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The second week of the Inglot beginner’s course was quite different from the first. The second weeks was dedicated to the eyes. The eyes are a feature most people want to learn about, they want to be able to really enhance a client’s/ or their own eyes, making them stand out and look great and of course we all want to create a fab smokey eye.
Laura could not be with us on the second night so instead with had Rebecca, Julie and Maria. In my final post on Inglot I’ll show you all my shopping list and link in any of the girl’s Facebook or Instagram that I have. These girls are true artists and I would love to be able to create some of the work they do.

A lot of the lessons I have gone to follow the same technique of creating a smokey eye and the key is always blending with a clean blending brush. Ladies you cannot use your fingers for eye shadow and expect it to turn out lovely… you just can’t!!
We began the class looking at the different shaped eyes. Hopefully you can see the picture I took but it was a basic description on matching what type of eye your client has and how best to shadow it.

Examples of celebs eyes;

·         Deep set eyes; Reece Witherspoon
Angelina Jolie

·         Drooping eyes; Jennifer Lawerence

·         Close set eyes;  Taylor Swift
Sarah Jessica Parker

·         Wide set eyes;  Jessica Alba
Kate Moss

The next thing we moved onto in the class was the colour wheel. For people who haven’t seen this before it might sound complicated or extremely obvious but I will try to briefly explain it as easily as I can. When you think of your eye colour you need to think what colours would be opposite that on the colour wheel….

So see what your eye colour is and what's opposite is what's best

Blue eyes should wear Copper, Orange, Brown tone eye shadows to enhance the blue tones.
Green eyes can wear purples to really exaggerate the green but can also be very daring in mossy greens.
Brown eyes are the luckiest bunch of all and can wear whatever they like!! J
We then went on to talk about brushes and as you can see here I did purchase a few during the course. I will do a shopping post as my 4th and final post on Inglot so I will go into more detail on the brushes then.
For a good smokey eye you will need:
1.       A flat brush for your eye shadow base and base colour.
2.       A flat brush for your lid colour.
3.       A blending brush for the crease.
4.       A second clean blending brush for all blending.
5.       A small blender to add the darkest colour on the edge of the eye.

These are the brushes I bought over the course

After we went through our sheets, Rebecca then created a day look eye and a night smokey eye on the model. The steps are similar to all masterclasses I have been to in Inglot and after we watched the demo we when then again put into pairs and recreated a look on each other. As we were missing a person on the night I got to work on Julie the fab Inglot MUA.

Basics of the eye;

Day look:

Eye shadow base €10 in Inglot was applied with a flat brush all the way up to the brow.

Set the base with a cream matte shadow powder and the same brush.

Apply a light brown (no.337) all over the lid with the 29po brush. (Brush this into the crease also)

We then added a peach colour using the 6ss blending brush to blend out the edges along the crease.

Build up your colour with a new 6ss brush with a warmer toned brown using the no.52 shadow. Blend this into the socket 3/4 way into the eye. Use circular motions and always start with a little colour and you can add more.

Taking more of the peach colour on a 4ss brush, blend out the edges once again.

Use a matte colour under the eye, don't use shimmer and it can sit in the small lines under the eye, only apply this colour to the tip of the brush.

Using an 11ss small brush place a dark brown shadow onto the top lash line to act as a liner.

This is Julie and the day look I created on her

Moving to a night look:

Using a 6ss brush with colour on the tip of the brush, a mix of two burgundy colours, blend into the crease, leaving the inner eye clear and tear duct also.

*when you apply a light colour like a highlighter into the tear duct, it can really open up the eye.*

Now that you have added the burgundy colours, be sure to blend out with a clean 6ss brush.

*If there is fall off, don't worry you can clean this with a small amount of concealer.*

To emphasise the smoked look, add a small amount of a darker colour onto the edge of the eye. This can be difficult if you are not used to smoking out the eye, so take care and use as little product as possible and go back in a number of times if needed. Again you need to blend out this darker colour.

*This look sounds like it takes a lot of brushes, but if you have a spray brush cleaner, give your brush a quick clean and use the same blender. I find I like to have on hand two blending brushes for eye looks.*

Under eye concealer from Inglot comes in a range of colours and is very light yet conceals loads so you can use this to tidy up the outside and under eye area if you have any fall off from your eye application. You can use a flat concealer brush but I also found using the 4ss brush is brilliant.

Fantastic under eye concealer

Gel liner: Now I have to be honest I struggled so much with this. Creating a flick is very difficult but it takes practice and I'm sure in time i will grow in confidence so take your time and there is a fab product that can give you a helping hand... Duraline!!

Use a small brush either angled or pointed to apply gel liner. For me, I use the 23t brush from inglot. Scoop out a little of your gel liner into the lid and add a drop of Duraline beside it. Dip your brush firstly into the duraline and then into the gel, you want to be sure your brush is a tight as possible so your line will be straight. Take your time to apply the liner. Remember, if you are doing this to someone else they may want to blink loads so do it in very small steps, allow them to blink and go back in and continue the line. There is no point in rushing liner as it can ruin all the good work with shadow you have already done.

 To create a good flick; get the client to look straight ahead. Using your brush, mark out where the flick should go y placing your brush from the corner of the nose to the brow and this is where the flick should go. Where the two lash lines meet is where you place the flick. Once you have marked out the flick, get the client to look down and fill in the top gel line.

This is where the tidying starts.... Using a small flat brush and a drop of Duraline, dip your brush into the duraline and drag it against the edges of the flick, wipe your brush in tissue each time and slowly but surely you will create a beautiful dragged out flick. This take ages but it is starting to come on so practice makes perfect :)

When you want a night look smoked eye, be sure to line the bottom lashes with your dark shadow and bring it down under the eye from the lash line. If you have a client who wears contact lens, it might be best not to use gel in the waterline but use a pencil instead.

Get a bright highlight colour like the no.393 on the top of the brow bone and also in the tear duct.

This was the gold/bronzer night look I created on Julie

The colours I used on Julie

After Julie had created this look on Maria, we were then given the opportunity to work on each other. We were short numbers on the night so I got to work on Julie. I was quite nervous but it was good fun. The gel liner was a nightmare and I needed a lot of help with that but I enjoyed giving it a go. I hadn't created a smoked look on someone else before so I think for a first time it was a great attempt. Julie was very patient and such a good help. 

My attempt at a clean flick

I went a bit spend mad that week so I will get the post up real soon. Below is a pic of the shadow palette I started on week 2 of the course. I loved the burgundy colours Julie used on Maria so I decided having blue eyes I would love them also.

Love my 10 palette still have space 2 :)

Work has been so busy lately that blogging huge posts is not that easy but we are getting there ladies :) Hopefully I will be back to blogging as much as possible in the next couple of weeks.

If you have any questions on week 2 in Inglot please feel free to mail me 

Emma x

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