Where did it all go wrong... What's next for Mastering Your Makeup?


Hello Everyone,

So here we are the first post of 2017… can you believe it 2017 already? I feel like it was literally the summer of 2016 a wet day ago and low and behold we’re in a whole new year.

I really like this time of year, I feel it gives everyone a mental fresh start, no matter what happened in the previous 12 months, you have a chance to give yourself a break, a chance to fight back, pick up where we left off or try something new. It is always good for those who had an amazing year, a starting point greater than any before and it will help to continue the same happy path.

For me…. I feel 2017 needs to be different, I’m not alone in this I know that! In 11 days I turn 30! 30 can you believe it? Well I can’t!! I mean where did my 20’s go feck sake it was my 21st only a little while ago and now I’ll be 30, a grown…well sort of grown up age wise I guess. I did get 3 new Disney DVDs to add to my collection at Christmas not to mention my Harry Potter PJ’s and other childlike gifts such as hand warmers from my bestie. I am a massive child at heart and very happy to be so.

Oh please I am only one woman!

But like a lot of women, 30 brings with it a reality check. This post is not to be a diary entry of any kind but I am getting married next year (I can say that now it’s 2017) and like any bride I want to be at my best ever the day I say I do. So it’s time for change, January is full of change so 2017 is the year of me, my year! (it can be yours too of course but I can only mentally handle the pressure of one life change at a time)

Where does that leave Mastering Your Makeup? Well Mastering Your Makeup took a serious back seat in 2016, not blogging as a whole but my learning, where were the masterclasses, the courses? I tell you…they were right there and I didn’t go to them (not a lot of them) The beauty industry has a lot of costs and with courses costing up to €1000 and a few hours of a masterclass costing up to €100 I literally could not afford them in 2016. I can’t say for sure that 2017 will see me having any more access to money as I have a house to save for and a wedding to pay for but I am determined to have at least a few lessons and masterclasses completed throughout 2017. There are amazing makeup artists all around this country so I really want to link in with people, get learning again and increase my skills. I just have to or what’s the point of Mastering Your Makeup?

I’m not going on a rant by any means but I am not living my life on my blog, my blog is about makeup and beauty. It’s about products I’ve tried, I’ve liked, what hasn’t suited me, what I wouldn’t buy again things like that. It’s about events I’ve attended and products I will review for companies. It’s to promote the fantastic businesswomen we have in Ireland, companies coming to the fore and latest releases that beauty lovers all over might be interested in.

I will always support fellow bloggers, if I give a shoutout on snapchat it’s because it’s someone I watch. If I share a competition, offer or advertisement on my blog it’s because it’s a product/person I believe in and want to support. I am not paid, this is not my job! Anyone that follows me on snapchat knows that at times, my job can completely take over my life and I am ok with that. I don't earn from my blog but I get access all the time to wonderful people and new beauty products. For that, I am always grateful! I never intend to earn from my blog it's not a route I am looking to go down. This is my hobby so that's why my job will come first and my private life remains private. 

I will work hard to be consistent with posting, I always respond to people who get in touch and I will try and have a quicker turn around on my posts. Sometimes, we are so blessed with packages, it can be really hard to stay on top of things and make sure that everything is reviewed but one thing I will kick off this year with is my best and not so great products of 2016.

These posts will be totally honest as always and I will try my best to get a lot more up and more regularly. Something I am really stuck with though is my makeup ability. It has gone nowhere and I’m really sad about that. My confidence has actually gone so low that this Christmas I asked for one lipstick and liner combo and that was it. I didn’t want a single other makeup piece nor have I been able to buy any makeup recently because I just feel what’s the point? Am I ever going to get better?! Without beating myself up too much about it I have come to the conclusion that its practice that has hindered me most. I stopped watching YouTube videos, I don’t sit in front of the mirror anymore and work on my liner or my lips. I don’t see blending as an easier task at all, I dread having to do my own makeup. I have literally spent a small fortune having other makeup artists doing my makeup for at least the last 6 months for any occasion I’ve had on in my life. Now please don’t get me wrong, in the way some women love their hair played with, their feet rubbed, I am crazy about getting my makeup done, I love how you can simply transform a person but if I am not trying to do that for myself after three years of blogging about it then where the hell am I after coming?!

I really want to be better so I am going to enlist the help of some of my favourite makeup artists in the country. Not only for the blog to showcase these brilliant woman but every now and then I am going to book myself in with a makeup artist, focussing on one part of their skill I love and I am going to work my ass off to learn how to do it myself. That’s all I really want, to practice so much in 2017 that when I am writing my year review post in 2018, I am saying thank you for all the positive messages I’ve had over the year practising and getting better at makeup.

Sounds like a good plan don’t you think? I need to practice so as much of the time I will spend getting my body and mind into shape this year in 2017, I will also work on getting my face to a brilliant new place. Not for anyone else, just for me. To feel like I really am Mastering My Makeup!
If you are reading this and feel like there is any advice or comments you want to give me please do get in touch. I really love hearing from people and I know I am not the only one who’s been in a place like this before so get in touch! I really want to turn things around and why not now? I could be an epic makeup artist if I just put my mind and hands to it…Positive Mental Attitude that’s me all over ladies xx

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