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So last week was a wedded bliss in Waverley Academy….Yep that’s right it was all talk of veil lengths, fascinators and who would be bridesmaid, Ok so not exactly but we did discuss a rather beautiful ice-cream man and I'm fairly sure two of my classmates are going to marry him! The reality of the class was we started looking at the Bridal makeup element!

Tanya had invited her friend along who works for Estee Lauder in Boots to talk us through some of their range and upcoming products. I am a big lover of the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation and Tanya herself swears by the Double Wear Light for her bridal looks so it was good to hear about what’s coming out next. They can be quite expensive but I certainly feel the foundation is worth the investment. It usually retails around €36 a bottle.
So what I have decided to do for you for today’s post is to do a step by step guide on what Tanya used to create the classic bridal look on her friend and then tonight in class we will be doing a practical so I can add a short post full of pictures of the classes work.

So to begin the bridal look Tanya applied:

*When you meet your bride she should only have moisturiser on and this should be on since earlier that morning.*

  • ·         Primer- Smashbox Photofinish (The clear one)  
  •            Corrective Cream/Concealer- Only where needed and this can be any brand suited     to your client, I like the AYU palette at the moment.
  • ·         Eye Primer- you can use foundation or a base such as the Urban Decay Potion.

*you can begin with the eyes on the bridal look to keep the face clear*

  • ·         Apply a matte cream shadow all over the eye.
  • ·         Add a light brown matte all over the lid and then blend up as far as the crease.
  • ·         Add a medium brown matte from the outer corner half way in and blend again into     crease.
  • ·         Finally add your darkest brown to the outside edge in a ‘V’ shape and blend into       crease.

*A bridal look should be fresh and natural unless otherwise requested so it’s not a ‘smoked’ look you are going for so keep your shadows light and not too high on the eye.*
  •     One of Tanya’s fave products is the MAC vanilla pigment and she applied this on the brow bone and into the inner corner to really brighten the eye.
  • ·     Apply a gel liner only along the lash line to your bridal look.
  • ·     Apply the foundation ‘Double Wear Light’ onto the face with a flat brush and then buff out with a du0 fibre to give a real fresh flawless look.

*Tanya explained to us that you wouldn't always apply a loose powder all over the face of a bride unless she was very oily. She does advise brides to invest in the MAC blot sheets if needed throughout the day.*

  • ·         You don’t need to contour with a bride but to give the face some warmth Tanya       used the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Palette which I have myself and it is a           beautiful product.
  • ·         For Blush, Tanya used a Rimmel (believe it or not) blush in colour Santa Rose which   is now on my shopping list as it is so nice on the apple of the cheeks.
  • ·         To highlight the cheekbone Tanya then applied Benefit Hot Momma Highlighter.
  • ·         Mascara for bridal makeup must always be waterproof you need to remember that     and Tanya likes to use the Maybelline Waterproof Mascara.
  • ·         Lips on a bridal look should be natural and the bride can sometimes decide on a         more pink lip on the day. Tanya likes to use MAC Viva Glam 2 and a clear gloss over   it but be careful with gloss depending on the headpiece your bride is wearing.

So that’s the rundown of creating a natural/classic bridal look, of course not all brides are the same at all and a vintage look is very much on trend at the minute so you can be surprised with some of the requests you will get from brides.

I really enjoyed watching Tanya work and it was lovely to see the look because let’s face it, it’s one of the biggest days of your life and if you're anything like me I will pose from the minute I have my makeup on until I get to bed so you want to be sure you are looking your best.

Apologies for this post being so late, I am away with the fairies with all these bank holiday weekends so I will post some of our bridal looks for you all after tonight’s class and hope you like them.

Emma x

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