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Hey Everyone,

Oh how I miss being home in Waterford all the time....When I saw that Castle Pharmacy had opened it's doors with amazing brands constantly being introduced, I becem very intrigued to get home and check this place out. This pharmacy seemed to be very different to anything I had seen before. It was following all the beauty and skincare trends, all I could see on social media were beauty bloggers and makeup artists from Waterford showcasing the latest ‘must have’ products all bought in Castle Pharmacy. I couldn't wait to get home and check it out, and of course start my shopping and wishlist.

Orla and Darren are the owners of Castle Pharmacy, they can stock whatever is it they want and Orla is always looking for the latest products to bring them to Waterford. I think this is such a unique quality for a Pharmacy to have, imagine being in such a savvy position to know what to bring it that will sell. Of course it makes them a fantastic business couple but for us makeup lovers it makes the Pharmacy a wonderland, a one stop shop for all things beautiful without having to buy online or to I have tried many of the brands that they are currently stocking in the pharmacy so let’s take a look...

I would just like to say that this is not a sponsored post, I have not been paid by Castle Pharmacy, the products mentioned in this post I have either bought myself or have tried them as part of the blog from PR companies/ brands themselves. I am simply writing this piece on Castle Pharmacy to showcase the wonderful brands they have on offer, the fab research Orla does in making sure that Castle Pharmacy are the no.1 stockist in Waterford and really I just want to support a local business from home and spread the word so people will go and shop there.


My recent snapchat pics and yes the pharmacy smelled so good & my christmas goodies

Sleek Make Up- Everyone’s heard of Sleek Makeup at this stage in Ireland and Castle Pharmacy have a huge stand with all the latest products. They include of course the new VIP lipsticks, the much loved Matte Lippie in Birthday Suit (adored by LauraDempsey Makeup) and the solstice palette. One thing I noticed very quickly about Castle Pharmacy is if they have a product selling well they keep in stock as much as possible, Orla and Darren are right on top of their stock levels so you are never waiting long for your favourite treat to come back in stock. This has happened loads with Birthday Suit so it's there waiting for you ladies to pick it up.
I sent my dad in on a mission on day back in December as Castle Pharmacy had a one day 50% off sale on sleek makeup to pick up three of their products the skin illuminator in Monaco, the I-Lust eyeshadow palette and the Solstice Highlighting palette. I saved almost €18 on those babies so I was thrilled. I have been a huge sleek fan for ages, my favourite of their products is the sleek brow palette in dark as that’s my shade, it’s a brilliant little kit and if you love strong brows then this is for you! I have two of the new VIP lippies and the neutral shade of Private Booth is perfect for this spring/summer.

Here is a post I recently wrote on Sleek Makeup: Wear it Wednesday-brand-focused-face_17.html

I White Teeth- This teeth whitening kit I got before a big family wedding during the summer and I love it! I went and bought another one and still have some of the gum shields left for special occasions this summer, again we have two weddings really close so I’ll use them again for this. You will have seen bloggers such as Rosie Connolly swear by these kits, its €30 and I think a really good investment if you have a special occasion coming up or you just want to work on that smile of yours. The I-White teeth products don’t damage your teeth at all which is something I’d be really mindful of so that’s a huge plus. It also doesn’t have a strong taste or isn’t an uncomfortable feeling while doing the treatment, you just place the gum shield inside your mouth and sit and relax. I have just run out of the I-White toothpaste so that’s something I recommend 100% for maintaining whiter teeth.

This Works Sleep Spray- Oh this is a treat, this is possibly my favourite things to use going asleep. If you haven’t smelt it before I don’t actually know how better to describe it than sleep in a bottle. I mean seriously it gotten to the point that I associate this scent with sleep so it’s all I know. I have both the sleep spray and the leg oil and after a lovely pamper night usually involving a hot bath and a face mask, I will lash on the leg oil, spray the pillow (and surrounding area) and drift off in minutes. They also have a baby version of this so it may help for any little people struggling to snooze. Of course there are some sleep products I haven’t tried but I have a feeling it won’t take long until I invest in all the range.

Ren Skincare- Ren is a beautiful brand, its luxury and it make you feel wonderful. I have been very lucky to have been sent a few Ren products while blogging my absolutely favourite being the Instant Beauty Shot. It’s just amazing, I love the fresh scent, I love how you can feel your skin get tighter after a few minutes it’s like a baby face lift. I like to wear this on days when I will be wearing makeup for quite a long time, it’s a real nice treat and on Thursday I’ll be attending the next Ren launch which is the beauty shot for the eyes, I can just tell it’s going to be a game changer for me. I didn’t realise until quite recently that my eyes are the most unloved part of my skincare routine so for lent as well as being mindful to get more active, I am trying to nail down my beauty regime and really put in the effort to get better at looking after myself. I wrote about the latest night cream from Ren and although I didn’t really like the scent of the product, I really liked the texture and have begun to use it again lately as part of my night time routine.

