#FlashbackFriday with Maisy in La Beaute Make-up Artistry Waterford


Hey Everyone,
So here we are my #FlashbackFriday series. I was reading through the blog posts of lessons courses and classes I have attended since starting my blog Mastering Your Makeup and decided I really want to share them with everyone again. Some of my followers have never had a chance to read the amazing times I've spent with Makeup Artists and Companies training and learning from people with amazing talent. So every Friday I am going to share with you some of my experience and I hope you like it x

September 2013 Group Lesson with Maisy in La Beaute

At the end of March, I was now in full swing of looking for new people to link in with to get some make up lessons. I had been bombarding my best friends Sinead and Elaine so when I contact Maisy at La Beaute she said she'd be delighted to take the three of us for a two hour lesson. I was ecstatic :)

Maisy is a make up genuis! This my friends is a fact which I shall prove in the before and after shot at the end of the blog... Trust me no girl wants their "before" pic out for the world to see but I think its only right to show just how beautiful she can make you and also with the right makeup application you can literally change how a person is viewed by the world.

Our setting was girly perfect, with three of us attending the lesson we each paid €40 and we added on an extra hours class time and snacks (this was a special treat for us 3 as we were Maisy's first triple lesson) We had pink cups, pink table cloths, jellies, fizzy drinks, crisps and it just made the atmosphere so special. We were all really nervous as we had never met Maisy before but ever the professional she was very welcoming and we were soon laughing and relaxed :)

Maisy had asked me what we would like so we decided we would each receive a makeup application and she would explain her method as she went along also noting what products she would suggest for each of our skin tones and conditions. I jumped up to be first and soon discovered I just loved having my makeup done... I attempted to listen to all her instructions but I found I was much more interested in the shopping list I was now making in my head!! Sinead and Elaine were great, taking in all what Maisy was doing so we decided to take note of what we were getting done and then swap afterwards.

I had asked Maisy for a dramatic smokey eye... I like daytime makeup but for me the skills that I need to learn are deffo when it comes to night looks, bold eye shadows, false lashes and contouring. Maisy was extremely descriptive and patient as we watched her apply a smokey eye to each of us, she showed up blending techniques and also easier ways to start with when applying makeup with the option to then come back once we had mastered that. 

In another week or two I shall blog again about the one to one lesson I had with Maisy, this was fascinating and I shall include a step by step guide to perfecting the look we created. When I say we, I was literally two faced for a while :)

We all ended up buying different products from our time with Maisy but for me, this was the first time I had discovered Catrice products (sold in Penneys in Waterford) I purchased the concealer palette. I really liked this and from what I remember its priced around €6, it gives you three shades of concealer and then a pink and a green colour... it even gives you a description on the back as to what the colours are used for. I found the pink colour concealer excellent for covering dark circles. I also bought the glamour doll mascara, excellent for length and volume of any lashes. 

Tonight's blog is an introduction to one of my biggest makeup inspiration to date Miss Maisy. She has thought me so much and anytime I am in Waterford for a weekend or for a night out she's the one lady I go to to change how I look even just for one night. She is both friendly and great craic, a true professional who has serious talent.

La Beaute has it's own Facebook page so check it out and give it a go yourselves :)


As you can see from our pics we loved our time there and the one on one lesson will show you how with the right guidance, you can truly be your own artist.

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  1. Thank you for this great post! I have to buy this, where can I get the best price? I did a Google search and perfumora.com came up. Anyone shop from there?