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Hi Everyone,

Today we are going to take a good look at a new brand into my life, a home grown hero only 20 mins away from my home town of Waterford and this brand is Tomitago. It's literally taken the south east by storm so I really want to spread the word on the products I've tried and reviewed on Mastering Your Makeup.

Tomitago facebook linked in post

Tomitago is an Irish company located in Piltown Co. Kilkenny. I first came across the company through fellow #DeiseBloggers showcasing their thoughts and results of using some of the products.
When I received a sample of two products for myself I was thrilled as the first thing I loved was the packaging. Yes I know it’s hardly relevant to whether or not a product works but I swear I am a total magpie, I love cute things, I love little bags and tiny spatulas not to mention the colour silver. It’s a mad thing to say but sometimes when you want to display your products I love when they can match.

Anyway…As you can see from the picture above I got exactly what I wanted in these little samples. Of course like any true beauty blogger I filed away the information card and then of course it went missing when I went to write this post. Never fear though...all I had to do was type in Tomitago into Google and loads of reviews came up as well as the business website and Facebook page.
So back to the products…I was given a sample of the Beauty Elixir & the Combi.

Beauty Elixir: This Beauty Elixir is the first product which was released in the “1” skincare range and is amazing! It is a unisex product and is 100% chemical free. It eliminates the need for separate eye serum, face serum, eye cream, day cream, night cream and prime all in one! A 20ml of this product will cost you €18 and a 40ml will cost you €30.

I mean with a claim that big you have to be asking yourself ‘are they serious’ well…. They are!! You take one of your little spatulas and your Beauty Elixir tub and scoop out maybe half a spatula onto your hand, you then rub the product between your hands to heat it up a little and spread it all over your face (and neck if you like) As with all skincare rules ladies work upwards and not downwards, my mum would always say ‘if the wind changes your face will stay like that’ but seriously pulling the skin downwards is doing exactly that, you are training your skin to work down loosening the elasticity in your skin so that’s a no no. Anyway getting distracted here…

The Beauty Elixir when rubbed in your hands turns oilier than a cream, so it’s easily spread across the face. It doesn’t make your skin feel oily though so again no panic here. I have used it at both night time when I’m having a pamper evening and also first thing in the morning. I had no trouble putting on makeup after applying the product so that was excellent and the smell is lovely it really smells like you’re taking care of your skin. I’m sure that’s an ‘in your head thought Emma’ rather than a fact but I find a good smell can change your mood, relax you, make you feel good. The little sample pot that I got has lasted ages, I was actually sent these products around Christmas and started trialling them in the New Year. Unfortunately my elixir is coming to an end, I really am sad about this so it’s deffo a product I would purchase myself and I actually think it would be a really nice gift for someone who like to take care of their skin. This gets a huge thumbs up from me and when you think about all the other products you don’t have to buy when you have this it’s a serious price bargain.

This pic was mid Feb I'm almost out now :(

Combi: The combi is just what it says it’s a combination between an exfoliator and a mask. This product achieved fantastic results at trial stage. As always with Tomitago it is 100% chemical free. A 30ml of this product will cost you €25.

Cleaning your skin properly is essential. If you are someone like me or even if you never wear makeup and chop and change what you wanna try, are lucky enough to have a whole host of products in their life then you start to value the importance of really looking after your skin. Exfoliation is key especially for oily people to make sure you are clearing out your pores, not letting them get clogged and creating congestion leading to spots. That’s something I have learned in the last while and really try hard to not let happen by making sure I have a good mask or exfoliation at least once if not twice a week. This combi is excellent for someone who might not be the best at remembering to buy products as it’s a two in one. You can decide to leave on the exfoliator turning into a mask or if you are stuck for time then you can take it off and using it to exfoliate the skin. Of course as part of some ‘me time’ I almost always use it as a mask. I just love a good mask me, it’s such a treat and it always makes me take time to lie down,  chill out with my eyes closed or laze in the bath and just take a break from the madness of life and especially technology.

I like this mask because you apply it to dry skin, pat it onto your skin don’t be hurting yourself and of course be sure your skin is clean first not with a whole load of makeup still on it. You then treat yourself to a facial massage as you work the product into the skin. You can then chill for 20-30 minutes and again you use either warm water to take it off or as I love to do warm water and a face cloth…..Love that feeling!! Again the cuteness of the little spatula and pot will have you feeling lovely anyway but that could be a me thing and I realise I am weird about some stuff.

Tomitago Facebook Page

So after trying those two brilliant products what’s next on my hit list…This always happens to me, If I am lucky enough to try great products it’s only a matter of time before I want them all…I have been reading a lot about the next product the “1” Cleanser and I have decided I have to have it. It is an oil cleanser which is massaged into the skin for two mins and then removed with a hot cloth I mean come on ladies doesn’t that just sound like something your face would love at the end of every day, I know I would anyway. It’s totally suitable for people with greasy skin so that suits me down to the ground as I know some people with oily skin don’t like adding more oil to their face but this is really ok with this product. Supposedly the smell is amazing and I am a sucker for a good smelling product so this is absolutely on my wishlist for when my current cleanser runs out. I love the thought of putting safe chemical free products on my skin more so than harsh chemicals anymore as none of them have ever suited me, treat your face kindly is my new thinking on skin care. A 200ml of this baby is only €25.

I really hope you enjoy this post and I really want to wish Louise huge success with her business going forward, you've made a serious fan out of me and I showed my mum the little bit of product I have left and she loved them. Louise runs a fantastic giveaway on a Friday to win a sample of her products so be sure to head over to her Facebook page give her a like and show your support. I would 100% recommend any of these products, the proof of them working is all over her page and website.

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