Tuesday Brush Series- It's time to Conceal!


Happy Tuesday All!

So this week on the blog series we are going to look at concealer brushes :)

Concealing, I will admit wasn't always on my radar and if it was I would go in with my fingers. So this week there are not a lot of brushes I want to talk about as I think we will have more to look at as we move onto powder brushes.

The first brush I want to talk about this week is my Fuschia flat foundation brush. I know you're thinking 'bit big' but I find sometimes patting on my concealer, especially my under eye concealer with a flat brush is really handy. I got my 1st one of these brushes in a sale about a year ago and with regular cleaning, it's lasting really well. I was lucky enough to get a 2nd smaller version of this brush at the Lauren Cleare Masterclass in Dublin last month. The smaller handle actually makes the brush a lot easier to use so bonus points!

My next brush to mention tonight is my Inglot 4SS brush. This brush has so many uses, and one which is very useful is for concealer.  This brush, I find can be too big for my eyes so using it to buff out concealer is perfect. It can also be used with buffing in some skin illuminator if I am in need of a glow. It's a really soft brush so you can blend out the lighter consistency concealers easily and without leaving those 'painted' marks on the skin.

The final concealer brush to mention tonight is of course a Blank Canvas Cosmetics brush. I am now on a spending ban but I will be buying the actual foundation brush the F17 (€6.99) and probably the E36 (€6.99) also which is a large concealer/shader brush. But for the moment I have been using two brushes the F26 (which I am giving away tonight) and also the F40. The F40 (€13.99) is a new brush in my life, so so soft and amazing for getting the under eye area. The F26 (€10.99) is great if you are trying the liquid concealer contour and highlight look (which leads me nicely onto tonight's comp... check out the Facebook page!) I really love the F40, I also use this brush for setting powders which we will discuss next week but seeing as it's so new and soft, sometimes if my under eye area needs a lot of lightening, this is my go to brush.

Concealing isn't all about spots anymore, it's used to change the shape of your face so unlike my old self, it's really good to have a couple of tools that you like to use to help you achieve a flawless complexion before even adding powder.

Hope you found this post on concealer brushes helpful, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me through my Facebook page... HERE Until next week ladies! Now to pick a winner.

Emma x

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