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Today we are talking Paese Cosmetics. “This is a brand developed by a young Polish company made up of professional make-up artists and beauty professionals dedicated to their craft. Paese is a unique and modern make-up brand that is dedicated to bringing you quality, created by natural ingredients, beauty created by a vast variety of shades with strong depths of colour and affordability that will make you smile.

Paese is a brand, which specifically takes care of high quality of its cosmetics. Recipes' of our products are based on substances and raw materials extracted from richness of nature and effects of work from modern laboratories. All of our products contain ingredients like Vitamin C, A, PP, B and E complexes, oils, waxes, minerals, natural UV filters. About 85% of cosmetic ingredients are natural.” 

I saw the Paese Cosmetics stand at the Beauty Show in the RDS in March, there were a lot of people currently shopping at it while I was passing and as always with those beauty shows, you pass something once, you mean to go back but instead you stop for tea and head home from the heat and the pure exhaustion of being indoors with the beauty madness for too long.

I was thrilled when a package from Paese Cosmetics arrived at the door a few weeks back. As we all know, I have been out and about at a lot of event and launches through the blog and had a number of outings personally recently so it’s a perfect time to try out some new makeup goodies. I have been trialling the three beauties over the last few weeks and now I feel I can give my full opinion on them.

So what was I sent? 

I received the Matte & Cover Foundation, Bamboo Powder and Linea Automatic Eyeliner.

Matte & Cover- Mattyfying Foundation: “This foundation is for oily & mixed skin which is exactly what I have. This foundation gives a strong coverage of any imperfections. The innovative formula Sebum Control recognizes and balances oily and dry areas. The latest generation Nylon in the form of active Microsponges disperses oil on skin surface to give a strong matte finish. The foundation contains no Talc. The active ingredients in this foundation are; Mikcosponges, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin A&C and D-Panthenol”
I have totally 100% fallen in love with this foundation! That’s no mean feat to say but I love it!! I have worn it all day, on nights out and it doesn’t budge. I think it’s so fresh looking,  it feels great on my skin and I am reaching to it all the time lately. I am over the moon to have received this foundation and at €12.99 I will be sure to get this again. Only €13 that’s a bargain when you have found something so good for your skin that also looks amazing and lasts ages! Sometimes ladies there is no need to break the bank with a foundation when you find something you love…stick with it!!

Bamboo Powder: “This product is dedicated to oily & combination skin with excess production of sebum. This powder ensures the highest degree of long lasting matte effect. This can be applied as a loose powder in order to obtain effect of matte and smooth skin with a subtle glow but without colour coverage. Bamboo powder contains more than 90% of silica, which absorbs excess sebum and moisture. It has antibacterial and calming properties, aids healing of the skin and regulates production processes of sebum glands. The powder reflects the light giving an effect of ‘soft focus’ on the skin. Bamboo takes the form of white, soft and fluffy dust which when applied leaves the skin with transparent matte finish”

With all that info can there be a bad point to this powder? Eh…Nope! Again another amazing product from Paese and this time costing €11.99 the pot is huge! It’s gonna last you ages so that is such a steal of a price. I really like this powder as finally when a product description says it does something, this one does what it says. I use this all the time over the foundation mentioned above and I think the two combined is how my makeup has been lasting so long and looking so great. I will absolutely replace this once this goes but I am hoping from now until the show in Sept/Oct whichever one it is I will be able to stock up on more Paese goodies. I’ll leave my wishlist at the end of this post.

LINEA AUTOMATIC EYELINER: "Metallic eyeliner high intensity is provided by metal pigments combined with a long-lasting, smudge- and waterproof hold. The soft texture ensures a perfect glide a creamy pay-off. There are 5 colours: Plum Glam, Black Glam, Brown Glam, Blue Glam, Olive Glam"

I was sent the Plum Glam colour. Not that this product is bad but I think for me just because the other two were so superb, I wasn’t over in love with this product. I think for me I have spent so long trying to perfect my gel liner with the Inglot gel, I struggle to be wowed by other liner pens and the colour of plum isn’t one of my faves. However, I have tried this pencil and for the bottom lash line when I recently created a cranberry look it was awesome. The little smudge brush at the end of the pencil was just perfect. I would recommend these pencils if you are in love with liners but for me they are just a hard product to love. I think now that the hunt for foundation and powder is over maybe my attention will turn to eyes again. These liners retail at only €8.99 so still a total bargain.

There are three products on my current Paese Cosmetics Wishlist:

Matte Base (primer) for €12.99
Clair Brightening Concealer (Light Beige no.2) €11.99
Lipstick (no. 35) €8.60

I will be sure to pick these babies up at the next show if not beforehand. You can purchase all these and more on the Paese Ireland Website

I hope you enjoyed this review, sometimes you can be so so lucky with finding a new brand that you will literally fall in love with after trying. If you have any questions on Paese please contact me or better still if you have any products you think I need to add to my wishlist get in touch!

*All information in “” is from information leaflets sent with the products.*

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