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Happy Sunday All,

During the week, I headed to the oh so glamorous Westbury Hotel in Dublin's city centre so take part in the Buff Makeup Bloggers evening.

Buff is an Irish brand of makeup I have been following ever since I started blogging, and to be honest mostly to do with my following of Tara O Farrell, who you can check out HERE In the words of the Buff Makeup Website:

The time had come for something new, fresh and beautiful and of superior quality;something that would make women nationwide feel good and look good so the journey began to bring you a new luxury make up brand! In what has been the most exciting collaborations in hair and make-up in Ireland of late, Hession Hairdressing brought on board the internationally acclaimed make-up artist Paula Callan to help create a new luxurious make-up suite, extensive make-up services and their most exciting project to date, to bring you a professional make up line, BUFF Make up. The BUFF brand is continuing to grow and pick up highly coveted awards in the beauty industry along with the introduction of additional products in the BUFF Make Up range and an ever expanding BUFF PRO Make Up Team and brand ambassadors to the development of the BUFF Make Up Academy and the team of trainers.
The BUFF Make Up Suite is now open at Hessions in Clontarf Tel 01 8330110 for an appointment and the award winning BUFF Make Up range is now available to purchase online from www.buffmakeup.com and www.hessionhairdressing.com"

So back to Wednesday, we were welcomed into a board room by a lovely glass of punch, jellybeans and notes! Now what else could a blogger need... ah yes makeup!! So also in the room were Jessica and Michelle from Buff Makeup. Jessica is the new creative director for Buff Makeup and Michelle is their resident MUA in the salon. Both girls also had a stunning model to work on for the evening, creating two very different looks, using differnt techniques but all Buff Makeup products.
Here is a few snaps of the evening:

I really enjoyed my time at the Westbury, chatting to my blogging ladies, asking questions and getting a chance to touch and play with some of the products. I was completely star sturck, and yes I'll full admit it when Tara O Farrell herself sat down next to me at the event, now we have already had a few funny tweets about this but I didn't introduce myself, I think I asked for the punch once and passed her makeup and that was it, I felt like an eegit at the end of it for not loading her with questions but I'm assured I'll see her again and we can have all the chats :) 

We were also treated to a goody bag which held three amazing Buff products, I received a HD foundation, an eyeshadow and a lipstick, all I which I am so happy to play with. The HD foundation is in shade N25, it has a slightly peach tone for my skin, but I think if I mix it with one of my more yellow/darker foundations it will be perfect!

The eyeshadow I received is in the colour Urban, I was so happy to see this as Jessica has used this in her look during the evening's event and she said it's her most used transition colour!

My lipstick... Yay lipstick!! It's very pretty I love the tone of the colour it's not one I've had before so this will deffo be used by me. It has a lovely moisturising texture.

As bloggers and MUA's we were also offered the chance to sign up to a pro card from Buff Makeup. I will definitely be putting this to use and the first product I buy will be their Sheer Glow Illuminiser. Each brand should have a unique selling products and for me this is it from Buff. It gives the skin an unbelievable glow and I have seen it used in so many different ways, from an all over glow to the skin by applying it alone or mixed with foundation, to using it on certain areas such as the high point of the cheekbones. I think for myself personally I will use it on certain areas as I can get quite an oily T-zone that I might get too 'shiny' if used everywhere. Once my pro card comes in and I purchase I will be sure to do another post.

I would like to thank The Publicity Loft for the shout out to join this wonderful event, and of course a huge thanks to Amy for all the chats on the night! 

Emma x

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