Forever Products- Skincare & Makeup Review from Go Aloe Forever


Hi Everyone,

So if you have been on the blog’s Facebook page lately then you’ll have seen my laptop has died. I am not impressed, It’s pretty old but I’m just raging this has happened now when clearly I do not have the funds to be buy a new one.

Thankfully, J has one that I can now use whenever I need so that’s a massive plus. It’s almost like having my own new one except I don’t really know how to use it yet.

Anyway onto today’s post…Forever is a brand I have seen taking social media by storm, it is a brand which focuses on using Aloe Vera in their products. Some of the bio of this brand will tell you that founder Rex Maughan, had a vision of a healthier life for everyone. Forever’s aloe vera is one of the purest on the market. It starts with 100% inner leaf gel and then delicately adds enough other ingredients to produce outstanding products.

I was recently contacted by Waterford based duo Jamie & Gemma from Go Aloe Forever to see if I would like to try some of the products. I said yes without much hesitation but I was filled with curiosity as I had no idea what to expect. The easiest way to describe it for anyone who hasn’t heard of it, Jamie and Gemma are distributors I would say similar to Avon so you order through them as your local rep and they are part of a wider Forever community.

I was excited when my package arrived, I opted for a mask and then a mineral makeup and blush as we all know I am a makeup fiend.  So let’s get onto the products…

Packing on the skincare products is basic, this is something that before blogging may have put me off but I have to say in the two years I am writing, although I am still like a magpie and love everything shiny and pink, I am more interested in what’s inside the packaging and how it will work on my skin than anything else. I am also a great lover of value for money and that’s something I think all beauty lovers have to be aware of, there’s no point in buying everything you want when let’s face it you’ll be broke and not everything will suit your skin.

My skincare products are the Mask Powder & the Aloe Activator.

Mask Powder:

Ultra-fine powder with a unique combination of rich ingredients to smooth, condition and cleanse the skin whilst renewing skin cells and encouraging new cell growth. Contains camomile to soothe and calm sensitive skin. Blend this with the Aloe Activator to create a rejuvenating face mask.
This is product no. 341 from the catalogue and costs €19.96. It’s a round 29g tub.

Aloe Activator:

Great moisturising and cleansing agent containing enzymes and amino acids. Blend with the Mask Powder to create a rejuvenating face mask to help reveal radiant looking skin.
This is product no. 343 and costs €14.02 for  a 118ml bottle.

How did I find them?

Well first of all I am not going to lie, the first time I used the mask it scared the bejaysus outta me. It says on the packaging to mix one teaspoon of each product and create a ‘paste’ which you then work onto your face. I did this, I felt it wasn’t overly pasty but I spread it all over my face and then (a point I do like) it tells you to lie down and relax for 30 mins- easily done for me! My face has never felt so tight in its life... I couldn’t leave the mask on for 30 mins! I panicked and just felt my face was way too tight so I rubbed off the product with a warm face-cloth and warm water. I have tried the mask since then as did my mum when I was home and she quite liked the tightness but for me I’m just not 100% convinced that this is the right type of product for my skin. When I used it for the third time I used more of the Aloe Activator to create more of a paste but there was still a tight feeling.

I think for me, I have a fear of my skin, it’s completely personal but I have just had so many negative experiences in the  last while that while this products suggests using it two to three times a week I just can’t see myself doing that. I can see myself creating a smoother paste and using it once a week or maybe once every two weeks when my skin needs a kick.

I feel that if you are someone who loves an intense facial then you will enjoy these products mixed. As far as I know you do need to you the two together to create a mask so it will cost you in total €33.98 but as you only use a teaspoon of each to make a mask this is well worth the money, it will last you AGES!! There’s no denying that this product won’t harm your skin, as I said earlier it’s a total personal preference to me that I am just scared it’s a little too much for my face to handle.  I will always endeavour to be really honest in this blog but I cannot expect that everyone will feel the same as me. I didn’t have a break out from the mask nor was I in any pain so I am conscious not to give an overly negative few I’m just on the fence as to whether it’s a me kind of product.

The next product I have tried is by far my favourite product. This is the Mineral Makeup in the shade Natural from the Flawless by Sonya range. This range is infused with the goodness of aloe and the latest innovations that nature and science offer, flawless by Sonya products empower women from around the world to explore and express their individual perception of beauty.

The Mineral Makeup in Natural is product no. 411 Natural and costs you €30.70 for a 6g pot. I love the finish of this makeup on my skin. I recently got into mineral makeup and my going out setting powder has actually been the Fuschia mineral powder in Fawn. I have run out of that and this has been brilliant for me. It’s not as dewy as the Fuschia one but I love the shade when I have some tan on, it does leave my skin with a natural looking glow. I didn’t want a pale shade as again I had a negative experience using the bare minerals shade medium, I felt like a pale ghost event though the girl told me it matched my skin, that was a waste of €29. The bare minerals is of similar price and size as it’s only 2g bigger but a huge saving compared to fuschia which is a massive €45 but you do get a 10g pot, their 5g pot is €26 so it’s makes our 6g pot very reasonable. I think if you know you like mineral makeup and you want something really natural on your skin then I would suggest this mineral makeup. I am happy to use it over foundation and sometimes I will add a BB cream to my skin and top it up with the powder when I want a  more natural day.

The mineral makeup with flash & no flash

Again it is total personal preference but I am not a ‘natural’ look kinda gal, I’m either wearing makeup or I’m not so I’m sure loads of people can wear this foundation on its own and not need a base of liquid but that’s just me, I can’t deal with my spot. I feel this pot will last me ages as well which of course promotes good value.

The second Flawless by Sonya product I have is the Brilliant Blush in 388 ‘Aanya’. This is an aloe inspired, silky powder blush which delivers perfect, sheer colour to highlight, contour and define your cheeks, creating natural and healthy glow. It is available in six shades. I chose the Aanya shade and it’s a peachy pink colour and looks fab on the cheeks. I have been wearing this loads and I can see it bringing me through these winter months. This is product no. 388 and will cost you €21.75.

The beautiful blush with flash & no flash

I think this is the slightly out of my normal price range for a blusher, I do love it but just being me, if I am to spend €21 on a blusher I would probably go to MAC. I think again that’s a preference thing but maybe if this product was about €16 I’d say go and buy it now.

So there we go a full look at the Forever products I was gifted to try. I hope you enjoyed the post, I was trying to be as balanced as possible and sometimes I do feel we, the general public, underestimate the cost of products when they are not a ‘known’ brand and decide it’s not value for money. I think my experience in trying things over the last two years as part of the blog is it’s very easy to say wonderful things about everything, most products to be fair are good but there are some just more suited to people’s skin and also their pocket. I enjoyed trying some new and I am genuinely glad to have found a new mineral makeup which is good for my skin.

If you have any questions on these products then please call Jamie & Gemma on 0831014788 & 0874104021 or check out their Facebook page HERE

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