Waverley Academy Week Four


Time for me to model!

I arrived early as usual to class on Thursday with a full face of make up on. I had had some meetings in work that day and didn't have time to remove my makeup so when Tanya (our instructor) needed a volunteer for a full cleanse tone and day look makeup I jumped at the chance to be pampered. I am a total pamper princess in the last few months, it is so wonderful to get all looked after at the hands of someone else. Yes it's confirmed I am a COMPLETE girly girl and I LOVE it!!

So back to college business... As part of your ITEC qualification you have a written (multiple choice question) exam and a practical exam on a separate day. Now for all of you who just gasped and think "No Way" and I doing that just hear me out...

The multiple choice questions will be all covered by your tutor  and class group a number of times and that fact that they're multiple choice really helps, the answer will always be there in front of you, you just need to pick it out :)

The practical as well is nothing to be too worried about, last week was only week 4 and our second time trying it out so we will be pro's on the day look by our exams come late June/July. Your day look should include:

  • Primer
  • Corrective Creams
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Powder
  • Highlight
  • Shader
  • Blush
  • Eye-shadows (2-3 colours)
  • Gel Liner
  • Mascara
  • Lip Liner
  • Lipstick
It sounds likes loads but it is all about technique and creating a subtle day time look so everyone can achieve this. We will be practicing on each other during the course weeks, we can bring our models in at any time to get the technique right on them too. 

There are four looks you also create on your own time but we haven't looked at them yet in class so again I will come back to them when we have them all covered and of course I'll post them all on here.

On Thursday night, Tanya first began with a double cleanse and tone which yes you will have to do as part of your exam but I'm telling you ladies, the 14 ladies in my class are all geared up with the skills to pass these exams! The cleanse and tone is a fundamental part of the exam and it creates a flawlessly clean face for your to work on your model. I lay back and relaxed and Tanya worked her magic in front of the whole class. Unfortunately on Thursday night, the foundation available to us in the class kit was the total wrong colour for me to wear so Tanya agreed will we do feature posts of the class work over the coming weeks.

I am really enjoying my time at Waverley and I think it would be a fantastic starting point for anyone like me to get into the real MUA world. The director, staff and tutors are amazing at the college. There is a real family air to the place and everyone feels welcomed and relaxed.

We are all enjoying the course and being so encouraged and supported by Tanya that I am so confident in each and every one of us.

I do have some very exciting news!!! Derek, my fab college director has invited to me attend the final night of the brilliant Little Kiva course in Waverley. I will be ether tomorrow night n full blogging capacity, taking pics, talking to students and hopefully talking to Kiva herself, I have watched so many of her YouTube videos it's gonna be amazing!

I do apologise for this post being so late and I really hope you are finding out the info of what's involved in this class and really getting a feel for Waverley as a college. I have been moving house over the last two weekends as I am so busy in work so fitting this in when I can. Finally there now (just the shoes to go) and I shall be back to blogging normality and yes full of pics :) :)

Emma x

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