Ruby Laine's #HallowBloggers event


Hello beauties,

Third day in a row blogging, you know I’ve missed it but still I have so many posts to catch up on I could be posting every day if I wasn’t taking a few days away with Justin and I’m on a tech ban… He does this and he’s right, my head is always in my phone so I may not have any more posts this week unless I get a chance to schedule some before we go.

So I can’t let another day go by without posting about the amazing time I had at the #HallowBloggers event on Saturday the 25th of October in Costa hosted by my wonderful friend Elaine from Ruby Laine. I first met Elaine almost a year ago as she very kindly offered me a free makeup lesson in her home as I was still very new to the beauty world. I had a wonderful time with her and you can read that full post HERE.

Elaine and I have built a real steady friendship over the last year, attending blogging events together as much as we can and at this stage we are in daily contact. When she told me in late August that she wanted to plan a Halloween blogger event I thought she was mad, I thought that was way too early but my god was I wrong!! Her Halloween theme was excellent and it’s her favourite time of year so she was dead right to host this event at this time of year.

You should all click over and read Elaine’s post on her experience of organising this event; it was not easy, so I would like to say a huge WELL DONE to Elaine for all her hard work over the few months to make this event as excellent as it was. Any blogger who takes on the task of hosting an event deserves loads of credit and none more than my blogging bestie.

Our amazing host!!

Elaine literally spent hours linking in with companies, businesses, pr companies sending emails, making phonecalls, collecting prizes and treats for our goodie bags it seemed at times a logistical nightmare but my god was the pay off phenomenal!!

I arrived at Costa at 11:30am having been up really early doing my Queen of Hearts makeup which I blogged about HERE. I was there to help Elaine set up the venue and as for the venue A+ for a Halloweeny type place, it’s like a cellar all stone arches, dark lighting and enough seats for all us blogging ladies. We set up with the decorations Elaine had bought for the event, Elaine had a goodie bag filled table (we will get to them) she also had a raffle prize table, a table set up for the makeup demos and then loads of seats with spooky decorations on them. Elaine was so good to us guest she had two cauldrons filled with not only some sugary snacks but also beauty goodies so even more treats than what were in our goodie bags which were full and there was 2!!!!!

So peeps began to arrive in their fancy dress at 1pm as requested and there was a great buzz about the room, I think anyone who made the effort to dress up were epic and for those who didn’t have the time to dress up, Elaine had even supplied extra props for people to use while they were at the event, this lady thinks of everything!!!

We had three demos on the day; 

First up were the fan Jen & Ciara from, From Matte to Metallic, this dynamic duo are fantastic MUA’s based in Dublin who I have visited during the year for a one day workshop which you can read all about HERE. Jen & Ciara created what I found to be a terrifying look on Elaine’s friend Helen.  It was a brilliant Halloween option and we as an audience we were impressed with the techniques used although I would be way too scared to try it out on myself!!

Next up we had a beautiful makeup demo from another of Elaine’s friends from college Leonie who works for Urban Decay. She created a stunning purple smokey eye look on Rachel and again I was there taking note of the products used and making a shopping list for myself. With Christmas coming up this was a great chance to start adding to my wish list.

Stunning look on Rachel

Our final demo on the day was from a brand I love… Karora tan! Elaine had linked in with Barbara Dalton who runs the PR for Karora and she arranged with Elaine for Karen from Karora to come and discuss the range with us. Now as many of my avid followers know, I LOVE karora tan! It’s fast become my fave in the 13 weeks of my tanning series which by the way I will be starting again with a couple more products for review.  I was delighted to see that although many of the other bloggers in the room hadn’t tried the Karora tan as of yet, we were all being treated to one of their products in our goodie bags. It was great to see the bloggers getting an opportunity to link in with Barbara to try out a Karora product if they liked and we also got some info on new Eylure products I can’t wait to test!

Apologies it's a terrible pic but all I had

During the day there was a raffle and all proceeds have gone to the Simon Community, a charity of Elaine’s choice. I was very lucky to win two prizes on the day and I was delighted! I won a beautiful body set from Green Angel, a brand I have been dying to try and then a stunning printed photograph from Elaine’s extremely talented partner Joey. I loved his shot the min I saw it so it now has pride of place in my apartment.

Another fun feature on the day was a competition which I won woohoo… I won the best dressed competition!! I was delighted.. to me I think Elaine should have won her own prize but I was delighted to win my Halloween goody bag. It has beauty products, sweets and Halloween treats and it was super cute!!

Woohoo there's me the winner YAY!!!

I went home laden down with goodies. We were given a huge goodie bag filled with a range of products from NeoStrata skincare to Nail Varnish from Penney’s, Sleek Makeup blush palette, Propercorn, Lindt chocolate, Robets Tea, Ayu brush, Blank Canvas brushes, Karora Tan, Eylure lashes, Impress nails, WetnWild makeup, Cleanse off Mitt, Dream dots, Polar white pro and I am literally leaving out loads! I was so excited to get into my goodie bag that I forgot to take a pic of it but I am telling you, the months of hard work effort and time Elaine put into these bags was amazing, thank you so so much to Elaine for sourcing the brilliant treats and to all the companies who were willing to share their fab products with us! Our second goodie bag was from Zaija, I took home the sensitive goodie bag and can’t wait to try it out!

I was probably the proudest blogger in the room watching everyone having a ball at the day Elaine has worked so hard to create. She spent countless hours at this and I loved every single minute of it. For anyone who made it that I didn’t already know, it was wonderful to meet you, for those I do like my angel lady Nirina, thanks for having a pose with me haha! It was a wonderful opportunity to spend time with my blogging ladies and just embrace the Halloween theme albeit if I did take it to an extreme in my costume. Elaine if you are reading this (which you better be) You are wonderful!! It was a brilliant day, we all loved and appreciated the time and effort you put in, you completely spoiled us and I think we were all blown away by the amount of goodies you sorted, the wonderful demos you arranged and your fantastic hostess skills not to mention a killer costume!

I will be posting reviews of some of my goodies from the day in time, once I get a great chance to play with them.  I really hoped you liked this post, it’s a long one but I really wanted to showcase the amazing afternoon I personally had and all the brilliant work Elaine carried out!!

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