Eylure Brow Products- New and Good???


Evening ladies,

Well as many of my readers will know, I am a big brow fan. I have had some great treatments and some disasters over the last 18 months since moving away from the lovely Louise in Lulu Belle Beauty Waterford, she is my absolute brow legend and at this stage I rarely go to anyone else so if you are around Waterford, she is your lady! Thankfully my brows are in good shape now they just need a little filling in and defining.

So what's in store today? Well the wonderful Eylure sent me some fab new brow products they are have recently launched for some of us bloggers to test out. I was delighted to receive the Brow Ink, Brow Palette & Brow Control and Shape Gel. So let's go through them..

The Brow Palette:
Starting with my fave product this brow palette comes with three different elements;
Sculpt: with the firm hold wax
Colour: with the intensely pigmented powder

Define: with a sweep of the matte highlighter
All the products I was sent are in the colour mid-brown. I love this palette, it's perfect for 'on the go' brows, lash it into your handbag and you can have perfect brows all day. I really like that there are three different elements to this palette, the highlighter is a real treat to finish your brow look and at €12.99 this is a great stocking filler.

Brow Ink:
This is not for the faint hearted, I however really like this product for a night time brow, this is when you want a strong brow on a night out which wont move or smudge all night. It has a double end, one thick, one thin which helps you define your brow perfectly. Do be careful with this product, light hand movements are needed and a little practice to perfect your desired brow. This retails at €10.99

Brow Control & Shape Gel:
This bad boy costs only €7.99 and I would absolutely recommend this for those long days where you want perfect brows. "A long-hold brow fixer gel, that treats the follicle whilst keeping the brow in shape." This is a colourless gel, it doesn't make the brows look plastic at all and again I think this would be the perfect finisher to the brow palette but as much as I love a dark structured brow, I wouldn't see the need to use it over my brow ink but that's just me.

As many of the followers will know I am a huge eylure lashes fan and you can read my recent post on four of their new styles HERE so I am really impressed with their brow products. I am a fickle lady when it comes to my brows so these high street brow products are fab for anyone wanting to learn how to master their own brows without breaking the bank, and if you do want to make that Christmas gift extra special, be sure to add a pair of lashes to the pressie :) 

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