Monday Rainbow Makeup Challenge- Yellow!!


Woohoo and we're back!

Apologies for last week all, I was so so busy in work I just had to take some time off blogging and to be honest, this week isn't much better but there was no way I was missing this week aswell!

So last week myself and Ruby Laine Make-Up Special-FX created a yellow look each. Now... yellow was hard, I mean how many times do you think to yourself 'oh I'm heading out the weekend I think I'll use a yellow shadow? Well I don't!!

I used my ever faithful Blank Canvas eye brushes for this look, the E24 E25 and E26. I only used three colours for this look, my eye base primer from Inglot Makeup and then I applied the yellow from my Laveesha Chelsea palette which I have to say has been my 'go to' palette for the more dramatic colours in this challenge, I think it's great and to be honest it's the only palette I have when it comes to the more out there colours. My transition colour was from my Inglot freedom palette as well as the matte cream to start off the look. Again my gel liner was no.77 from Inglot using the 31T brush and lots of mascara!

Now I have to say from this look, my brows are a bloody disgrace, things were so manic I had actually let them grow out over 2 weeks more than what I'm used to so I needed to manage the damage as best I could. I do think my liner is getting better but you can still see I need lots of practice but what I love much about this challenge is putting myself out there and taking a risk with something. I am not gonna get into my mascara, it was one I was trying out and although I love it for daytime, this is not one I would use on my lashes when I want a real night look with lots of layers.

Onto the lovely Elaine's look... 

I think this was great this week that we went for something similar, now to be fair I had seen Elaine's pics while I was hunting on Youtube for a tutorial to gain some inspiration from but I have to say, yellow is a tough colour to take on, unless we were creating a rainbow inspired look but I did enjoy trying this out and look forward to see what next week brings!

Hope you liked this yellow look and be sure to check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram if you're not already doing so!!

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