#SpotWatch My Disaster with my skin!


Happy St Patrick's Day All!!

Really hope you're having a great Irish feeling day. I am currently curled up at home with tea and scones, blogging and cleaning today and not out doing the usual having a few pints as I'm having a very important meeting with my manager in work tomorrow first thing (she set the time) so I have to prepare for that hence the taking it very easy today. My beloved is working so I can only imagine what type of busy day he'll have in the shop so I'm feeling quite happy to be at home.

As many of you will know, my skin is not co-operating with my life at the moment. Recently I had a wedding to go to and my face just broke out in ways like never before. I had huge red spots on my forehead, chin, jawline, cheeks and neck. This is real unusual for me, I don't have clear skin, not at all but I never have it that bad. My face hurt, like to touch, they looked sore, they just kept coming and of course I just got more and more stressed about it that I myself was making them worse.

About 10 days before the wedding, I asked out on twitter land for suggestions of what to use and also on the FB page. Loads of you were so helpful with tips and tricks to help with the spots and while I tried loads out I still felt nothing was working.

Here are some of the products I have used over the last few weeks. I know they say things take time and you shouldn't mix up your products but in a crisis I was willing to try and do anything!!

Dream Dots for Spots: Have you heard of these little beauties? I was delighted to receive a new box in the post during #spotwatch. I have a constant supply of these in my bathroom and of course ran out when things went really bad. I have reviewed these bad boys before so have a look and see what you think of them http://masteringyourmakeup.blogspot.ie/2014/07/dream-dots-for-spots-are-they-warning.html

La Roche Posay Effaclar Wash and Effaclar DUO: Thank you to all at La Roche Posay, these two became a staple in my routine in the lead up to the wedding. I still use the moisturiser every day and I really like it. There is no real smell and no real sensitivity on my skin so I really like it. It's light and doesn't take long to sink into the skin so I can get on with my makeup. La Roche Posay are so pleased with their own product they offer you your money back if you don't see a difference. Here is the blurb from La Roche Posay on their wonder product "La Roche-Posay introduces new Effaclar DUO[+] anti-blemish cream, specifically formulated to target the key signs of oily, blemish-prone skin. Clinically proven to correct the appearance of blemishes. Unclogs pores and refine the look of skin texture. This daily skincare solution is suitable even for sensitive skin." (www.laroche-posay.ie) I really like this product!

Glo Therapuetics: Last year I made wonderful contact with an Irish website SkinLogics The girls have been so good looking after me throughout the year and thankfully were no different when it came to my skin woes of late. At the Beauty Show last Sunday I met with Ciara Lee the trainer for GloMinerals/GloTherapuetics. We discussed my skin and Ciara gifted me three products I was to try out on my skin immediately and see would they have an effect on the current situation. I am now on day 9 and so happy to say that they have made a difference. Although my skin is not completely clear, I am not looking for a miracle but I can deffo see the difference, my skin feels very clean, smooth and every night going to bed I am sure my all of my makeup has been totally removed and I let the serum get to work. So what have I been using?

Clear Acne Cleanser: Treats and prevents breakouts while leaving skin thoroughly cleansed. Gentle scrubbing beads clear the skin's surface to allow for optimum Salicylic. 
Clear Complexion Pads: Gently breaks down excess sebum, immediately balancing oily skin and helping prevent the growth of acne-causing bacteria.
Renew Serum: Stimulates mild exfoliation and cell renewal to smooth skin and improve texture and tone. Blended with antibacterial and oil-control agents.

The way I was advised to use these products came from expert Ciara herself "The percentages are low of salicylic in both pads and cleanser and also the renew serum as it is there to provide a mild exfoliation but more to work on an antibacterial side as salicylic penetrates the folice to work from the root. The cleanser is to be used twice a day morning & night and the pads are only needed in the nighttime to ensure all makeup is removed. The renew serum is the stronger product as it also contains glycolic and can cause mild peeling with continuous use that is why we recommend using every 2nd/3rd night. You can use for the 7 nights in a row if you have a bad break out or to prep the skin pre peel treatments. Try using it for 7 nights in a row and then break for 3, if not all cleared up, use it again for 7 nights and then stop again."

I think there are a number of reasons why my skin has calmed down, it's no longer my 'time of the month', I stopped stressing over it, I have tried my best to eat cleaner and drink as much water as possible. It's really tough when your skin gets you down, and when my skin is really bad I don't even like using makeup products, I don't like covering it in loads of makeup and yet that's what we feel we need to do. Everyone's skin is different and what I find good for me may not work for you. I think there is an acceptance I  to come to terms with that my skin may never be 'perfect' I am certainly trying my best and up until the wedding I had been happy enough with how it looked and like many people a breakout just happened! Products can be so hard to choose from to help you out when you feel down about your skin, so many ingredients, so many brand and price points, if you have anyone in your life with a real knowledge of skincare, hang onto them they can be like gold dust to you!

If there is anything I can help you with be sure to get in touch,if I don't know the answer I'll do my best to find it out for you.

Have a wonderful day!

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