June Powder Pocket... In July??


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Hope your week is going well :)

Unfortunately I am saddened to say that my June Powder Pocket experience has not been as good as I hoped. You will have read in my May box evaluation that I wasn't overly impressed and was really hopeful for the June box. I can safely say my May box is still sitting in my bathroom, boxed and I haven't used 3 out of the 5 mini products we were sent.

Before I get into the June box I just want to point out something obvious but annoying, to subscribe to a monthly box you don't know what's coming! I think for many bloggers, myself included you make the safe assumption that at least one product in every box will be full sized. You are spending €15 a month and I just don't think that all samples in the box is really ok. I have been researching two other subscription boxes and one blogger reported getting 4 out of 5 full sized products in one box and 2 out of 4 in the other. This sounds like it might be more my style as I just feel if I am going to spend €15 on a box each month, I want to see some full sized products.

Now just like Powder Pocket, I am completely new to the blogging and beauty world so you have to give them a break for not having it bang on from the start but for all the build up that came with this 'Brazilian' themed box, it just wasn't what I hoped for.


There was to be fair one makeup product so that was good news for me but I'm afraid that's almost where my good feelings end. I don't know what the concept of the world cup brazilian theme and the products had in common. The packaging was the colours of brazil but that was it. I think I had in my head, fruity, loud, maybe tanning or body lotions or mad coloured lipstick or eyeshadows. Everything about brazil comes across as loud and lively and that's just not what this box contained. I do feel bad for the team at Powder Pocket as this box seems to have hit a wall.


Not only are the products not up to scratch but they had a disaster with their postage this month. Now I don't know who's at fault so I won't speculate but my May box reached me later than everyone on but still on the delivery day but for the June box, the delivery day came and no box for me! I waited all evening in the hope like the May box it would arrive into the late evening but nope, it arrived to the house the next day and it was really tough for me because companies had already started posting on social media that they were included in the box.... that did not help!! At least wait a day or two after to be sure people have received their box.

So what was in my June box??


Pixy- Lime Body Scrub
This looks like a cube and that's exactly what it is. The concept is that you scrub your skin with the cube and it leaves your skin silky smooth. As many of you will know, I am starting a tanning series on the blog so I am hopeful for this product as I have in fact seen many bloggers write about Pixy as a brand and it always seems to get glowing reviews but this my friends is tiny, I don't know how it will do my whole body. This sample size is €1 while a full size product is €5.95.


Shiseido- Super Slimming Reducer
In my March box, I received a beautiful lipstick from Shiseido, a pinky nude toned lippy and I love it so I was happy to see the brand included again but a 'slimming' product? I don't buy into these at all, the only way my ass and legs will get slimmer is if I stop eating so much junk and get out running! I do hope this will help those nasty stretch marks I'm starting to find but fitness and eating right are the key so this product will be tested absolutely but no pressure... I'll take care of the legs! This is a 12ml sample size, the full 200ml size is €62.


Dr Hauschka- Almond Soothing Bath Essence
I like a bath as much as the next person, although I seem to have a terrible way of burning myself, then wanting to get out before the bath even cools but I will try this product. See this is a product I don't feel suits brazil at all... I don't think luxury bathing when I think of brazil, give me a cobalt blue eye liner or a lime green lipstick and I'll think... ah the mad lot in Powder Pocket want us to have our own Mardi Gra!! We received a 10ml of this product with the full size 100ml bottle costing €22.49


The Body Shop- Super Volume Mascara
Yay a makeup product... A teeny tiny makeup product but it's one none the less! Also included in the box which was a nice touch was a voucher for The Body Shop for an eyebrow thread, I am a HD brow girl all the way so I won't be using this but one of my followers will. I think the extra of a voucher was a slight saving grace in last months box but still with a mascara containing 2.5ml it may only last me a week. I am such a body shop lover so I am really happy to get this product and maybe I am just too fussy this month but I just had such high hopes based on the last month that even if this had been the full sized product, it possibly could have made up for a lot of the other products and then really good value. This is €15.95 for a 10ml tube.


Nia- Intensive Restoring Facial Moisturising Balm
I have reviewed products from Nia before so if this brands interests you have a read HERE I have a serious gripe with this product being included in my Powder Pocket box. As you will see from my previous review, I was in touch with Celine after watching her on Dragons Den and couldn't wait to try some natural products.I absolutely love the brand and the products themselves are fantastic so this is in no way a gripe towards Nia in anyway. I am still using the two body balms, running out and will deffo be stocking up once again but in my pictures you will see I was sent three of the exact same samples which were clearly marked 'free'. My understanding from the Nia website back then was these samples were completely inexpensive possibly under €1 and you could add these to your order. This full size products retails at €19.95 or so it had said on the sample I was sent but that has now gone up to €24.95. I have no problem at all with business upping prices to match their own costs, that happens a lot but I am not happy to see this sample in my powder pocket box that I have paid €15 for. I don't know what they would retail our sample at but I think for me, this was the final straw on the June box.

Powder Pocket peeps, I will be giving you all one more chance after one not so great box (May) and one disastrous box (June). A July box needs to be here by the end of July and also I really really hope to see at least one if not two full size products in this next box. I just don't know is it the fear of missing out that keeps me hooked but considering the theme and products just didn't match at all this June box, I am positive and hopeful that the July box will be much better so if you have signed up, don't cancel wait for July and if you haven't wait until we see what July has to offer and if it's amazing, I apologise now that you missed out on an awesome box!!

As I said earlier, I am a total HD brow girl so I am offering my free threading voucher to the 1st person to contact me who would like this voucher. Please contact me through my Facebook page HERE and just let me know you'll use it and you can have it. Please contact me if you think you will be able to use it the voucher is only valid for the month I think :) 

Keep the head up Powder Pocket you'll get there!! :)

Emma x

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  1. A lot of people seem to be disappointed with this one! I don't subscribe but I have used those Pixy cubes and love them

    1. Its really not good I have to say I mean one month late you'd forgive but still a bad box and now a 2nd month even more late and even more disappointing its just not great! x