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Hi All!!

So I did it, I finally attended my first press release thanks to the Publicity Loft for inviting me. As soon as I entered the Blogging world, I noticed all these fab events bloggers got to go to, to try out new brands coming to Ireland. I thought this was just amazing, you are one of the first to see and test a brand out so then your followers are also in the know.  I like how there were demos on the night so you could see how the products can be used and also how they look, there was a full display stand so you get to see all the products in the range which will be available and also you get to speak to people who have used the products and get honest feedback on them. It's an extremely clever way to get your product out there so whoever thought of inviting us bloggers along... Well done you!!!

I had been in touch with both Emily and Amy from the Publicity Loft through twitter and emails and was delighted to be added to their bloggers list. With all of the lessons I have attended, you come out with shopping lists of things you like so it can be difficult to afford it all, this is one great thing about linking in with other bloggers, they review products so well that you really get a feel whether a product is value for money and this is something I will try my best to do well for my own readers.

Physicians Formula is an American brand of makeup and sells so well over there. At the launch I was told for every two bronzers sold, one of them will be Physicians Formula, that's a pretty statistic to have about your makeup brand. Anyone who has tried it has told me only positive remarks since I posted a picture of the stand onto my Facebook Blog Page.

"It all began with a gift of love. He was an eminent allergist. She had sensitive skin. When Dr. Frank Crandall created a unique line of cosmetics for his wife, he changed the fact of cosmetics."

So on the night of the launch I met up with Sinead from The Beautiful Truth (check out her brand new website and vote for her in the company magazine blog awards) and we went into the Morrison Hotel where the launch was being held. The room was fantastic, loads of jellies on the tables, Ben & Jerry's tubs, champagne and punch it was fabulous.

I spent most of the time chatting with other bloggers such as Beth from Beth Young Makeup and finally got to meet Sam from All the buzz as well as the fabulously funny duo Zoe and Rachel... so all in all it was a great network of people to meet and chat about the new range with.

One thing I am really excited for with this brand is the pricing, all products are going to retail from €10-€20 but for products such as eye liners, they will come in a trio pack which makes them such good value for money. I don't have a direct price list but we can assume this range will match the likes of Revlon and Max Factor price wise and the quality is impeccable. 

I was treated to three products in my 'goody bag' going home and I have really enjoyed trying them out. 

So first up is.... the 'Sexy Booster Lip Gloss', check out the packaging on this bad boy!!!

This red is totally my colour, such an amazing stain on the lip it's beautiful. It smells like Vanilla and feels so silky on the lips. Although it is a gloss you don't get that 'sticky' feeling that you worry your hair will stick to your face but you know what this Irish weather is like, maybe keep your hair up when you wanna wear such a dramatic colour if it is too windy out.

The second product I was given to try is the 'Super BB Powder'  

This product comes as part of a BB set you can buy which includes a BB Cream, A BB Concealer and a BB Powder. The powder I received has a beautiful finish on the skin. I really liked how it sat on top of my lighter foundation giving me a flawless finish. I also like the scent of the product, the fact that it doesn't overly have a scent at all suits me perfectly, I am not a huge fan of very scented face products as I feel each time you add another fragranced product it all becomes a bit of a concoction. Another feature of this product which I like is the packaing, the same with my bronzer, each powder comes with a brush and a mirror on the base. I much rather a brush than a sponge as they are easier to clean and take with you on the go. I will be looking to buy the entire BB range when it comes out as I think it will be perfect on my skin throughout the summer months.

The third product I was treated to is just wonderful, it's the 'Bronze Booster Season to Season' 

After hearing so much about the bronzers at the event, I was delighted to have received one to try and review and I am not disappointed at all. I received this product in the light to medium shade even the darkest colour on this is perfect for when I have loads of tan on, I wouldn't need it darker at all. 
This is a multi-coloured bronzing powder which provides an instant and lasting tan-like boost that blends and builds easily to your desired level of bronzing. That is a basic descrption from the website and I would completely agree. I really like in palettes like this to blend the colours together but with four to choose from, you can use whichever one you like to build up your glow. I wouldn't advise you to use this as a contour just pointing that out here as there is a shimmer in each of the colours but you can add that radiant glow along your collar bone as well as to your face when hopefully the sunny weather hits Ireland.

Here is another stat from the Physicians Formula Website:
"We never allow any of the 100+ known skin irritants into anything we make.Allergists,dermatologists, ophthalmologists, and plastic surgeons recommend Physicians Formula products." (

Here is a look where I had all three products on, the finish from the BB Powder was lovely as was the glow from the bronzer. This picture was taken using my Samsung S4 in Beauty Mode

I really am excited for this range to launch in Ireland come June first. I really think it's going to do so well over there as I said before with great products and an accessible pricepoint keep your eyes peeled in pharmacies nationwide for the launch and again if I hear any more information in relation to this I will be sure to keep you all posted.

The fact that there are no harmful chemicals in these products, they are made with making women feel sexy and fabulous is a huge selling boost for me. I like the packaging and the size of what you get for what you pay is perfect.

Also you can check out Physicians Formula on Facebook: 
And Twitter: @PhysiciansFIRL @PFCosmetics 

Have a wonderful week ladies!

Emma x

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  1. Emma thanks so much for the mention x

  2. Cannot wait to try out some of these products! So happy they have arrived in Ireland :)


    1. Yeah really excited for the launch date now and get my hands on a few more pieces!! x

  3. Do you know when they are coming to the uk? can't wait!
    Adele x

    1. I don't I'm afraid Adele but if you email she may be able to help xx