#BOBBlogChallenge Week 6 Budget Bargain


Morning all,

Like many bloggers I think loads of us were busy last night and unfortunately due to work and the excitement of starting my make up course in the Waverley Academy I wasn't able to post this on time. Apologies Sam, last week I was a day early and now I'm a day late I'll be bang on time next week :) :)

So this is such a simple post for me!! Before Christmas I was approached by a new Irish company Cleanse Off Mitt about trialing their new cleansing product. For anyone that reads my blog, I have become slightly obsessed with my skin in the last 6 months, bad times for me, due to my poor diet and stress of life lately my face is 'in bits'. I am making such a conscious effort to right my wrongs and with help from experts like Louise in Lulu Belle Beauty Waterford, Cleanse Off Mitt and you fellow bloggers I will get there in time.

Picture from Cleanse Off Mitt Facebook Page

One of my biggest downfalls was using face wipes and more often than not baby wipes. I would spend money on skin care products and then on a night out or a late night only use a wipe on my skin and then it's no wonder my skin was never improving.

I began using my mitt just after Christmas (between posting to my home home and christmas post it took me ages to get it) and I haven't looked back. Retailing from €4-€5 this is a must have in my routine. Instead of using wipes at all anymore I now pre-cleanse my face with the mitt and warm water and then get to work with my other products, currently using what's left of my Kiehl's range from Christmas but this will be changing soon I imagine.

The mitt is so quick and easy to use, I bring it everywhere and it is reusable so you only need to invest in a new one every couple of months. To clean the mitt, add soap to an already damp mitt, scrub it a little and rinse under water and you'll see your makeup wash off the mitt. You can also throw the mitt into the washing machine and give it a little clean.

Please please do check out Cleanse Off Mitt which I am currently running a comp with on both my facebook page and on twitter;

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=610149929076586&set=a.523490157742564.1073741828.517052018386378&type=1&theater click this link and follow all instructions for your chance to win a mitt.

Also follow me on twitter @emmajcsheehan to follow and RT to win a mitt.

If you haven't tried this you need to add the little blue saviour to your life!

Check them out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cleanse-off-mitt/254485238050086?fref=ts 

Twitter: @CleanseOffMitt

Emma x

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  1. It's already on my wish list, it won't be long before I purchase it.

  2. I'm a big fan of the cleanse off mitt too, so handy for travelling.

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