The Balm- Yep you are reading this right….Castle pharmacy are now the sole stockist of The Balm in Waterford. How bloody amazing is this! I was actually in the pharmacy the day Orla was stocking the shelves, not to be too eager I left her put out all the stock, rang my dad and once again he arrived at the shop to pick up some products for me. He’s such a good dad :) Anyway the two products I had to have were the Meet Matte Hughes lipsticks in Committed which I wore out Saturday night and everyone loved it, it was so comfy and lasted ages! The other shade I got was Charming, still haven’t worn that but most likely will bust it out for the Ren event on Thursday. I already have the Mary Lou Manizer…Be sure to buy that if you like highlighter and then my little sister who’s epic at pressies got me the trio of the highlighters so that’s been an amazing addition to my stash. I was once again stalking DianeEverett one morning this week and saw her using the Time Balm foundation and the Sexy Momma powder so they’re both on the wishlist now… what I love most bout Snapchat is when you actually see people taking videos of using products so you see how they apply and what they look like first thing. I also saw recently that Gail from Glamour Puss Makeup went out and stocked up on The Balm products I just love this brand and can't wait to add more to my collection. I'm home next weekend so I'm thinking a little treat is certainly on the cards.

Just off the Castle Pharmacy snapchat

Cocoa Brown- All tan lovers in Ireland will have heard of or tried Cocoa Brown tan. They now have a huge range of products which Castle Pharmacy stock in full. My favourite of their products is of course the Golden Goddess oil, it's the latest must have for glowing skin and I can see this being huge this summer. It leaves a beautiful sparkle on the legs and many people also use it as their highlighter. I have braved this as my highlighter when I have tan on and using a darker foundation and it's beautiful. As far as the CB tan goes my fave is the night & day tan. It has been my tan saviour on numerous occasions as it comes up lovely and dark and then when you shower it off the next day you are left with a beautiful soft glow. Cocoa Brown has such a good price point you should always have a can of this in your drawer even for a just in case tanning emergency.

Here's a link to the a review I wrote ages ago on Cocoa Brown night & day:  

Organic Surge- This brand is relatively new to Ireland let alone to Castle Pharmacy. Again being a Dublin based blogger, it was great to attend the launch of this new skincare brand a couple of weeks ago, I have been using the hot cloth cleanser (absolutely love this) and also the facial oil which just like the sleep spray has become part of my pamper sessions it’s so nice again the scent is what I love. I’ve really discovered lately that I am a total smell lover. If I don’t like the smell of something I really won’t use it. I know products can be really good but if they really get up my nose even with perfume and all the rest I will still smell it. That might sound really weird but thankfully with the organic surge products are really nice smelling. Organic Surge is a lower price point than Ren so if you are looking for a really nice treat or a gift for the upcoming mother’s day then I’d recommend the hot cloth cleaners.

My gelux in Oak

Cailyn Ireland- Cailyn is an American cosmetic company which is now being stocked in Castle Pharmacy. Cailyn is everywhere on social media at the moment, the brow product the Gelux is much loved with Make Up Artists and Beauty Bloggers all around the country but especially in Waterford thanks to Castle Pharmacy. I have the brow product in Oak to match my own brow colour. I am attending the beauty show next month where Cailyn will be showcasing their latest products which Orla has given us a sneak preview of on Snapchat. The 'O Wow' brush from Cailyn seems to be the product I need to get for myself, recently I've been watching beauty bloggers used it in videos on their snapchat and I'm growing to love it more and more.

MooGoo Skincare- The latest beauty must have again comes from the amazing Laura Dempsey again and it's the moogoo goats milk soap for cleaning makeup brushes. I really want to highlight this brand because it's amazing! MooGoo very kindly sent all the #deisebloggers sample goodies for our event one of which being a sample size of their soaps. There are two kinds but Laura has been using the Goats Milk bar for cleansing her brushes and it seems to be working wonders. I have rooted out my own bar so will be using this for cleaning my own brushes from now on. The bar of soap is a bargain at €5.95 so if you are looking for something new to use to clean your brushes then check this out. MooGoo are really good and their Tamanu Oil was brilliant on my spots. Here's a link to a post on Moogoo: 

Next up on my list is of course the new tan from Australia Bondi Sands which the ever amazing Diane Everett has been trialling. And yes if you follow her on Snapchat you’ll see she used a mini paint roller and it works! I just love how if you follow good artists or bloggers you instantly end up with a shopping list and new tricks to learn. I also want to try the Dr Paw Paw, I am terrible for looking after my hands and lips and this stuff is meant to be amazing! Of course the balm treats are on the list and who knows what else Orla will get into the pharmacy in the meantime so it’s all go and my trips home to Waterford will always cost me a bomb but ya know what to support local and come away with brilliant treats is so worth it!!

If you follow any of my fellow #deisebloggers you'll see they've all been to Castle Pharmacy and treated themselves to some fantastic treats:
Emer- Penneys to Prada
Zane- Zane Krevica MUA
Jamie- Grey Skies Silver Linings
Janat- Blossoming Beauty by Jan

Be sure to follow Castle Pharmacy Waterford on their social media accounts:
Instagram: @castlepharmacywaterford 
SnapChat: @castlepharmawd 

I just want to finally say a huge congratulations to Orla and Darren on the success of their Pharmacy, they are doing an amazing job, they are being supported by so many beauty bloggers makeup artists and makeup lovers in the city. They are providing much needed access to brands that people love and it's so good to see so many people supporting a local business with such love. Thanks for reading!

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