Tanning Products Tried & Tested by Me


When you find a tanning brand you love, is it a hard task to change your mind? I think it is! I spent 14 weeks trying and testing out different tans last year and the winning brand for me was Karora, an Irish tanning brand with lots of goodness in their products and the colour they achieved was also perfect for a formal event I had coming up last summer.

In recent months I have been sent three different tanning brands, 4 tans in total and then some tan removal products. One was sent from a PR and the other was bought for my by my blogging best Elaine from Ruby Laine. I’m gonna look at the products today and give them a verdict based on my skin and my experience of them so let’s get to it!...

TanOrganic Tanning Oil.

This was such a sweet gift to receive a few months back. Tan, an eraser mitt and chocolates I was well impressed!! I had actually reviewed this tan before so I am going to attach the post HERE. I do like this tan, I think the only downside is the safety of a glass bottle, that’s me though I tend to make a little mess while tanning and the thoughts of dropping the bottle would terrify me. I did however test out the exfoliation mitt and I really liked this. 

“The secret to a perfect golden tan is all in the preparation. Exfoliation lies at the heart of healthy skin. Exfoliation involves the removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the skin’s outermost surface, the epidermis, and has been used for many years to help maintain healthy skin.” (http://www.tanorganic.com/product-category/our-range/tan-erase/)

St Tropez Express Tan.

Early Feb, I attended a Customer Evening help in Mc Cabes Pharmacy Dundrum hosted by both VIP & Stellar Magazine. I couldn’t wait to attend this event, St Tropez would have been the first tanning brand I strived to save up for and use. I remember for my Debs making sure I could find a salon in Waterford that had St Tropez as their spray tan and only getting is as a present off friends and relatives because it was so expensive. In my head, the more expensive a tan was, the better it was…totally silly as my application skills were dismal! This new tan from St Tropez is similar to that of the new express lines, wash off after 1-3 hours and you are left with different types of tans. This is difficult I find but I left it on overnight (as I always do) and the colour was super dark. As I said numerous times throughout my blogging series, I find the ‘darker’ tans I only like for nights out but in general and this is probably where my love of Karora came, I just felt the colours suited me better. The brand skin match so it will pick up on your own skin tone as do many brands now so for me, this St Tropez tan really gets the thumbs up but put into the ‘night out’ tan bracket. *I am yet to try the gradual tan so cannot review at this time*

(It’s funny that I even have a collection that includes day & night tans)

Sunkissed Self Tan Mousse & Rapid Tan

Sunkissed was a new brand to me. I had seen them around but with all the tans I had been trying, I just never thought to pick them up. I can safely say I am sorry I did that now. I really like both of these tans. I am currently wearing the new Rapid Tan and wow was it rapid. It has a really strong guide colour so you see it straight away, I've washed it off and it had a little run off but not much and the medium colour is perfect for me, not too dark so this will absolutely go into the day pile. I like these tans as the colouring was similar in both so it means the brand itself likes the colour. I have had some experiences where a medium in two different products from the same brand are totally different and that can spell disaster. I would deffo give these tans the thumbs up from me.
The key to any good tan ladies (and gents) is to really prep your skin

The next two products can be used for removal or preparation for tanning. 

As I said earlier my friend Elaine bought me these Pixy Lime Cubes as a treat for my birthday. I love limes, the smell, the taste the colour so it’s so nice to have a scent I like going onto my body. I have used a few of these scrubs out of the packet so I haven't included a pic of my own. In order to either prep or exfoliate, I usually have a warm/hot bath, let myself soak for a while and then get scrubbing. As well as the pixy cubes I've been using the No More Dramas self tan corrector/remover. I love both of these products. Where I will use the cubes directly onto my skin I use the NMD with an exfoliating glove. They are such good products to have in your bathroom if you are a big tanner like me. They have both cleaned up some of my most recent messes, usually around my wrists and my ankles if I don’t moisturise properly. If you can get your hands on either of these absolutely do, I'd consider them a must have. The cubes will probably get used quicker so if you are not big into tanning maybe buy yourself a pot of No More Dramas and keep it on standby. Don't be deceived by the colour of the No More Dramas, it may look a little scary compared to the bright green of the lovely colour of the Pixy Cubes but it'll take that tan right off!

So there we have it, a few newbies you might be interested in trying out yourself. Now that the sun is starting to shine, get those pins ready they'll be out soon!! Happy friday all xx

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