample pot in one of the Lancome's brilliant Christmas offerings then I went through it like a shortcut. It was wonderful and a product I can see myself investing in. It is on the expensive side but then again beauty comes at a cost sometimes but you always know with Lancome it is worth the money. Lancome always offer amazing products and are a brand so on trend and leading the way in beauty.  

5. Makeup Revolution Radiance Palette: Another brand that just ‘took off’ in 2016 was of course Make Up Revolution. It helps to no end that the brand ambassadors for Ireland are the brilliant duo Matte to Metallics (Jen & Ciara) the Dublin duo are slowly but surely building up an empire! You can now buy Makeup Revolution, Freedom Makeup and I heart makeup on their site I have a good collection of makeup from Revolution at this point, picking up bits and pieces at the beauty show, out in Castle Pharmacy Waterford and of course superdrug. I actually got my sisters the bargain of Christmas with the 12 days of Christmas boxset from Makeup Revolution on sale on Superdrug there in December. I really wanted one myself but alas nobody took the hint (as if I need anymore) I decided to pull one product from my collection and that is the Radiance palette. This is a three shade highlighter palette and it’s beautiful. You can use each shade on its own, you can also mix them together which seems to be the thing I use most. I wouldn’t be sure where to put the purple shade on it’s on so I like to mix that with one or two of the others and it’s stunning. Makeup Revolution is a total budget friendly brand so it’s easy to keep buying more and more products. If you haven't started a collection from this brand then for €11 I would 100% buy this palette and get your glow on!

6. Lauren’s Way Tan: This tanning brand is my current love. I have so many of the products as you can see. Lots not opened but I have decided this is going to to be the only tanning brand I am going to use until all of this is gone. I recently went looking for a tan in my stash and noticed it was gone green, six bottles thrown out later, I am not buying tan again until I need it. My only rage at the moment is there is no salon near me in Dublin that uses Lauren’s way. Louise in LuluBelleBeauty at home in Waterford uses it so I am deffo getting it the next time I need a spray at home to try it out. My bestie Elaine uses it all the time and it’s fab on her. I have no affiliation to TOWIE or anything like that, I can 100% say I’ve never watched an episode but I first got this tan in LuluBelle as a gift set and from then went onto buy a load of it at one of the beauty shows last year so really hoping in March the distributor will be there again  (I should need more by then)  I have tried three of the colours in this range, medium, dark and darker than dark. Because I’m so pale I don’t see a whole lot of difference in the shades so I use mostly darker than dark and will do it over two days to get it where I like it. People with sallow skin and not ghostly white like me wouldn’t need to do this at all. I know that you can get Lauren’s way as I say in LuluBelleBeauty, in Superdrug (online too) and on TRND beauty. I will have it on for my bday weekend away so I will be sure to snap the colour.

7. Olaplex: This is for the hair changing lovers, it’s an amazing product Lisa in Zinc has been using on my hair from the moment she got it into salon. It makes colouring your hair safer than ever before and they also have a home care version no.3 that I own and love. Basically Olaplex was designed to help your hair in three different ways (now let’s not forget I am not a hairdresser, this is my basic understanding of what it does) so… When Lisa puts in a colour in my hair she uses Olaplex to protect my hair from the colour (let’s think of blondes, the risk of breaking and snapping the hair using bleach) and then when we are at the basin she uses Olaplex no.2 again to protect the hair after it has been coloured so like a conditioning treatment. The Olaplex no.3 then I use once a week as a treatment to keep my hair in as good a condition as I can until I return back to Lisa. I’m not 100% sure but I’m going to say that 2&3 are quite possibly the same ish product just 3 is designed for retail so clients can use it at home. Anyway…after all that jazz, this is the only reason with all the colours I’ve tried to put in my hair over the last couple of years that’s it’s still in good condition.

I would just like to say though it’s the same as owning expensive makeup, if you don’t know how to put it on it's completely wasted product. Lisa is a true professional, she knows my hair inside and out and understands the limits my hair can go to. We have worked really hard to always protect the hair so if you are someone who likes to change their hair or mess around with colours, please see a professional. There is nothing worse than an absolute hair disaster (I’ve had enough of them over the years) so now Lisa is my go to lady and the only one I would trust to really know what’s best for me.

8. Inglot HD Primer Yellow: This is quite new to my collection, I got my mum to pick it up for me in Poland when she was over there early December. I just wanted to flag it on my list of things and I find primers really hard to get right. I get the gist of a primer is to protect your skin and help your makeup sit better but when you are oily, you usually hate everything on your face after a few hours. I've spent quite a bit of time going to Inglot for my makeup over the last few months, I'm not sure was it a total lack of confidence or just wanting to blow money but anyway I've been twice to Tallaght and twice to DunDrum in the last 6 months (that's a lot for me) Every time the girls have suggested using this primer as opposed to their actual mattifying one and I loved it. I did feel my makeup lasted long (shine wise) so it was a happily made purchase when my parents went away. For any other savvy shoppers, the reason I got it in Poland was, Inglot is actually a Polish brand and retails at half the price over there. I think it's to do with taxes and stuff it's so expensive over here but if you ever have someone going for a weekend, ask nicely and who knows you could literally get double want you want for the same money as here. I love it, especially when I want to try out new products I'm unsure of!! To be fair to Inglot here your €30 is fully redeemable again products so you never walk away empty handed from an application which is deadly!!

9. Artdeco Most Wanted Contouring Palette: Artdeco, I feel this brand is so known when you go to college to become a Make Up Artist. So many of the students in Waterford for sure use Artdeco in their college kit. It's a  brand I have know of since I started getting my brows waxed (that's how long). The first product I ever got from Artdeco and continued to purchase all the time was the camouflage cream. It was at the time when I worked in the city and I would always get my brows done on a break from work which of course meant I had to go back to work afterwards. I'd use this cream and to be fair it was always amazing, got rid of my redness so I didn't look awful for the afternoon shift. Anyway.... this contour palette is amazing!!! We were gifted this palette at the #Deisebloggers event in Waterford (obvs) in the summer, we actually got it even before the release date which was amazing!! Anyway I got the palette in the 'Warm' tone and it's one I've been using so often since the summer. The strobing powder in this palette will literally have your face seen from Space. The contour powders are not muddy by any means, they are really easy to blend out and then if you want a really contoured look, you can use two shades. The blush shade in the warm palette is perfectly suited to my skin as I love a good peach blush and to complete this amazing palette, the highlight is a lovely undereye setting powder. So there ya go, if you're convinced, go buy it now! It's available in Debenhams.

10.  Wet Brush Detangle: This may seem like an odd one to include and seeing as they retail around €15 each for a hair brush you might think I'm totally mental but I assure you I am NOT!! If you have thick hair or long hair, you know all about the absolute annoyance of having to brush your hair once you're out of the shower. Seeing as I am back to having lighter parts in my hair, there's no escaping the awful feeling you get in your hair when you clean it with shampoo, it's like the lighter parts of your hair which has been bleached just matt together and make for an awful mess. This exact annoyance is why you need the wet brush in your life. I have two as you can see one is thicker than the other and I especially love my paddle brush so I can get through my hair in no time when it's wet and get on with the other mammoth task of drying to dry my thick head of hair. I would 100% recommend the wet brush, at this stage I wouldn't touch my wet hair with anything else.

So there we have it folks, part two of my top 30 is now complete. I'd love to hear if any of you have these products and love them too or even if you have them and are not a fan at all. Part 3 coming real soon :) x

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