Thursday Tanning Series- An Oldie but a Goodie- Sally Hansen!!


Happy Thursday evening ladies...

Apologies for the late posting, I am of course unwell again, the change in this weather is not suiting me at all I now have another head cold and just when I was feeling like trying some new makeup looks, I'm an Autumn Rudolph (yes you can laugh, I do!)

So this week on the tanning series is actually a tan I have been using for the last 10 years. It was a staple in my 'night out' supplies in my late teens/early 20's.

Sally Hansen spray tan is excellent! Now before I go on about how much I love the spray it's actually the lotion I wanted to review more because this is something I hadn't tried before. I was so happy to receive both a lotion and a spray so I attacked the lotion the first chance I got. The lotion is now my fave without a doubt and the medium is so dark I dunno would I handle it any darker! :) 

Here's some info on Sally in case you don't know the brand...

"Sally Hansen is calling on the women of Ireland to go from Pasty to Tasty in an instant and Show Some Skin this summer!  Even though our skin may be pale after the long winter there’s no need to spend hours in the sun risking harmful skin damage and premature ageing, to get the perfect designer tan to go with your summer styles.
Instead turn to award winning Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs for that safe airbrush tan effect so you can confidently Show Some Skin this summer.  With four shades to choose from you can perfect those blemishes and warm up your skin tone without any risk with Airbrush Legs spray or lotion.  The formula covers bruises, freckles, uneven skin tone and even stretch marks resulting in radiant skin!
The magic body makeup is not just restricted to your legs, allowing you to achieve that flawless look all over your body in a matter of minutes.  Containing Palmaria Extract, Airbrush Legs is formulated to stimulate microcirculation and improve the overall appearance for that perfect finish resulting in healthy and firm looking silky legs.  Just smooth on and blend in this skin perfecter for soft, seamless, water resistant and non-transferable even coverage that feels fresh all day and night.  There is no need to worry about streaks as this formula is mistake free and you can shower it off whenever you like with no mess.
Both Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs (€13.95) and Lotion (€16.95) are available in four natural shades to suit every skin tone – Light, Medium, Tan, and Deep. Sally Hansen products are available to buy in grocery stores and selected pharmacies nationwide."

I was my pasty white self and a friend had sent a message to say he was having a surprise trip to Dublin so panic stations at the ready, I needed to be dark. I applied the lotion with a mitt as always and then obeyed the cardinal Sally Hansen rule LET YOURSELF DRY!!

I held the camera in my weaker arm but that's a swatch of the medium lotion on my pale self

I threw on my top and I was delighted that at the end of the night, there was no run off on my top. In the past, I have paid the price of wearing dress with Sally Hansen spray and I was destroyed! I never let the tan settle on my skin properly but at the end of the day, this tan is referred to as a body makeup so you may have different wears to a normal liquid tan/spray tan. 

I am over the moon with the lotion, there is no way I will be without it again and for me because the makeup works great on the skin, I can buy a darker shade and still look fab!

Not the greatest pic but I felt amazing in the lotion

If you obey the rule of letting yourself dry and possibly not wearing a full on white get up if you are gonna sweat then I have NOTHING bad to say about Sally Hansen tan, I truly feel it's a miracle in a bottle, it will never let you down, I have never been patchy or streaky and it lasts all day which is another bonus with no real hassle with a scrub in the shower the next morning to get it off.

If you haven't tried Sally... where have you been?? Loads of chemists will have it on offer each month which is another added bonus, usually if I see them on offer I'll have two in my drawer at all times.

It would be hard to pick between the spray and the lotion, if like me you are used to the spray but I am converted now to the lotion with spray as back up. I'd love to hear your experiences of Sally and of course if you have any questions please mail me on my Facebook page HERE

Emma x

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