EnvyOrganica- Insight hair products for dry hair


Envy Organica- Insight Shampoo/Conditioner & Treatment for Dry Hair.

A few months back, a lovely package came to my door from EnvyOrganica. I had been contacted through the blog to review some hair products. I was delighted to get the mail as I just had my hair done and was in full mood to take care of my new hair and get it back into great shape. By the way you all know now I finally found my Dublin hairdresser; I am now attending Zinc hair & Beauty in Kilmainham. I have been using the shampoo, conditioner and treatment for over 5 weeks now and here are my thoughts…

Firstly the size of the products are massive!!! I love the pump action of both the shampoo and conditioner. I find this makes it really easy to use in the shower, I would use two pumps of each product to cover all of my hair and the scent is nice, not overbearing at all.

The treatment cream is in a squeezy bottle which again is fab as there is no waste, I hate waste it’s a little pet peeve of mine, those fancy glass bottles that you can never empty properly. So I feel even with washing my hair at least three times a week, I am getting nowhere in the bottle. I think this bottle will easily last me months and I am so happy with how my hair is feeling.

I double shampoo and condition my hair each time I wash it and then I try to use the treatment at least one night a week, usually when I am having a nice little pamper night for myself. My hair is feeling really strong, it always feels really clean and not as dry at all anymore. Moisture is a problem I’ve had in my hair since last year’s blonde disasters so I am trying my best to really look after my hair.

If you are interested in buying some Envy Organica products you can find there HERE I am really thrilled with the products, they are lasting me so long, I am reluctant to move away from them as I feel my hair is fantastic from using them so all in all a wonderful product.

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