#BOBBlogChallenge Week 5 Princess Product


Ooooh this is a nice week...

O can safely say I am sitting down, finished work with a cup of tea and finally have the time to get into my princess product post and this one I shall enjoy as if there's one thing I think I am it's a princess just check out the wine glass my great friend Katy had made for me :) 

Thanks to lovely Katy for my princess glass

So back to today's post... The fantastic Sam from All The Buzz http://allthebuzz.co.uk/ has done a superb job this blog challenge I am enjoying it so so much so Miss Sam well done it's epic I've a shopping list the length of my arm :)

I must say the only hard part about today's post is I am only allowed to choose ONE high end makeup or skincare product and of course with me being a makeup blogger it's gonna be makeup for me!!

My princess product is my Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Foundation. I bought this in shade BD50. I first heard of this product when I had my one to one lesson with the amazing Makeup Fairy Joanne Larby. I am a a huge fan and so excited to see her this Sunday in Inglot!! Back to the product... This is a flawless foundation, it is medium coverage which is build-able, it comes in beautiful shades, I find BD50 is more of a tan wearing colour for me but I like to keep my more expensive products for going out anyway so it works!

The foundation gives a lovely dewy finish (I do keep an eye on my shine level, I worry about my oily T-zone.) It is quite expensive at €38 but only a small amount is needed per face application at the most only 3 pumps. I like to apply this foundation with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush which I got in Boots for €14. I find the best way to apply this foundation is to buff it on with the brush to ensure an even flawless coverage.

I bought my Touche Eclat foundation in Debenhams and you can pick it up on any Yves Saint Laurent counter. It's a real indulgence product but I love busting it out for a night out as it's different to anything I've had before.

That's all from me today :)

Emma x

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  1. I find this might apply a bit powdery on some, but is great mixed with clains new radiance boosting base. I recommend getting a sample of that one to try ;)

  2. This is the product I was going to choose but then decided on another YSL product! I love this foundation though! I agree it's so hard to just choose one product! Great post :) x


  3. first person I've seen with a princess glass haha love it! YSL products are stunning-had a makeover there last year and just felt like a celeb, didn't want to take it off that night ;)

  4. Ha! Love your glass! I'm a big YSL fan, I tried a sample of this ages ago but never followed up on it!! Sounds fab!

  5. The packaging is really gorgeous! So professional and simple at the same time. Great pick!

  6. This looks great Emma, love your Princess glass too! :-)

  7. I never think of YSL for foundation! Next time I'm in town I must check them out! x

  8. definitely want to try this foundation! YSL are so good