A guide... a plan... a helping hand to the Irish Beauty Show!


Hi All,

Firstly I want to say I am not the only lady to ever write one of these posts, there are so many around with amazing tips on working through beauty shows so if you want more information beyond this post just good surviving the beauty show and you'll see posts from my fellow bloggers over the years including Ruby Laine who I am modelling for at the weekend.

I am really excited about this as I feel it'll be my first proper outing since the operation and delighted my mum will be with me to help carry the bags LOL!

So my first tips are extremely simple and I know they'll be in every other post but they're practical so:

1. Register correctly for your ticket. This year for the march show I wasn't automatically sent my ticket like before. I had to re-register and sent in my forms to 'self-verify' who I was, I was then allowed to bring one guest but had to state whether or not they were in the trade. My mum isn't so I answered honestly and we have our tickets they arrived last week. I was lucky that as a Flair customer I am entitled to a VIP ticket which gains me early entry and I think free parking which is brilliant.

2. Make a plan and be early: The plan I'm talking about here is travel, there is always a Q, people are excited, some get annoying and rude outside but grab yourself a take away tea, have the chat with your friends or whoever you're with and get yourself organised to go in while you wait. The Q will move, everyone is just trying their best so be patient. Too often I'm seeing people frustrated before they get in and it's such a waste of energy. 

3. Know what you want! Honestly lads don't be arriving into that massive hall without a bit of research done. At this stage I am not only familiar with the general whereabouts of some of my favourite stands but also my shopping list is ready to go, I have a list of things I want, the number of the stand they're on and then the 'other' list. These are the stands I'm not sure of the products but I'm interested to see what's there or I might have people I want to say hello to. I am a firm believer that this is a great opportunity to give back to the companies who help me out during the year so I always put aside some money and spend it on them, saying thank you. Sometimes I'll buy gifts or I'll top up my supplies it all depends on my budget. Budget is also key, try and work out some sort of figure, there's always more you'll want and that's totally fine and it's nice to treat yourself but if you have stuff on a list especially for work or study purposes then you need to be careful it's so easy to get distracted while walking around.

4. Mind Yourself in the Crowd: I've had a few people get in touch about managing themselves in the crowd if they're not a crowd person. This is really difficult I'm not gonna lie.. the place fills up so so quick with people it can get very warm and when people are buying supplies for the likes of salons their bags can be huge. It's really hard for all involved so my advice and from the experience of others would be...do a little, take a break. I start with the busiest table I can think of and then go to one side of the building and work my way to the other. I won't stop at every stand that way it really will take all day. Usually myself and the girls get through maybe 3 aisles and then we'll stop for tea and a snack. We'll do a couple more and it might be a toilet break time and a bottle of water. Do try and keep yourself hydrated, if you feel you are getting to anxious then leave, it's just stuff. I know that's easy to say but no point getting upset or ill over makeup and beauty items. Your friends can help we can pick things up for you if you're struggling. 

5. Stick to Your List: A prepared shopper is a happy shopper. I am a stickler for a list, I've researched some new products I've read blog posts on things to get and I've waited and saved so I know I'll be really disappointed if I get to the show forget the list and then come away forgetting something. If you are working on other you'll know what you need, If you're going up for fun I still think do your prep work, there's nothing worse than coming home and seeing other people posting pics of things they got and you're there thinking...NOOOOO I was meant to get that. The website is excellent for a floor plan and exhibitor list. Bloggers and MUA's demoing for brands have been using social media for weeks now promoting the brands and products they'll be using. Don't be afraid to get in touch with them. I've been hounding people for suggestions and advice and anyone I've asked has been more than helpful. It allows you to get specific and then if you get another bargain or another treat happy days. The beauty show should be good craic and you should come away happy that you've enjoyed it... I sound like a total bore but honestly being prepared gives me more time to stop and talk to people which is another huge part for me.

Ideas & Wishlist for March 2016:

Ok so let's take a look at the main objective...shopping! I'm gonna break up some of the stands I'll be going to, some I've bought from previously and just some info on stands that may take your interest in the hope this helps you plan.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics C10: I have so many posts written on this brand all you need to do is search my blog and you'll see I've been writing about Blank Canvas Cosmetics for years, I am thrilled to be modelling again for the amazing Ruby Laine this Sunday at 10am for a spring look. She created an amazing Halloween look back at the October show so I can't wait to let her work her magic again. If you are new to blank canvas then I suggest...
Eyes: The E10,24,25,26 are all must haves.
Face: The F24,20,15,04 are all must haves for the face, at the moment I cannot put down my F24 for my foundation it's my true love at the min.

Nima Brush D14: Amazing bargains will be available from the Nima Stand as I saw posted on their Facebook page today. I will be going through my stash at the minute and deciding what's next on my list or some extras of brushes I already have. I would highly recommend the tara and wendy brush for face and then the daneille for brows the erin for highlight the jennie for blending..or just buy them all haha!!

AYU Makeup D17: AYU Make Up Brushes are so affordable and super quality. I have a few of the brushes and deffo you need the fluffy blender and the angled brush, I find the angle brush really good for liner and I will deffo pop over to the stand on Sunday to see Suzie and Laura and grab a couple of newbies. Brushes start at like €4.99 absolute bargain like!

Buff & Blend L48: I'm a total newbie to this brand but I cannot wait to get some brushes and lashes from the amazing Nicola. Buff and Blend has been everywhere lately the 'side of sassy' lashes the BB08 BB01 and BB10 will be on my wishlist, I think everyone wants the BB08 so it might have to be my first stop.

There are so many other amazing stands I have on my list to visit so have a look here. I will deffo be heading to the Cailyn stand I think it's time I got the O wow brush and I want to try the new foundation. I will of course grab some cocoa brown, I want to stop by Paese their bamboo powder is amazing. Fuschia may just need a visit for the Fawn mineral makeup and then of course Makeup Revolution at the Cosmo Beauty stand.

At the moment I have a list the length of my arm which will be added to as the days get closer but I really hope you have a fab time at the show.

Stands to check out:

Babydoll Cosmetics C8

B Bold Tan D36
Cosmo Beauty (Makeup Revolution) G48
DA Distribution (Cailyn Cosmetics) D27
Distinct Distribution G41
French Cosmetics F10
Fuschia K22
Flormar E22
GlitterExpress LTD L32
Miss Fit Skinny Tea G43
Paese Cosmetics D20
Beverley Hills Formula H31
Skinlogic K18
Sleep in Rollers L53
Sundrelle E22 Cocoa Brown/ SoSu Products
Waxperts K38
Wow Brown K32
The Tan G39
Thalgo B17

Unfortunately the tiredness is kicking back in so it's time for another nap. I really hope you find this post some way helpful, just try and be prepared for the show especially it it's your first time going. I just heard Laura Dempsey say on snapchat a great piece of advice is to bring a small wheelie suitcase if you're gonna have to travel after the show and don't want broken hands just mind people's ankles. That's another thing to keep an eye on there are so many amazing ladies demoing at the show this weekend so do a little research and make the time to go see them work their magic. I'm hoping momma Emma and my own body will let me last the afternoon so I can watch some demos at the stands. Of course if any of you are there nice and early on the Sunday please do come over to the Blank Canvas stand at C10 and watch Ruby Laine make me all kinds of beautiful. Don't forget to grab yourself some amazing brushes while watching us, Elaine will be showcasing her favourite brushes and the beautiful Pippa palette which we both own and love. Lulu is such a pretty highlighter.

Have a fantastic time at the show ladies and send me snaps @emmajcs of your purchases I love watching hauls.

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