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Hello Beauties...

Heading to Wexford for a night was a wonderful idea and just what I needed. We all need a little escape every now and then so myself and J headed off for a night away to chill out and escape Dublin life.

I was really feeling the tension in my back and shoulders lately, I think it’s just a build-up of not really looking after myself so I decided I was going to hunt for a beauty salon for Friday morning.

I had put a shout out on my Facebook page and was given loads of different suggestions as to where to try. Some places which had been mentioned I had heard of before and some I hadn't so I decided to take to Facebook pages to look up some possibilities. I quite like finding places on Facebook, you can get a really good view of somewhere as well as checking out a website so I stumbled across Laura's Beauty Rooms and was immediately drawn into the page by this amazing offer they had available.

“ULTIMATE LUXURY SPECIAL, including a Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage, a 1 Hour Dermalogica Facial (including a face and décolletage massage) a hand massage with heated mitts, a foot massage with heated booties and a scalp massage! One and a half hours of pure luxury! ALL THIS IS ONLY €45! AMAZING VALUE!”

The value alone was enough to make me want to get there straight away but I booked myself in for Friday morning at 10:15. We didn't have any trouble finding the salon, I had google maps on as J drove and on both ends of the street, there are very pretty signposts directing you to the salon. The building is on a residential street but thankfully I am not one for busy shopping centre beauty salons so the quiet of the street suited me perfectly.

When I walked in the door of the salon, I was immediately hit by that lovely salon smell (which I can never figure out what is it) and it was so cosy. There are loads of lovely Dermalogica products on display which I love as I have recently discovered this brand having been faced mapped at a Beauty Show in the RDS. I was greeted by Gillian and taken to her treatment room. There was loads of space, a beautiful scent, candles lighting and the overall appearance of the room was lovely.

So I got myself ready on the bed and Gillian explained we'd be doing my back neck and shoulder massage first, followed by my facial with the hand and arm massage with heated gloves and also a foot massage with booties. Now let me be very clear, I have a total feet phobia, there is a clear reason God invented beautiful shoes and it’s so people like me never have to see feet!!

My back really needed the work Gillian gave it, that fine line between wanting to cry and the relief when a knot was finally worked out was great. I really did need it and while Dido played softly in the background I became more and more relaxed.

We had a very brief chat about my face before Gillian began the facial, I was lovely and cosy and the scent from the Dermalogica products were lovely and not overpowering that before I knew it, wait for it…. I was asleep!! I literally cannot say for how long but these random thoughts were in my head and all of a sudden I was telling myself to WAKE up! Mortified I had to concentrate really hard to stay away I was so relaxed.

The hand massage was wonderful and the mitts were so toasty! Now here’s the mad bit.. As you can see earlier I do not like feet at all but after my snooze and in general just being so relaxed I really enjoyed the foot massage! Mental I know! I just lay there, let all the tension leave my feet and relaxed with the little booties on until the treatment was finished.

A huge thanks to Gillian and her magic hands, I loved the whole treatment package so ladies if you are anywhere near Wexford town and have a free hour and a half get yourself to Laura’s Beauty Rooms!! I met owner Laura as I was leaving and herself and Gillian had very kindly bagged up some Dermalogica sample products for me as a treat and in my treat bag there was even a little Laura’s Beauty Rooms pocket mirror which now lives in my handbag and I’m delighted!

I love finding new places and as always I am a real bargain hunter and my god did that hunt pay off, I had one of the most relaxing mornings of my life and was so so glad to have met Laura and Gillian. I hope they have loads of continued success with the salon and if I am heading down the Wexford way again I will be sure to pop in.

Check them out on Facebook HERE!!

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