Tan Cosy.... Did the sheets survive??


Hello Tan Lovers!!

As I started the tanning series, I knew it was going to be tough going on my sheets so I contacted the fab people at TanCosy to see if they wanted to help me out with this little problem! We have all been there, it's late we don't have 8 hours development time to sit and wander around like a zombie so we lash the tan on, give it a little while and hit the hay and try a sleep like a vampire so as not to sweat your tan off all over your bed (well maybe that's just me) but still, I wake up, tan looks great but my bed looks like an Oompa-Loompa has melted onto the sheets Ahhhhhhh!!!

           Tan Cosy

So what is Tan Cosy? Well..... "Tan Cosy is a 100% Cotton sleeper which allows you to tan, worry free. Whether relaxing on the couch watching telly or in bed overnight, the Tan Cosy protects your soft furnishings and sheets while you tan.

Tan Cosy is designed in Ireland and made from 100% Cotton. Simply place in the wash after use and it’s ready when you are for your next big night out."

This product retails at €20 but you can buy 2  €18 each or 6 @ €14 each so that's a saving of 40% so if there is a few of you looking to save your sheets or you wanna get in some early Christmas pressies for the tan lovers in your life, deffo avail of this fab discount!!

Now be warned... It may not look the absolute prettiest item you will own but for me the proof was to be in the pictures!

I used the Tan Cosy as part of week 3 of the tanning series when I had applied a liquid tan on, an hour and a half before bed and hopped in!

I slept normally, although it was a little odd as it felt like I was in a really light sleeping bag within my bed. As these last few weeks have been quite warm, I ended up just using the Tan Cosy and it was great! There is so much room in the Tan Cosy, you can toss and turn all you like and you wont have to worry about ripping it or making yourself too uncomfortable at all.

So you want the proof??

Here is my bed before I got in at all....

Here is my bed the next morning...

Like seriously, nothing on the sheets it was amazing and I was just delighted! I just took the tan cosy and put it into the washing machine ready for next weeks tan testing. I will absolutely use this each and every time I am tanning to save my bed (and boyfriend) the mess of tan all over the sheets.

If you are a regular tanner, please do click over to www.tancosy.com and get your own Tan Cosy. You can also check them out on Facebook HERE and on twitter @Tancosy 

Emma x

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