High End Skincare Products- What's been on my face?


High End Skincare…sometimes it can be a real treat and sometimes it can be a nightmare, all too often we are bombarded with really good marketing telling us we ‘need’ the latest must have and then we get it, paying a fortune and it doesn't do anything magical to our skin at all.

Luckily this post contains things I liked, maybe not things I would go out and buy or tell you, you need to have them but thankfully I didn't have a single bad reaction to any of these skincare products and there’s some I will deffo keep using on a daily basis.

I think since my love of Ziaja Skincare started and of course increasing my knowledge base so much with becoming a brand ambassador, it is hard to me to be swayed away now from my manuka tree range. I am of course happy to try out other products and like many makeup or beauty lovers, we tend to have a mix up of products in our routine to ensure we are getting the best into and best out of our skin.

So for today’s post, it is a long one, there are familiar brands to some of you and maybe not too familiar. I will link in social media sites for you to learn more about the products and give you some overall thoughts and feedback on how I got on using the products.

The first brand to feature in this is an Irish brand called NIA. Nia is an Irish company which was established in Limerick and has grown in it’s product range in the last year or so. They specialise in Body balms and Nia’s products are hand-made in Limerick, Ireland. Nia uses Irish ingredients in all our products, importing only Amazonian butters, essential oils and supplies not available on the beautiful Emerald Isle.

Recently I was delighted to receive their new Calendula and Orange Blossom Cleansing Balm and an Intensive Restoring Facial Hydrating Mist. I am so into my natural products at the min, I think they are just such a treat when you've had all the chemicals of not only makeup on your face all day but the atmosphere itself, you can just feel so dirty from the air around us. 

I have been using my Cleansing balm as a real treat when having some ‘me’ time at home, the whole process from applying the balm using the spatula, removing it with the lovely cloth that comes with your balm, it’s such a treat. The mist is always in my handbag, I’ve been reaching for it more and more during the day in the office. It lifts my skin and has me feeling lovely and fresh while cooped up in the office.  Both these products can be bought through the nia website http://www.nia.ie/ and retail at €19.95 for the cleansing balm and €19.95 for the Mist. I really like Nia and I think at this price point they would make a fantastic gift for someone. I also love how this is an Irish company so support home as much as you can.

Just look at that for a tag line from a company

Next up we have The Pink Cow Brand, The Cream.  This is 100% Natural up to 85% Colostrum and 0% bull. Now that’s a weird tagline you say and yep it’s taken straight from the info sheet on the card. So just a small bit of info on the brand. The key ingredient is Colostrum which is the 1st milk from happy, outdoor, grass-fed, New Zealand cows, hence the pink little cow symbol. The Cream uses only the most pure and effective natural ingredients, it is available in selected shops in Ireland and it retails at €49.95 You can find all stockists details at http://www.thepinkcowbrand.com/outlets

My first impression was a little tainted by the smell, it’s funky. Not like something that would totally put you off but deffo not something that makes you think, oh yeah I love this scent. The texture is lightweight white cream which rubs in really quickly and absorbs into the skin in no time. It doesn’t leave me feeling greasy and the absolute best thing is the result in a real fresh faced look. I was really happy with this product and I currently still use it as my daytime moisturiser, hoping it won’t run out too soon as at €50 it’s a bit steep to be buying all the time. I find 3 pumps will do my entire face and I would recommend this if you had a nice event coming up and wanted to look after your skin.

Next up is a new brand in my life, Declare. I was contacted by them through twitter when I was having a really tough time with my skin so I was delighted when this package arrived. Declare are a swiss brand of skincare, specialising in all things sensitive. I was getting sore spots on my face and I felt I had caused some damage to my skin using such harsh chemical based products to battle the spots. So here’s a run down of what I got….

Cleansing Powder: The special face cleansing for sensitive skin. Soap-free and pH neutral. When mixed with a small amount of water, the mild powder transforms into a delicate foam, which removes make-up, dead skin cells and impurities gently and thoroughly.

Ocean’s Best Moisturiser: This wonderfully soft cream draws its special effects from the strength of the sea. A highly effective combination of sea minerals, trace elements, and algae and seaweed extracts boosts cell activity, countering the external signs of stress and fatigue. 24-hour moisturizing activity. Exquisite oils pamper your skin and imbue it with unbelievable smoothness. For a sensationally fresh and revitalized look.

Anti-Irritation Serum: t’s the unique combination of valuable active ingredients that makes this ultra-light serum so effective: signs of stress, fatigue and rashes are visibly reduced, and your complexion looks smooth and relaxed, radiating a wonderful freshness. Thanks to the addition of hyaluronic acid and moisturising complexes, the skin is plumped out, making wrinkles and areas of loose skin less visible.  At the same time, highly effective plant extracts reinforce the skin’s own protective function, helping your skin to combat daily stress factors. For perfectly groomed and fortified skin, and a relaxed and fresh complexion.

I am loving the brand and the products. I think my favourite item I received was the Anti-Irritation Serum, it just leaves my face feeling so soft and really cared for after use. The Ocean’s Best cream is lovely when having  pamper evening at home, after a facial I will apply this and leave it soak into my skin and it feels fantastic. The powder cleanser was pretty different to anything I had tried before and while it was a little awkward at the start, I am now so used to using it there is no more mess. I am thrilled to have come across this brand and as it expands and new stockists come on board, there’s sure to be a declare stockist near you soon. Do check out their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Declar%C3%A9-Ireland/278606515660847 for all new updates and other products in the ranges. There are so many products you are bound to find something you will love.

Last but not least is a little humours and it's the Mio Boob Tube! I have been using this product for a few weeks now on a daily basis and while I'm not seeing any difference in my chest area, I should reap the benefits in about 30 years time. 

Just so you don't think I'm gone completely bonkers check out which Kardshian star had our PR company buzing with this product:

"Khloe Kardashian is the latest celeb to fall for cult bust & décolleté firmer Mama Mio Boob Tube.  Khloe, whose sister Kourtney is already a fan of the range, says you don’t have to be pregnant to get the benefits of all natural skin care
The 30-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star uses Mama Mio's Boob Tube every day to tighten her neck.  Gorgeous Khloe discovered Mama Mio's products when her sister Kourtney used them during her pregnancies.
She said: ''Kourtney got me into all these Mama Mio products that are all natural. I think she used them when she was breast-feeding. Their names are really cute - there is one that's called the Shrink to Fit Cellulite Smoother that I like. I use one of their other products called the Pregnancy Boob Tube every day. It's got avocado oil and shea butter so when your boobs are growing you don't get stretch marks. I like it though, because it tightens your neck, too. I've been using it every day for a year.''
.She joked: ''Now people always ask me, 'Why do you have this?' Hinting as if I'm trying to have a baby, and I'm like, 'No, no. It's just because I f**king like it'.''
She’s not the only one – Sarah Stack, still boasting an enviable six pack at eight months pregnant, relies on Mamma mio to keep her perfect figure.  She said:  “I’m a huge fan of this entire Mama Mio line for the prevention of stretch marks, especially their Tummy Rub Butter, Pregnancy Boob Tube and Megamama lotion.”

MIO Boob Tube is priced @ €37.00

I am of course going to continue to use this product, I really like the feel of it on my skin and if its good enough for my fave Kardashian it is certainly good for me. This might be a wonderful treat for an expecting lady in your life.

So there we have it, loads of new skincare products my face has had the pleasure of trying out. It has been such a journey with my skin lately but I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to try out so many wonderful things which I will absolutely purchase once they are used up. If you have any questions or would like anymore info then please don't hesitate to get in touch and have a wonderful Tuesday evening.

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