Burgundy Beauty Blackrock- Nails and Tan time :)


Saturday was a fab morning for me a very lucky blogger I was!

A couple of weeks ago I mailed Laura from Burgundy Beauty Blackrock to link in with her and help generate some interest in both the salon and the fact she had been nominated for the Image award best salon! I had shared the competition voting link a number of times on me FB page hoping some of you voted!! :)

Since moving to Dublin it has been difficult to settle into new beauty salons as you feel a pull to your home places. For me, I can’t go past Louise in Lulu Belle she is just amazing and if the timing is right I will always go back to her when home in Waterford.

I had a good look through the menu in Burgundy Beauty and we arranged for me to come in for a signature Burgundy spray tan and to get my nails done.

We all know I love to have my nails looking well, it has become quite a feature for me every 2-3 weeks getting something new, bold and glam done. We arranged for me to come in last Saturday the 8th of March at 11am.

I was very excited, I actually cannot remember the last time I got a spray tan done as we all know I’m a home Cocoa Brown girl at this stage so this was going to be a lovely treat.

I arrived down (had no trouble parking which was great because it’s a busy little spot) to Newtown Park Avenue and was great by Laura as I walked into the salon. The salon is beautiful, here is a shot of the outside (it looks so glam)

Inside to the left you can see the feature pedicure seats which if I was brave enough to leave people touch my feet, I would love a treatment but of course what took my attention straight away was the nail bar straight in front of the door way which can seat up to 3 people at a time. Laura introduced me to Ciara who was looking after me Saturday morning. We began with nails….

I love my new nails!! They are so pretty and so out there…. These are Gelish ‘You Glare I Glow’. Burgundy Beauty is an amazing place for nails. You get such a tidy perfect finish, a mini manicure as you get your Gelish done. A Gelish application costs €35 but it is so worth it. You could out with perfect fingers and I have to say, even though we took my nails down in length a little, they look extremely healthy, tidy and still appear lovely long and strong. Ciara helped me choose the colour and I just wanted something bright and bold for the next few weeks. The salon also does regular file and polish for €20 and their three week manicure is the BIO Sculpture Application at €45 .

We then moved onto the tan. Burgundy Beauty have two types of spray tan, St. Tropez and the Signature Burgundy Tan. Although the salon do not make the tan themselves, they have permission to use the tan and name it themselves to ensure that their clients get a unique product. The tan comes in three different shades; 6% 8% and 12%. For my first tan we went for the 6%. You get sprayed, leave it on for 8 hours before you shower and you will be beautiful. The tan room is great in the salon, there are three tanning booths with again a unique tanning experience for me. There are no pop up tents but a unit in which you stand into, it has three sides but once you step onto the bottom plate, an extractor fan starts up behind you. You might be thinking what is this for but if you have gotten a spray tan in a tent before you know how it gets, hot, you feel like your breathing in the tan and the room can get very stuffy. This extractor takes all that away, you can breathe easy, you don’t over heat and it makes for a much more comfortable tanning experience.

Here is a picture of my tan once I had rinsed off the colour:

Excuse the pic it was 1st thing!

I don't know why I look pink!

I really liked the colour as even though it doesn't look particularly dark here, there’s a clear difference from my pale self, this for me, would be a lovely event tan for the spring summer, a wedding or a day time event like a BBQ. I will definitely try out the next shade up for a night out as I do like to be very dark.

So far the tan is on 4 days, I am moisturising daily and it is maintaining beautifully.

The salon is so handy for me to get to and as I mentioned before Laura and team are just amazing. Laura has run Burgundy for the last 5 years and they have always been located on Newtown Park but only a year ago in April they moved to the bigger premises opposite the old one.

Laura is extremely passionate about providing her clients with quality and uniqueness in her salon. They will be launching a brand new skin system in the coming weeks and will have special offers. The is called Image skincare and this is a cosmophutical  brand, this is much more than "pampering", it gives intense results and is suitable to all skin types. There is something for everyone with this range included pregnant ladies. This will change skincare and Laura prides herself of effective treatments in her salon

The salon is fast becoming a one stop shop for special occasions with a blow dry bar operating Fridays and Saturdays so far, treatments and times will be expanded as the uptake increases but again this is a fantastic feature for a salon, I don't know about you girls but I hate having to go to three different locations just to get all beautified.

It was an absolute pleasure to be invited to Burgundy Beauty Blackrock and to have such a lovely experience. I will of course visit again and I really do encourage you if you live in the area or are willing to travel for a real special experience check out Laura and team at Burgundy Beauty Blackrock. Please find all their details below...

Website: http://www.burgundybeauty.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/burgundybeautysalon 

Twitter: @BurgundyBeauty_ 

Emma x

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