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When I started this blog only two months ago, I was a complete novice when it came to just how life consuming it can become. A simple idea to post what tips and tricks I was learning along the way of my makeup journey has now led to a whole new network of friends and followers and I love it!!

I took to twitter after a month of blogging and in a way I was trying to generate followers for my facebook page but I ended up linking in with some of the most helpful and friendly bloggers. Everyone was so nice, full of advice on how to make the most of your blog and also showed loads of support. There's a real sense of togetherness between bloggers and it's been amazing being a part of that.

The lovely Filomena from contacted now through twitter and invited me to her Bloggers Meet Up. I had seen posts on one of these on twitter the previous month but I was home in Waterford so couldn't attend. I jumped at the chance to attend and meet new bloggers like me.

So on Saturday I arrived at the venue and was greeted by Filomena who unfortunately was a little stressed at that time. Filomena and her friend, another beautiful lady Christelle had arrived at the venue Dakota in Dublin, to be told there was a mix up with the venue and the girls booking was not there. Being the quick thinkers that they are, secured a venue straight across the road in The Lost Society.

There was one lady already there, the lovely Elisha Tierney from We got chatting while poor Filomena and Christelle ran around making sure all other bloggers got the message that they venue had changed. Infront of us were cartons of coconut water sponsored by @KOHIreland and beautiful mini cheescakes from @CheesecakeDub. Myself and Elisha really enjoyed tasting both the vanilla and nutella cheesecakes, they were amazing!! Another treat available were bottle of aloe vera water again from @KOHIreland.

A goodie bag was given to each blogger on the day and this was sponsored by both Cloud 10 Beauty @cloud10beauty and the Buff Day Spa Dublin @TheBuffDaySpa . Now ladies all my friends and followers already know I am obsessed with Cloud 10 Beauty. This is my one stop shop for all my beauty essentials like my Real Techniques Brushes and also Sleek Make Up. They offer amazing value, free samples and currently have free postage over €15 which is so handy as you will love all the bargains and end up buying loads. I will do a featured post on my goodies once I have a chance to try them all out. One thing I shall deffo be using is my voucher for an express facial in the Buff Day Spa. I will book in soon and let you all know how that goes. 

Pic with thanks to Filomena on Twitter

We had two guest speakers on the day of the meet up. The stunning Giovanna spoke to us about Cloud 10 Beauty and some of their Christmas products. One of these was the real techniques gift set. This retails at €35 and if any of you need a brush set for yourself or need to buy someone an amazing present... Get This Set!!! 

Our second speaker on the day was Aoibhe Devlin from Aoibhe currently has almost 15,000 likes on facebook, she links in with 3 other writer for her blog and her blog is booming. She is a real inspiration, she has worked so hard on her blog to get it out there and she is forever adding new posts and makes sure to keep up to date with all trends and news. Aoibhe is an extremely determined business woman and she knows where she wants to be in life. It was great to hear how good a blog can become with hard work and good content. Generating an audience is key and getting your name out there in the best possible way is what it's all about. I deffo learned a lot listening to Aoibhe and if anyone of you like finding new blogs you need to check hers out.

Picture with thanks to the wonderful Constance Doyle

As the ultimate poser I was delighted to meet Constance Doyle, our photographer on the day. She was so so snap happy and I was delighted to see I had been included in some of the pics from the day. I have included some of her work here and again ladies take a min and visit her site, she is an absolute genius a what she does!!

Picture with thanks to the wonderful Constance Doyle

Meeting other bloggers was amazing on the day and there was such a mix of people in the room, it brought home to me that you can blog about anything. All you need is to have the passion for what you want to write about and really get to know yourself and your audience and you will get there. I have listed all the bloggers I met on the day below and if there is anyone I have forgotten please add yourself at the bottom and I will of course edit the post to get you in. Silly me didn't bring a pen and paper so I got as many of the addresses and names from other bloggers posts.

I would like to thank Filomena so much for inviting me to my first Bloggers Meet Up. She worked so hard at getting a fab venue, beautiful treats and our amazing goodie bags. I really loved it and although I didn't get a huge chance to talk to everyone, it was brilliant meeting you all at least to say hello to. I have added all blogs on bloglovin and hopefully will see you all soon at another meet up.

Ellen Carney-
Aoibhe Devlin-
Marlene Mboyo-
Elisha Tierney-
Zita Kelly-
Lia- LiaDesta 12
Miriam & Aoife-

Happy Christmas to you all :)

Stay beautiful,

Emma x

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  2. Great write up! :D Was great meeting you!

  3. Any time, I'm glad you had fun and thanks again for coming xxx

  4. Aw this seems like it was a really great day! I love Cloud 10 Beauty too! x

    Rachael | ♥

  5. Just discovered your blog today and am loving it! Such positivity and good vibes, especially for very new bloggers like myself ;)