Makeup Storage in my Room


Hi beauties…

So on Saturday I posted a late pic of sorting out some of my makeup in order to plan my trip to Ikea. Now I must warn you, my apartment came fully furnished so for me it has been an absolute nightmare trying to fit my every growing beauty collection into the place!

I want so much to buy the white Ikea dressing table, big mirror, bulb lights surround and tall white drawer set but…. There’s no room, I mean none!!! My inspiration for my room would be just like Sinead’s from The Beautiful Truth who’s post you can check out ....her room is amazing!! 

So I have been slowly but surely finding little bits and pieces along the way to hoard my stash and here’s a few bits I've invested in over time...

First up is this fab 24 lipstick holder, I got it on for about €4 including postage and I have placed an order for a second one last week. There are hundreds of these online on ebay so just look for a good bargain and expect to wait up to 4 weeks so don’t need it in a panic!

Next up is this 6 piece holder I picked up in town a couple of weeks ago, this was more expensive at €14 but as usual it was an impulse buy so I am not overly sure on what I will use this for yet, most likely my pencils and maybe the smaller brushes I have. I bought this in Muji off Grafton Street.

This tower holds nearly all my goodies, this was €15 in Heatons and I have the shelves divided as follows; Palette on the top, Foundations next, an eye drawer, A lip drawer and my powder drawer. It’s really handy and once organised it’s a huge space so if you are stuck with only a tiny corner get one of these. I was hoping to replace this with the storage tower from Ikea but as it’s in my bathroom it won't suit the other furniture. This is the Alex 9 drawer unit I love this piece and I have seen so many bloggers invest in it for all their makeup it's wonderful so if we ever move this will most likely be my first investment. It's €100 but so worth it.

My travel vanity case is beside it and of course my Wetnwild press box

*The second pic is a little basket I picked up in town for €1, I actually have two, one is holding the extra 24 lipsticks I am waiting on the holder for at the min and this one the purple one is for my dirty brushes, they all get washed mostly after every use so it's nice just to have them in one place and reminds me I need to get moving!!

My first Ikea purchase was these little flower pots, yeah you heard me flower pots. They retail at €2.25 each and I need 3 for the amount of brushes I need at the mo. These are the pots

One great thing about my bathroom is the shelves that are fitted at the end of the bath. They are really deep and as you can see hold so much. I have them divided and of course the shelf with the most products at the mo is my tanning shelf which is now overflowing onto my perfume shelf. I like an open display but I am a bit odd, I like things straight and in order all the time so I am constantly fixing this.

A not so good point about my apartment is the storage under the sink in the bathroom, this is where I keep all my skin bits and pieces, medicines and first aid stuff (god I sound old) again it's a little cramped seeing as that big ugly pipe is in the way but when the shelves are in order the bathroom looks really tidy. We were very lucky in our apartment to have 2 bathroom so mine is the en suite and Justin has his own main bathroom then... Yay for me!!!

The other product I bought in Ikea were these drawer dividers. A chest of drawers in our bedroom was from Ikea so I knew these would fit. I put then in last night and started filling them so it may relieve some of the load under the sink in the bathroom but I'll need another free hour at least to decided where I want things to go.These dividers were €7 for a set of 6 I think.

Sorry this post is so rushed I am a little short for time but I know people wanted to see what I am doing for storage at the mo. I think you just need to work with what you have space wise and I do find separating things makes it much much easier.

Any questions or comments I'd love to hear from you!

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