My 1st Event with Ziaja Skincare Ireland in Clearys Dublin


Where do I even begin on last week? It was so busy, possibly one of the busiest weeks I've had in my life in a long time and I am really suffering for it today.

Thursday was the biggest day for me of course hosting my first in store event with Ziaja Skincare Ireland. We hosted the event in their flagship store in Dublin Cleary’s Pharmacy on Talbot Street. The event was on from 5-6:30pm and here’s how it went….

I fell in love with Ziaja ages ago, like most people wasn't really sure how to pronounce it, I had seen one person using a hand cream of theirs and decided based on the price point I’d give it a go myself. When I moved to Dublin I forgot about the brand until at blogging events and meeting other bloggers the name was mentioned again. Fast forward months and my dad, mum, boyfriend and sister all use Ziaja products in their daily routine. I was so delighted to be asked by Ziaja to start hosting these events and now here we are one down and so excited to get going on number 2!

I arrived at the store well in advance and was delighted to see balloons and a huge range of ziaja products on offer. I got all dressed up in my Ziaja tshirt and began my final prep for my ‘big talk’. As people began to arrive the nerves were alright and I think they really only kicked in at the very moment Barbara introduced me to the crowd. I made it through my speech ok I think, I realised afterwards I never talked about my blog, I never talked about the men’s range after prepping it all and I never spoke about how I came across Ziaja. It’s all a haze now but I had so many products on my table, I didn’t think I’d ever make it through the whole thing!

Yeah they're some ugly faces while talking

I talked about some of the facts behind Ziaja, their sales figures and their top selling products in Ireland. I then went onto some of the products that were on my pod table. I passed around the body butters and let people smell them and try them out on their skin. We talked through my own personal skincare range and some of the other products on the table and during the input, Barbara helped me out and we also gave away some spot prizes. After the talk, I got to take loads of cool selfies in the Ziaja Instagram frame, which I loved! I got to talk to customers, friends and followers and help advise people on what they should buy for their skin type on the night. The pharmacy was buzzing with loads of people purchasing extra goodies. We had goodie bags jammed packed with ziaja goodies for all registered guests and then we had treats and drinks on hand for everyone. It really felt like a little party and I was just enjoying getting to meet some of my followers and promote a brand I love loads. 

I want to say a huge thank you so all who came on the night, I mean without the fantastic support people show for me, my blog, the brand and just supporting each other in general I never would have had such a good night. On a personal note I want to thank Cli, Ev & Amanda the ladies who travelled to be by my side on my 1st big event. Of course my blogging besties Lainey & Cat for the never ending support and promises to distract the crowd if it all got too much for me. I of course want to say thank you to the wonderful blogging ladies and gent (Rory) who made it to the event, there are so many to mention and for fear of leaving anyone out please forgive me for not naming you individually but I hope I got chatting to all of you on the night. There was such a genuine supportive feeling in the Pharmacy that night it made my day to see so many of you there, not only for me of course I know that but for the brand, Ziaja is truly an amazing brand that I am 100% committed to and behind and as I said earlier have almost all my family using at this stage so thank you for making it so easy for me. To the blog followers, friends, pharmacy team and customers again I want to say thank you and really hope you enjoy the night. To anyone who got selfies with me please send them over to the blog page I want to put them up everywhere!!

Barbara & Peter, this never would have happened without you both, I cannot wait for venue no.2 which a little birdy has told me will be Waterford so keep you eyes peeled folks, I’ll be promoting my home visit like mad! You’re a wonderful pair and I promise I wont be soppy in every single post like this but as it’s the first you need to hear how great I think you both are. And last but certainly not least I want to say thank you to Kasia for her expertise on the night, she was a fantastic help knowing the science behind the products, I was lucky to have her there!

I loved my first event with Ziaja and I’m so happy to be a part of the Irish Ziaja team. Please be sure to check out Ziaja Skincare Ireland on Facebook and Twitter and please feel free to contact me for other stockists. You can also buy Ziaja on the Irish Website for all things Ziaja.

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  1. Looked like a fantastic event and well done! Oh Waterford you say I'm only an hour away ;-)

  2. That's brilliant that you're hosting them!

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