#BOBBlogChallenge Final Post Best of Beauty Bloggers


Hey All,

So here we are at our final week... I actually can't believe how fast it went but it has truly been a most enjoyable time for me reading loads of new posts, interacting with bloggers I haven't met or spoken to before and created a major shopping list :)

Firstly I would like to acknowledge all the hard work Sam has put in creating this amazing challenge. Without her many of us would not have had the opportunity to link in and gain a wealth of new knowledge. Sam you are an absolute star and I hope you have enjoyed this just as much as I have. Cannot wait for a chance to finally meet you and a cocktail is deffo on me... Thank you xxxx

You can read all about Sam and her fb blog on: http://allthebuzz.co.uk/

Now is also the time to mention and thank all the other bloggers who took part in this amazing challenge. Although some of my own posts were late and I didn't always get a chance to leave a comment, I have loads reading your blog posts and seeing what products we have in common and what I NEED to get now! 

Thank you to Sinead K from The Beautiful Truth for letting me use her pic in one of my posts and giving me advice about products, thanks to Eli Dimas, The Skinny Doll, My Stepping Stone, Nurse Fancy Pants, Siri Lovise Eliassen, Catherine M, atthebeautydesk, B, Louise Francesca, Saranne-wrap, Katie Wheeler, Pink Elephant Blog, Sarah B, Makeup Monster, Beauty Baggage, Nora Mc, Cathy Wilson, Hazel M, Robyn Morton... For all your wonderful comments over the weeks on my write ups :) xx

So thank you to.....


































Ladies I have to say I don't even know where to start with my 'best of' bloggers. I think I would however like to take this opportunity to mention some of the people I have linked in with since starting my little blog in Oct 2013. I attended my first ever Blogger Meet Up in December hosted by Filomena from @FilomenaKaguako This was such a good day for me and I have stayed in touch with some lovely people who I shall be friends with for a very long time. Just wanna give a little shout here her to lovely Elisha from Always Time for Tea, I'm forever liking her pics on FB and deffo must have lunch in Naas soon and of course Miss Zita Kelly from Zee Railed. Although I haven't got to speak to you in a little while I cannot wait to see you soon, you've been in my thoughts loads and I'm sending you loads of love!!!

Here are the links to the fab bloggers I met on that day:

Filomena- www.bellefbeauty.com
Nicola- www.thesequincinderella.com
Ellen Carney- elephantowl.blogspot.com
Aoibhe Devlin- www.thesecretobsession.com
Nirina- www.killerfashionirl.wordpress.com
Marlene Mboyo- everythingcocochanell.blogspot.com
Kassi- www.makeupartistas.com
Elisha Tierney- always-time-for-tea.blogspot.ie
Zita Kelly- zee-railed.blogspot.ie
Miriam & Aoife- www.townmousecountrymouseireland.wordpress.com

The next two ladies I would love to give a shout out to are Michelle from Kandigloss and Elaine from Ruby Laine Make-Up & Special Effects. Both of these fab bloggers have featured in my posts as I went for one to one lessons with them both. I found both lessons fantastic, it was so great to meet other bloggers and spend some time getting to know them and learn new skills. I would love to meet them again soon and share more tips now that I have gained some myself... You can read up on my two lessons here:

Kandigloss: http://masteringyourmakeup.blogspot.ie/2014/01/my-recent-make-up-lesson-with-kandigloss.html 
Ruby Laine: http://masteringyourmakeup.blogspot.ie/2014/01/ruby-laine-make-up-special-fx-lesson.html 

Some of the other great bloggers I have linked in with recently have been through my Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/emmajcsheehanblog?ref=hl 

These ladies are Katie, Colette and Jackie. I really hope they all get loads of success and again as most of the lovely bloggers I meet is all on social media I would love to meet you guys sometime (and get prettified from Colette) :)

Here are the pages for you to check out:

Katie: https://www.facebook.com/bloggingitbeautiful?ref=br_tf 
Colette: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Gloss-MUA/403734766430663 
Jackie: https://www.facebook.com/JackiesMakeupBlog?fref=ts 

I'm sure there are loads of other fab ladies I have met or linked in with over time so please forgive me if I haven't mentioned you, reading through my old posts was one way to get some names but on a daily basis, I do favourite tweets, retweet, like and comment on things on Facebook and I have to say... From a newbie Irish blogger's perspective, I feel so supported in following my blogging dream, so many wonderful people have been helpful to me.... supportive comments and questions and letting me link in pictures to my posts and offering a wealth of advice. 

Thank you to everyone reading this post and taking the time to hear what I have to say. Most weeks of the #BOBBlogchallenge I read every single entry I could find between twitter and bloglovin. I can't wait to hear us all celebrate one another and give praise for all the hard work and effort each one of us puts into our babies, our blogs.

Big love to each and every one of you #irishbbloggers #bbloggers out there!!

Emma x

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  1. what a list Emma, a few new blogs in there too which I'm going to check out haha thanks for the mention too, you're so sweet ;)...Sarah x

  2. No worries at all Sarah I loved all the comments and really enjoyed being part of this x

  3. Great post Emma, lots of new blogs to read. Love reading your blog too and thanks for mentioning me. Going to see Suzanne Jackson next weekend for a make up and skincare talk so should be interesting. X

  4. I will Emma, looking forward to it. Xx

  5. You have a lot of blogger love to spread around, magnificent list. See u around and maybe we'll meet again at another blogger challenge in the future. It was great getting to know you. See u around ;)

  6. I can't believe you were part of the blog challenge and I didn't find you before now! :)


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