Inglot Make Up Ireland Beginners Course Week 3 Blanchardstown


So this was my final week in Inlgot and I was so excited to bring in my model and get to work.

Before we started with our full makeup application, Julie took us through the application of both strip and individual lashes. I am a huge lash lover and have tried three or four different Inglot lashes and I love them because they create such different looks.

So here are some tips I learned on the last night in relation to lashes;

Strip Lashes

  • Carefully take them out of the packaging, use your thumb and press down on the whole lash to remove it from the holder, if you tear them off from side to side you risk ripping them.
  • When you do have them out and held either in your fingers or in a tweezers, be sure to measure them to your/ your client’s eye.
  • When you are cutting lashes, cut from the outside and not the inside so that they can still look full but natural.
  • Always only use a thin layer of glue when applying lashes and preferably DUO Glue works best I find. You can start with putting the glue on your hand first and then other the lashes, you can use the end of a make up brush for this or glide the lashes through the glue if you don’t have shakey hands.
  • Leave the glue to get tacky- this means, give yourself a minute to let the glue stick to the lashes before applying them to yourself/a client.
  • Place the middle of the lashes on first and then press down the two edges. You can use a tweezers for this or your fingers again whichever you find easier but for a client, I would suggest learning to use a tweezers and not your fingers.
  • Clamp your own lashes to the false lashes using the tweezers.
  • After a minute, tug the strip to be sure it has stuck all along the lash line and fix with a small amount of glue if needed.

Individual Lashes

  • First tip with individuals is don’t get glue on your tweezers, it’ll make it extremely difficult to apply the lashes as they will stick to your tweezers.
  • Make sure to have a good clamp of the lash which you have picked up, try to grab all the hairs on the lash so as not to break it.
  • Place the lash piece in between your own lashes (into the little gap)
  • If you want to add a little flutter to the end of your own lashes, leave a gap between the applied lashes and your own, then if you want a fuller look you can add more.
  • When placing individual lashes, dip the end into the glue directly and apply straight away.

So that was the start of our lesson and then it was time for the fun stuff… A full makeup application!!

My model was my friend Karen who I had never applied makeup to before but is a makeup lover quite like myself so knows what she likes! (tough time for me) Just joking, it was so lovely having a friend to work on because I was a nervous wreck!! Our mission to apply a full face with either a day or night shadow look on the eye and lashes. So in total that’s;

  • ·         Primer
  • ·         Foundation
  • ·         Concealer
  • ·         Powder
  • ·         Contour
  • ·         Highlight
  • ·         Blush
  • ·         Brows
  • ·         Eyeshadow
  • ·         Eye Liner
  • ·         Mascara
  • ·         Lashes
  • ·         Lip Liner
  • ·         Lipstick/gloss

We were given a host of tools to use including some of my fave brushes and then you had free reign in the shop to choose whatever you wanted to work with… I loved that part!

Karen has quite a pale complexion like me when she has no tan on so matching the foundation, powder and concealer was easy to match. I followed all steps from week one on the basics of the face. You can view these here at  Karen was in the process of growing out her brows to take on the HD shape so they were a little more filled in then what she was used to but she liked them for me J

I was trying to use as much as my knowledge on colours to choose what to use on Karen. As she is blonde, slightly pale and blue eyes I decided to pick burnt oranges, browns and creams to create her smokey look.

 I really had to take my time with the shadows to see what would work best so I was playing with colours and brushes for ages!! Once again ladies the 6SS brush was like gold dust to me here so I really would advise all makeup lovers to invest in this beauty!

Shadows actually turned out to be the easy part as my troubled past with gel liner reared it’s ugly head again! Thank god for Maria and Julie, my patience were really wearing thin and I felt I was ruining all the work with the shadows I had just done but the girls were so good to help me.

As I have described previously, gel liner can be very difficult. A great way to tidy up your gel liner is to use a really small flat brush such and a drop of duraline to drag the line out and also to tidy up the bottom and top of the line. This took a lot of time but we got there in the end and created a really good look.

Applying the lashes was great for me as I have been using lashes for at least the last three years. Applying strip lashes to someone else is actually easier for me. Karen has beautiful long lashes and especially on her bottom lash line, I was extremely jealous of these as it set off her look perfectly.

When we chose the lipstick, I initially went for a bold pink but this really didn’t suit the eye look we had created. Choosing a nude lip colour having created a dramatic smokey eye is a really good idea, it can be hard to pull off both and maybe even matching the colours properly can be difficult so keep an eye out. As always all the girls, Laura, Julie and Maria were on hand to help you pick out what you thought would work or even to tweak what you had picked.

As you can see from my photos the look I created really came out beautiful, Karen looked amazing! As I have said before in my posts, I discovered the ‘beauty mode’ on my Samsung s4 so I had to take some shots using this. The makeup in Inglot will leave you flawless but not like a doll ;)

So that was it ladies my three weeks in Inglot Blanchardstown and I loved every single minute of it!! If you have a good interest in makeup and really want to learn essential skills then I would say invest the money in Inglot. The girls were so kind and helpful and the 20% discount has given me a huge amount of new treats for my kit. Yes I’m calling it a kit now as I planned to be fully qualified by the end of the year J
Here is a few snaps of all I bought:

Here is a picture of my certificate which arrived a week or two after the course ended:

I would like to say a huge thanks to Jane who got in touch with me when I won the voucher to the course, to Laura, Julie, Maria and Rebecca for their fantastic teaching and for all the good fun we had on our Tuesday evenings and also to my beautiful friend Karen for coming straight from work to help me out on the last night.

If you have any questions about the course, the people or the products please feel free to mail me or tweet me all links are beside this post and please please check out Inglot Make Up Ireland on;

Facebook : 
Twitter: @inglotireland
Instagram: inglotireland

A lot of the amazing MUA's have their own Instagram and Facebook pages so get hunting for them you wont believe how talented they are and what they can do with a little makeup!!

Emma x

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  1. It looks like you learned a lot and had a huge amount of fun along the way! I'd love to take one of these courses sometime in the future!

  2. What an amazing look! The course sounds great - I would be tempted to check one out myself!

  3. Great tips for applying lashes, I find them so tricky to do!

  4. omg look at the amount of stuff you bought. Im seriously jealous. Ive really enjoyed this series of posts.

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