Monday Rainbow Challenge... Halloween Time!!


Here I am back to the blogging world…. Dun dun dun…. Did ya miss me?

Well I certainly missed the ability to write to you ladies, It’s been a good week, I have been road testing some new products and received my October Chic Treat box so I really wanted to write all about them!

Firstly though, I cannot start back my writing without posting on my Halloween experience this year, and I am not gonna lie, I rocked two makeup looks this year, with no help and no practice I feel so good after completing my two looks for the #HallowBloggers event on the 25th of October and then for a work event last Wednesday.

Today I am going to talk about my Nicole Guerriero inspo ‘Queen of Hearts’ look I wore to the bloggers event hosted by my blogging bestie Elaine from Ruby-Laine-Make-Up-Special-FX. As the weeks have gone on with our Monday Rainbow Challenge we have tried and tested loads of different colours but for this week we are absolutely going to look at our Halloween faces for you.

So this is the picture of Nicole Guerriero that I found online and here is the link to the tutorial video. 

I literally sat and watched the video at least 4 times before I decided that this was the look I was going to try out for the #HallowBloggers event.  The makeup needed was quite easy to find in my makeup drawer that really I knew it wasn't going to cost me a lot to do this look, all I bought in the end was a white and red face paint (Snazaroo €5x2) Jewels €3 and glitters 3 pack €4.

To be honest, as I hadn't practiced the look, I was so nervous to start creating it on the morning of the event that I gave myself three hours to get ready and low and behold with taking my time and sipping on tea, this finished look took me just over the two our mark to get right. I wanted the blending to go right, the jewels took time to stick on in the right place and glitter… Glitter went everywhere so I was also trying to clean my face as I worked.

The finished look was lovely, I was dead proud and once my hair was sprayed pink and my tiara was on, I knew the look was good! (totally bragging I know!) I don’t know what else there is to say on the look, I literally tried to follow Nicole’s video to a tee so if there is any questions after watching the video then please do contact me on my Facebook page HERE.

Elaine’s look for the #HallowBloggers event was unreal! We deffo went all out and as it was her event I think she looked absolutely stunning! So much time and effort went into her look, be sure to click over to her Facebook page and check out her post on what she did to create this look. Her stitches looked brilliant and the real thread was so gross looking! Her wig was just perfect for the bride of Frankenstein look and I think had she a 2nd prize for best dressed she should have one… Oh didn’t I tell you? I won best dressed at the #HallowBloggers event and I was over the moon!!

Halloween is deffo Elaine’s fave time of year and I can totally see why, she has amazing talent so she gets to showcase loads of different looks out on herself and others. I shared her Edward Scissors hands look the other night and I just thought it was deadly looking! Here is a look at some of the other looks she has created over the last two weeks, I think she rocks at Halloween and I am so happy we have met and she's brought out my creative side!

This has been a fun post to write as my time spent at the #HallowBloggers event was just brilliant and I am working on a post on the event now so keep your eyes peeled during the week!!

Good to be back ladies x

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