Repost: How to create a quick Autumn lip with MAC


Hey All, 

This is a post I had written last Autumn and I am so excited to bust out this shade of lipstick again now the cold weather is back in...

I always find the best way to spend my Saturday afternoons while Justin plays rugby is to swan around Dundrum. It always includes a pop into MAC. Today I was on the hunt for a black lipstick. Black might sound quite dramatic to most of you but lippy is my fave part of any makeup look!!

I met a wonderful girl today in MAC Lisa who sat me down and gave me a quick lesson on how to achieve this season's lip look.

As always with me what starts with a look turns into a purchase!! Today was even a little OTT for me spending €51 on three lip items but I've promised myself to use them loads haha!!

So onto what I learned....

I explained to Lisa I wanted my black lip for a smokey vamped up night time look, she loved this idea so got to work with me immediately sitting me at one of their beautiful mirrors.

Lisa told me that as a MUA you look past products as only being used for their description so she suggested I purchase an eye pencil in ebony which will act as my lip liner. This eye pencil has a smoother texture than others so the application was smooth. This retails at €17.50

We then chose Cyber, a colour I has seen online... its the closest MAC has to black at the min with a purple tint. This retails at €19

As a person so into their lipsticks you'd think I'd take care of my lips, but there's not much conditioning in them.

Lisa began by applying the lip conditioner onto my lips. There's shea butter and almond oil in it so it feels fantastic! It's €14.50 but I feel it's a good investment now that I've promised to use it ;)

Lisa then lined my lips with the ebony eye pencil.  She said you always start from the outside in and lightly apply the pencil onto your cupids bow. Also always keep your pencils sharp to ensure a good line.

Applying a lipstick as dark as cyber can be tricky... Get yourselves a lip brush ladies another key to a perfect lip. There was a fab MAC brush but I held myself back. Lisa suggested out of all four products we used its the one I could invest in at a later date.

What really made my time with Lisa excellent was her customer service. I went in wearing MAC's Russian Red and she complimented me on this. As most of my followers will know, I've invested a lot of time in learning how to do my own makeup so I was beaming when Lisa, who also happens to be a trainer in MAC, said she really liked my make up and it was applied really well!!

I just had to share this great news and new purchases with you all! I do love finding bargains when it comes to make up but there was no colour in comparison to Cyber on any high street brand. Us ladies deserve to treat ourselves!!

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