My review of the Max factor- CC sticks and Primer


So a good part of being a blogger is of course being given the opportunity to try out products, it's every girls dream but of course I feel really conscious then to give an honest review to you all as it will be your hard earned cash that is spent if you choose to buy them.

This is my 1st of two Max Factor posts. I don't usually use this brand, in fact I don't think before I got these items I had anything Max Factor in my stash! I was gifted through a PR company the 5 Colour Corrector 'CC' Sticks and the Facefinity All-Day Primer.

We'll start with the primer. This primer is a skin preparation essential which creates a matte base with an all-day hold. The first thing I want to say is I agree with the 'all-day' element, I have been going to this primer almost every day and I find it really has helped with the lasting power of many of my foundations. This primer has been made from the infamous 3 in 1 foundation which sold 1 every 2 minutes in its first week of sale!!

I would recommend this primer if you are in need of one. The RRP is €13.99 but I haven't sourced it myself yet so hopefully that is along the right track of what we are actually being charged! It has a creamy texture but doesn't leave the skin feeling oily which is something I hate. I mostly just use my fingers to put a little amount all over my face or else just to focus on my t-zone. This primer also contains an SPF 20 which is great news.

Ok so onto the 'CC' sticks; These little things are very odd for someone not used to them. Now don't get me wrong, I have been trying to conceal these damn spots of mine since I am about 16 but the fact that there are 5 different colour correctors had me baffled!

Green- The Reducer: Neutralises Redness (I use this one the most on my 'imperfections')
Purple- The Revtaliser: Counteracts sallow and yellow areas, banishing dullness.
Yellow- The Brightener: neutralises purple tones such as under-eye circles.
Pink- The Balancer: Evens out dark spots in lighter skin tones.
Orange- The Highlighter: Softly reflects light and illuminates the face.

After reading about the CC sticks, I decided rather than trying to use them all, I'd use just what I need so I find myself using the yellow under my eyes and the green on my spots. I had been applying it literally from stick to skin but I found then buffing it out with a small concealer brush made it much easier. I am not the best at using products like these, it's almost like I forget once my primer is on not to add them before my foundation.

I do hope to use them in the future and if you have an issue you would like to try and conceal then do try these and let me know how you get on. I'd love to hear if they work for everyone.

Emma x 

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